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Christine O'Donnell -- Chris Coons debate: Campaign finance reform

Coons-roberts Chris Coons decried the recent Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that has allowed huge amounts of money to be infused into the electoral system without the donors having to be identified.

O'Donnell says her contributors are harassed when they are identified, and that the Citizens United decision applies to both parties equally.

When pressed by moderator Wolf Blitzer about whether Americans "have the right to know where money is coming from?" O'Donnell replies, "Yes and no." She said candidates could disclose their donors to the  Federal Election Commission, but "they don't have to put it on a website, that makes anyone vulnerable to further fundraising calls."

Coons opposed the Citizens United decision. "The best way to ensure clean and open campaigns is to disclose donors. It's an important way to hold candidates and elected officials accountable."


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Is Chris Coons a socialist?

-- Robin Abcarian

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Photo: Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts. Michael Conroy / Associated Press

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