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Neither Christine O'Donnell's 'idiot bravado' nor Chris Coons' baldness sways partisan bloggers


There's polls, there's the court of public opinion, and there's television talking heads, but everyone knows the only opinions that matter are those of the blogosphere.

The morning after a nationally televised Delaware debate in which one candidate (Chris Coons, Democrat) claimed to be a cleanshaven capitalist (and not a bearded Marxist) and the other Senate hopeful (Christine O'Donnell, Republican) had difficulty with any recent Supreme Court decisions, the bloggers around the country had red meat in front of them. Let's see how they chose to slice it up.

Heather of Crooks and Liars presented video of O'Donnell insisting that Coons is a Marxist, and led her post thusly:  "During their first debate for the Delaware [U.S.] Senate race, Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell proved that conservatives are incapable of understanding irony and sarcasm and have no clue what Marxism is."

On his post titled, "Why Christine O'Donnell Could Be More Dangerous Than Sarah Palin," the Atlantic writer and former President Carter speechwriter James Fallows answered, "Because she has the idiot bravado of the talk show regular."

Adrian Chen elucidated poetically with Gawker's trademarked subtle grace: "Democrat Chris Coons, resting on a double-digit lead in the polls, was baldly dominant. Actually, just bald. O'Donnell's strategy was to project radical sympathy with common folks scared of Marxists and their death taxes. Her ignorance on most questions of policy really reinforced her message that, 'I'm you.' Stupid, idiot you — you who haven't read a newspaper in three years."

You get the picture, the lefty bloggers felt that ding dong, the accused witch was a ding dong. Quips from the righty blogosphere after the jump.

University of Wisconsin law professor Ann Althouse titled her debate post, "Watch Christine O'Donnell dominate debate, even as Wolf Blitzer tries to control her." After pasting in a CNN video, Althouse wrote of the "tea party" darling: "She is not susceptible to pushback by people who imagine themselves her superiors. Extremely well done."

The Gateway Pundit latched on to the dig O'Donnell made about the popularity of Catholicism, writing: "Oops … Christine O’Donnell just let the commie out of the bag. Christine O’Donnell nailed self-professed Marxist Chris Coons tonight saying, 'I would argue that more people would support my Catholic beliefs than his Marxist beliefs.'  No wonder the state-run media hates her. She keeps bringing up the facts that they do not want disclosed. Wow!"

Curt Levey on Red State admitted that O'Donnell failed on the question about the Supreme Court, but said that Coons, a lawyer for 18 years, didn't win that round handily either. "O’Donnell struggled when asked which Supreme Court decisions she dislikes, but Coons didn’t do any better," Levey blogged. "When asked the question, Coons could only come up with the same case, Citizens United, that a questioner had asked him about a few minutes earlier (Wolf Blitzer failed to push the issue with Coons, unlike with O’Donnell).  Moreover, Coons’s answer consisted of nothing more than the usual Democratic talking point — corporations shouldn’t have free speech rights — that even my dog knows by heart by now."

And finally, Jim Geraghty of the National Review Online, in his post titled "Did Delawareans Just Endure the Worst-Moderated Debate Ever?" thought O'Donnell didn't live up to the negative expectations viewers may have tuned in for. "If Delaware voters tuned in expecting a bubble-headed, wacky ditz to ramble about masturbation and Satanism, they probably wondered where she was and why some woman who seemed to know about the issues was on stage instead," he wrote.

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell and Democratic candidate Chris Coons shake hands at the conclusion of their televised debate at the University of Delaware in Newark, Del.,  on Wednesday. Credit: Rob Carr / EPA

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.....if O'Donnell were running for dog catcher, I'd vote for the dog!

I think she spoke pretty well for an eight-year-old. Obviously this woman is in way over her head. Sometimes with her painfully slow and inarticulate responses I thought she was drunk but no, sadly, she wasn't. But one could certainly see that the little hamster in her head had definitely fallen off his treadmill. I never thought I would live to see someone who makes Sarah Palin look like a deep, intelligent person but now I have. Wow. Just wow. I weep for the state of American politics.

O'Donnell reminds me of Sarah Palin's pet rock. Cute (and amazing) how she has less brains than Palin.

Boy, Wayne. You got that right!!!

.....if Coons were running for plummer, I'd vote for the crap!

Chris Coons will stand under the bright lights and out-shine his opponent.

Have you noticed how rare it is to find a Democrat that will admit they supported ObamaCare and the Stimulus? A lot of them wont even say they are Democrats in their ads. If your own party wont own up to their work, what does that tell you about the work that was done? No wonder they wont run on their accomplishments, because there aren't any....

The whole affair was sad. It's great for Coons and Delaware to have someone credible, intelligent, and to this side of sanity.

She was genuine, but completely out there, angry, uniformed, belligerent and in attack mode without accurate data to support her . . .It hurt to watch her hurt herself . . .Perhaps, even at the late age of 41, she can learn from this - quit the TParty, experience life and honesty.

Sad sad sad

O'Donnell is a moron of epic proportions. The light bulb inside her head is so dim, even the hamsters in there can't see their way around in order to get find their place of the hamster wheel.

She is a glaringly obvious example of the disintegration of political discourse in this country.


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