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Quite simply, Christine O'Donnell's first Delaware Senate ad is really quite simple

October 6, 2010 |  2:24 am

Perhaps you've heard of Christine O'Donnell.

She's the Republican nominee for the Delaware U.S. Senate seat that Joe Biden rode Amtrak trains to  so often in all those years waiting for Barack Obama to grow up and pick him as vice president.

A couple of times Joe himself wanted to win the White House. He didn't make it. But Biden is back fresh from another minor gaffe in St. Paul. He will have a private lunch there today with the real president.

Perhaps you've heard that in the recent GOP primary, conservative voters angry at establishment-powers-that-be-in-expensive-suits drove Christine O'Donnell to a surprising upset of Delaware political fixture Mike Castle. He's won, like, every election there since the Revolution or something.

Everyone figured M.C. was a shoo-in to gain one Senate seat for Republicans in the Nov. 2 elections. Even Joe Biden's son, Beau, backed out of his expected bid to wait for a safer Castle-free time to inherit the family chair.

Mike Castle wasn't happy about losing. Like Alaska GOP primary loser Lisa Murkowski, Castle showed his party loyalty by refusing to endorse the actual primary victor, though unlike Murkowski he dismissed a write-in effort. O'Donnell's running anyway.

Let's be honest. No one not in Delaware really cares about Delaware, unless they need to register a large ocean vessel or declare bankruptcy. So, the intriguing question there is, can a non-establishment political neophyte win the big one, like Boise State showing up those stuffed BCS shirts in a bowl game?

Now O'Donnell's launched her ad campaign, designed by California GOP ad wizard Fred Davis. (Loyal Ticket readers will recall our recent look at Davis' powerfully understated "Mourning in America" ad on Obama; it's viewable right here.)

Perhaps you've heard unusual things about O'Donnell. Perhaps you've heard that, like other "tea party" candidates, she can't possibly win because she's, well, not a professional pol with a skillfully sculptured resume to climb the ladder of elective offices as some unwritten protocol dictates.

You know what Davis thought of O'Donnell the first time he saw her?

He thought she was quite simply like a regular person. Imagine that! A regular person in today's politics. It's so crazy it just might work. We'll see come the evening of Nov. 2.

Meanwhile, Davis simply designed a quite simple ad to show what he saw. Watch the video just below here.

Unless you're one of The Ticket's 18 remaining readers in Delaware, it really doesn't matter what any of us think of the ad. But let us know below anyway.

Politics Rule 101 states, "Never say out loud what isn't." i.e. Nixon's "I am not a crook." Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman." But O'Donnell's almost self-deprecating "I am not a witch" line is designed to get them past that problem.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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