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George W. Bush, relaxed, talks about his new book, 'Decision Points' (video)

The moment some of the country has been waiting for, proof that former President George W. Bush can write, as well as read, a book.

He's been making fun of himself again along that line in some recent public comments about the imminent publication of his memoirs, "Decision Points," in less than three weeks.

In this brief video below he describes the nontraditional outline he used to design the book.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Bush and his wife Laura in August. Credit: Dallas/Fort Worth USO.

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While I did not agree with many things you did while President, I always had respect for you.

The worst President ever. EVER.

He got us in this mess and Obama has been forced to trail behind him cleaning up his mess (picture a man walking behind a dog with a pooper-scooper).

It proves Americans (of the U.S. variety for you teabaggers) would rather wish upon a lie than to believe the truth.


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