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Quite simply, Christine O'Donnell's first Delaware Senate ad is really quite simple

Perhaps you've heard of Christine O'Donnell.

She's the Republican nominee for the Delaware U.S. Senate seat that Joe Biden rode Amtrak trains to  so often in all those years waiting for Barack Obama to grow up and pick him as vice president.

A couple of times Joe himself wanted to win the White House. He didn't make it. But Biden is back fresh from another minor gaffe in St. Paul. He will have a private lunch there today with the real president.

Perhaps you've heard that in the recent GOP primary, conservative voters angry at establishment-powers-that-be-in-expensive-suits drove Christine O'Donnell to a surprising upset of Delaware political fixture Mike Castle. He's won, like, every election there since the Revolution or something.

Everyone figured M.C. was a shoo-in to gain one Senate seat for Republicans in the Nov. 2 elections. Even Joe Biden's son, Beau, backed out of his expected bid to wait for a safer Castle-free time to inherit the family chair.

Mike Castle wasn't happy about losing. Like Alaska GOP primary loser Lisa Murkowski, Castle showed his party loyalty by refusing to endorse the actual primary victor, though unlike Murkowski he dismissed a write-in effort. O'Donnell's running anyway.

Let's be honest. No one not in Delaware really cares about Delaware, unless they need to register a large ocean vessel or declare bankruptcy. So, the intriguing question there is, can a non-establishment political neophyte win the big one, like Boise State showing up those stuffed BCS shirts in a bowl game?

Now O'Donnell's launched her ad campaign, designed by California GOP ad wizard Fred Davis. (Loyal Ticket readers will recall our recent look at Davis' powerfully understated "Mourning in America" ad on Obama; it's viewable right here.)

Perhaps you've heard unusual things about O'Donnell. Perhaps you've heard that, like other "tea party" candidates, she can't possibly win because she's, well, not a professional pol with a skillfully sculptured resume to climb the ladder of elective offices as some unwritten protocol dictates.

You know what Davis thought of O'Donnell the first time he saw her?

He thought she was quite simply like a regular person. Imagine that! A regular person in today's politics. It's so crazy it just might work. We'll see come the evening of Nov. 2.

Meanwhile, Davis simply designed a quite simple ad to show what he saw. Watch the video just below here.

Unless you're one of The Ticket's 18 remaining readers in Delaware, it really doesn't matter what any of us think of the ad. But let us know below anyway.

Politics Rule 101 states, "Never say out loud what isn't." i.e. Nixon's "I am not a crook." Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman." But O'Donnell's almost self-deprecating "I am not a witch" line is designed to get them past that problem.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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It always amazea me that the liberal left is so afraid of Conservative women. It seems there afraid the truth about the lefts lies will become evident

She fundamentally misunderstands the political appeal of witchcraft.

It's an interesting approach typical of politics these days. Tell us nothing but make us think we feel good about the candidate. "I'll do what you'd do." What is that supposed to mean? Given that Delaware and America is incredibly diverse in the views of the people, that's a non-sequitur if you think about it. But then the cynical side of me tells me that the average voter doesn't think anyway, so maybe the ad is effective.

While all the witchcraft, masturbation, Bozo comments and info are highly amusing and further proof that these teabaggers do absolutely NO VETTING of their candidates what is essential about O'Donnell is that she is a DEADBEAT!

Stick with her financial history: the 4 lawsuits against her for failure to pay--Didn't pay her college tuition, didn't pay her mortgage, didn't pay her taxes. used campaign funds to pay her mother and her living expenses ( which CREW has called for an investigation). She cannot manage her own finances --How the hell can she manage Delaware's or yours?

Its sad that the left has resorted to personal, racist and bigotted attacks against those who disagree with them. Nuff Said!

I am from Delaware and could not agree more. We get what we deserve.

Christine O'donnell is me except in one important way. She has the courage I only wish I had.

Christine's IQ is 15 and I am being generous.

Well, Christine, while you are being "me" and are pounding the drums to take away Social Security and Medicare, could you come up with a slogan like "Divest all DC elected officials of their tax funded pensions and health care." or "Reduce DC elected officials' $174,000 salary to maybe $39,000 (the average per capita income for Americans) according to"

Could you start with that? Then I will believe in you and the rest of the Tea Party.

"So I will come near to you for judgment. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive aliens of justice, but do not fear me," says the LORD Almighty." Malachi 3:5

So, while you are at it, Christine, with being chaste and righteous, the bible verse above (which is rarely read in the churches I have attended week after week), shows you that you better pay those who work for you, you better not deprive aliens of justice, and you better not take away Social Security from the widows and orphans. If you are a good bible student, you know there are MANY more verses supporting the weak and needy...not just your political aspirations.


She's very approachable in this ad and I think the "I am not a witch" statement is brilliant.

All of us Americans (who were raised in America and not in Indonesia, say) read about the Salem witch trials when we were grade school kids. As high schoolers we all had to read "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. The idea of witch burning is as repellent to us as slavery and Jim Crow laws.

O'Donnell's opponents = witch burners. What a brilliant subliminal message.

O'donnell should spend a bit more time with a stylist; if she's looking for the "not the devil" look, she would be best off in a pink bikini

There is only one way to know if she's a witch, weigh her. If she weighs more than a stone but less than a goose, she's a witch! Of course, if she weighs as much as wood, and wood floats, then she....wait for it...must be a witch. Wood burns too so let's burn her.....

Kids do silly things..when their kids..because they think it's cool. Like vote for Obama..that said..I like this gal.

There are a lot of mean-spirited comments. Are you all living in Delaware? If so, I'm so not wanting to move there.

So the the Repugs have given up on Family Values much as the Palins have, and taken up Covenant Values. I had always felt the Bush administration was in league with Satan.

I think if she walks outside in the rain and she stays dry, then she's a witch... (Salem Witch Trial testimony)

I have never understood this desire to elect "regular people" to public office. I don't want someone just like me running this country. I can be moody, selfish, silly, lazy, indecisive and a million other things that would not make for a good leader. If people were honest with their own personal flaws, I think they would realize that they don't want someone like them in Washington. I want someone in office who is exceptional: intelligent, mature, open minded, empathic, strong, stable, etc. O'Donnell does not fit this description - well except for maybe the open minded part. She did try out witchcraft after all.

This woman is far to extreme for the U.S.A., never mind Delaware. I know people aren't very fond of Obama right now but things are getting crazy. It seems almost as if some people will vote for anyone, no matter how extreme, as long as he/she is not a Democrat.

Christine O'Donnell is the unfortunate by-product of a Koch-funded assault against truthful discourse in this election cycle under the guise of being a "grassroots" movement, the so-called 'tea party' movement. With the likes of O'Donnell and Angle and Paul and Iott showing their true stripes with each passing day, most voters are starting to realize they've been duped and that their anger was misdirected when applied toward anything promoted by the 'tea party'. The satire page does a pretty good job, among other pages, of helping expose the tea party for the farce that it is. Lets move on to honest policy debate, can we?


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