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Dick Cheney, gaunt, is back on the road, vows more appearances

Former republican vice president Dick Cheney in Bakersfield California 10-9-10 Five weeks of hospital food will thin anyone down.

And former Vice President Dick Cheney looked like it this weekend in California when he drew a crowd estimated at 10,000 to the 2010 Bakersfield Business Conferfence.

After another two months' summer recovery at home from heart surgery and pneumonia, the 69-year-old former-pretty-much-everything-in-Washington roused a friendly crowd, according to The Californian's Steven Mayer.

The vice president quipped that the crowd's warm welcome was almost enough to make someone want to run for public office again.


Cheney was acompanied onstage by his wife of 46 years, Lynne, who's writing a book on James Madison.

"She's been my nurse, my negotiator with the medical community," her husband said, "and in return for all of that great help she's given me, today I've agreed to let her interview me."

What was his proudest accomplishment?

Something that didn't happen: Helping prevent another terrorist attack after 9/11.

What was his greatest ongoing fear?....

Terrorists with nukes. "We came to the point that we could no longer treat terrorist attacks as a simple law enforcement problem. They were an act of war."

Cheney plans a series of lectures around the country through the end of the year. His as yet untitled memoirs, which he's writing with the assistance of daughter Liz, are being edited.

He's adding material on his heart surgery and further thoughts on the Bush administration, which polls now indicate the public sees much like Obama's.

And, yes, as the former wrestler promised, he does settle some D.C. scores in the book.

Next summer he foresees a book promotion tour.

So, wife Lynne asked, you worked for four of the last five Republican presidents. Who's your favorite?

"I got to work for all those presidents because I never said who was my favorite."

However, the former VP hinted, he might reveal that name someday.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Felx Adamo / The Californian, by permission of the Bakersfield newspaper.

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Why isn't that criminal on PRISON'S DEATH ROW?

How could a guy as mean-spirited as Dick Cheyney continue to have heart problems. The guy has no heart.

hey dick - isn't it great to have Healthcare for your "negotiator" to negotiate with?
government pension too, thanks to your years of ...umm, service.
we want our money back!

and oh, it's gotta be tricky dick, right?

Rasputin should have been so lucky.

August, you are so weird in your unthinking.

I guess this man is truly committed to his position, regardless of the facts that now lie before him. As someone with very little quality of life left, it surprises me that he would continue down this same path. You would think that such and experience would change you, perhaps make you more humble. But apparently not.

Cool, his wife has to negotiate with the medical community. Does that mean Blue Cross has been ripping him off like they have everyone else? He has to fight to get treatments and haggle over bills on hold for hours?

So, the revisionist history tour begins. Of course he has his wife interview him. A real journalist would force him to stress his heart further as he navigates through his own lies. Nice to see Dick is so proud of "preventing" a second attack on the country while he and his shell president slept on the first one.

Will hypocrite Lynnie be writing another lesbian novel in her spare time? Will the daughter keep up her lying drumbeats on Obama? It's nauseating that these three despots have enough Republican patrons to add to Dickie's Halliburton millions.

Is this criminal still alive? The guy who thought Saddam Hussien had nukes?LOl

have never ever felt for any human what I fell for this man

haven't heard much from the "torture veep" lately...
I suppose he still adheres to the satanic creed...
"Do bad, then disappear"

He looks pretty bad, he should go easy on himself and stay inside and out of the public.

The Dick and Lynne Show was but a small part of this weekend's Orgasmapalooza featuring 10,000 of your closest friends and neighbors at the feet of the icons of the right. Google the 2010 Bakersfield Business Conference. You missed it this time but they'll be back in 2015.

Glad to see the former VP is back.
I hope he lives a long life defending his ineptitude.
What does he think? Do deficits matter?
What about ABM? What does he think? That was his big thing brfore 9/11.
The surge work? Where is the stable government?

it's nice to know that liberals can spew venom and hate just as well as any conservative . . .

wow, people, lighten up.

Wow, Dick's proud of the fact he and the Bush Admin didn't screw up twice and fail to protect the country from a subsequent attack after 9/11. He never stood up and apologized for failing to keep us safe the first time, and then has the gall to claim a record of keeping us safe?? Really.

considering what pain, suffering and assorted mayhem he has caused, it is at least a guilty pleasure to see him looking ill and hopefully fearing for his own mortality. His evil is so complete that even hoping for his demise is an evil. Fine. He has drawn us into his web of defilement, and I, for one, will admit that seeing him sickly in this photo makes me feel that somehow, somewhere, there is going to be some sort of justice for evil men and women.

Actually, David in Los Angeles, you will probably find that most of those "hate" comments regarding Cheney are not from liberals but from conservative libertarians who have awoken up to the fact that Cheney, a known CFR member, is part of the henious globalist oligarcy skum (i.e. central banking/IMF skum) who are bankrupting this country. Do you research on Haliburton and the billions of our dollars that have gone into Cheney's pockets by building the FEMA concentration camps that are for the American public. Why would anyone open up their arms to this monster?

If there were any justice, that psychopath Dick "Of course the orders still stand!" Cheney would be in a prison cell.

Since you chose not to publish my earlier comment and since it contained no profanity, violent allusions nor scatological humor, one is left with the reasonable conclusion you're a coward as well as a nincompoop.


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