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A Christine O'Donnell site that can't spell her name right

October 19, 2010 |  7:03 pm


Why is this woman grimacing? Because has spelled her name wrong.

All throughout the site the "tea party" darling's name is correctly spelled with two l's, but right there above the Delaware senatorial candidate's grinning face, next to the red check mark, Republican Christine O'Donnell seems to have lost something of importance.

Before you start thinking, "oh this can't be true. Clearly this is a fake site created to make the woman who created a commercial that started off 'I am not a witch' look bad," the site is registered to Restoring America's Voice PAC.

Sadly the errors keep coming. also gets the link to its fact wrong. It claims that the info on the candidate's stance on the economy, jobs, and taxes can be cross-referenced at, but that is a broken link to Christine O'Donnell's website. Guess we'll have to trust her?

If only she really was a witch, she could twitch her nose and fix the misspelling and the link. But apparently she really is just like you and me and will have to wait for tech support to fix her problems.

-- Tony Pierce