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Report: Harry Reid aide Diana Tejada lied to FBI, ICE agents over sham marriage to Lebanese. No charges

Wow, here's one that flew in under the radar on Monday:

"An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation."FBI Logo

The story was broken by Fox News and involves Diana Tejada, the Latina press secretary for the embattled Nevada senator who is seeking a fifth term in a tight reelection battle with Republican Sharron Angle.

According to details, seven years ago Tejada fraudulently married a Lebanese national, Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini, to enable him to stay in the United States and avoid military service back home. She admitted to receiving money for doing so.

Court documents show that Tejada, who has worked for Reid for the past two years, knowingly filed false documents with Homeland Security, lied on multiple occasions to FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and submitted false marriage and immigration documents.

Earlier this year the Lebanese, who was being investigated by a joint terrorism task force, was deported. But for her part, Tejada was not charged with anything. A Justice Department official declined to explain how the aide to the top senator in Congress went uncharged for perjury, among other crimes.

A spokesman for the 70-year-old Reid told Fox News' Jana Winter on Monday evening that the senator's office was unaware of the investigation and referred to the aide as a junior staffer, although she was paid $52,451 by Reid last year.

The aide said Tejada, 28, no longer worked for the powerful senator but declined to specify when her employment was terminated. Fox found her appearing on a Spanish-language program on Reid's behalf as recently as Sept. 21, ironically discussing the do's and don't's of immigration rules.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Anyone still have doubts that Mexicans & terrorists are working hand in hand to infiltrate our country in any & EVERY way possible?

The worst part of this is that the woman admitted the marriaeg was fake and it took the US government TWO YEARS to finally deport him. Atrocious.

Diana Tejada was hired by Harry Reid, straight from a position she held at La Raza. I guess lying comes easy to the La Racist, oops, La Raza types. Viewing the US as something to exploit for money.

Harry Reid's assistant took money for a sham marriage. She wasn't charged with fraud. This is Reid's influence subverting the law.

I bet this news tidbit stays buried . . . . here is terrorist ties to the Senate Majority leader, and nothing will come of it.

Meg Whitman hires a housekeeper with forged documents to "prove" citizenship, yet Moonbeam Brown and Gloria Braindead glorify this Diaz lady into a poster child for Brown, and no prosecution or deportation procedure for her by the Attorney General's Office??

America has been taken over by unamericans who are in the democrat party. Acorn and other voter fraud has helped put these people in office

Immigration 'law' is just a suggestion these days.

Good one!!!!


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