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Bill O'Reilly walked out on during ABC show; Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar help Fox News host with ratings

Two co hosts of The View walk out after Bill OReilly said Muslims killed Americans on 9-11-01

Bill O'Reilly has done it again.

Why doesn't the world understand him? He's just a simple, understated fellow who wants to be heard by more people watching evening TV talkers. Oh, and btw, he has a new book called "Pinheads and Patriots."

So there he was on Wednesday's "The View" chatting with Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg and the misnamed Joy Behar. And this being New York City and daytime television and not a Charlie Rose interview, producers wanted some heat.

So, naturally, the conversation got around to 9/11 and the plans to build yet another Manhattan mosque in the neighborhood of the demolished World Trade Center towers. O'Reilly suggested that was "inappropriate," not because a neighborhood of bars and strip joints is a strange place to want to build a new place of worship in the name of cultural understanding. Although someone might ask that question someday.

He thinks it's inappropriate because the 9/11 site is where nearly 3,000 people were killed in homicidal plane crashes. Whoops noted 70 Muslims were also killed in the attacks, demanded to know the religion of domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh and disputed the word "inappropriate."

"Seventy percent of Americans," O'Reilly asserted, "don't want that mosque down there. So don't give me the 'we' business." (Audience applause)

Pressed on why building a mosque near the 9/11 attack site was inappropriate, O'Reilly leaned toward Goldberg and said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

"This is such barnyard excrement!" Goldberg said. Except she actually used an eight-letter word for male bovine droppings.

And she and Behar walked off.

Later, after Walters criticized their action during a live show and O'Reilly stated he wasn't denouncing all Muslims, they both returned. Thank goodness.

It's a similar strategy to that used by the Obama White House in 2009 to help Fox News become the most-viewed cable outlet, openly criticizing it by name and driving more curious viewers to check it out.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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gREAT jOB bILL o'Reily I have to agree and shame on Whoopie and Joy for walking off are they really qulifyed to be interviewers ..... REALLY >

Not at all shocked that Behar wud walk due to her ignorance of anything to do with the world plus politics (she is right up there with Elizabeth) but was very shocked at Whoopie Goldberg - too classy a woman for that kind of behaviour.

To Wm Sheffler....the headlines stated that Bill O;Reilly was walked out "ON"....that doesn't mean he walked out, but that the two ladies walked out on him! So much for reading comprehension!!! Check YOUR facts before commenting next time!


You state that comments are moderated and will not appear until they have been approved. That says a lot about your integrity. Why would you approve and post such verbal abuse (name calling of these ladies) made by the readers? You must be a Republican!

Anyone who disagrees with the unintellectual comments of the Radical Republicans are called Idiots. But it's those "radical republican idiots" who have our Country in such a mess. I say they "GO TAKE A NAP LIKE RIP VAN WINKLE"


I agree with what Bill O'Reilly said on the view,
I like Bill O'Reilly, he speaks the truth about whats going on.
we dont have very many people left that speak the
truth, or dare to speak the truth, we are being
blindsided by pretty much of eveything that is going on
in the real world. about the mosque, freedom of religion,
everyone has the right to build a church, and i places that are allowed. but isnt it funny that they want to build it right at a place were most people disagree, thats the reason why they want to build it there, if everyone said they could build it there were really is a memmorial for all the victums, then they would not even want it there.
whatever is being build on the site of 9/11, the memorial will always be there, for all the victums that lost their Loved ones there. but it would be a shame if that is taken away from the people that lost their Loved ones there.
a building is a building, but i feel sorry for all those muslims that are being misled of their koran, they truly dont believe in God, if they did they could not have done such a terrible act. there is only one way to heavon, and that is through Jesus Christ. God bless.

Its good to see so many Americans, on so many differing websites, airing their support of what happened to Bill O'Reilly (and indeed to ALL sensible Americans) on the View yesterday. Overwhelmingly, the percentage of people who were offended and disagreed with the behavior of Behar and Goldberg, was MUCH higher than people like "Sally", who commented on this site, who think that to define 9/11 as Muslim responsibility is somehow considered hateful.

O'Reilly cited a CNN poll, taken in August, (note: CNN and NOT Fox News) which stated that 70% of all Americans who were polled were against the building of the mosque. Why should he have backed down? Lets not forget, he was asked for his opinion on why Obama's numbers are tanking. If they didnt want to hear what he had to say then why invite him to be a guest on the show?

Typically, progressives will open a debate and even argue until irrefutable facts are presented to them and then they do exactly what these two chronic whiners did..they walk away.

The point O'Reilly was trying to make, what MOST Americans have been trying to point out is that this isnt about the Constitution and First Amendment rights being trampled on. Its about what is appropriate and you can call them "extremist" until the proverbial cows come home, and the fact will remain that MUSLIMS DID bomb the World Trade Center and they did it in the name of Islam and Allah. So to act holier than thou and call it hate speech is laughable.

So, what's the status with this? Is Mr. O'Reilly getting fired? That is w hat was done with Rick Sanchez from CNN - but then again, he is HISPANIC!

Did I miss something?

I agree with O'reilly. There should not be a Muslim Mosque anywhere near that site. If Catholic extremists, Christian extremists, Mormon extremists, etc... were the the ones who were behind 911 and claimed they were doing it in the name of their religion then there should be no catholic church, no christian church, no mormon church, etc... anywhere near that site either. I wish O'reilly would have said that to all of those stupid old broads on the view.

I wonder if Bill O' Reilly would have felt the same way if the terrorists of 9/11 were the IRA. Would he then blame all Catholics? I doubt it.

Goldberg & Behar are TOTALLY illiterate when it comes to the topic of RADICAL Islam (among MANY other topics)...for those 2 cackling lightweights to walk out on ANYONE should be seen as a BADGE OF HONOR.


Those "idiot Republican" moderators couldnt be TOO mean & evil...they printed 4 CONSECUTIVE tirades from you, all written within a 6-minute time span & all saying essentially the same thing.

Hope you feel relieved now...

This is just another example of the media turning things around. It was the two bubbleheaded chicks who walked off the set. Do you think we are that stupid that we see one thing and you twist it around and we will believe it?!??! Joy and Whoopi are so one sided and it show in both shows they both are one. I stopped watching The View many moons ago and sat through one episode of Joy's shoe.oh my aching ears..that high pitched whin!!! Neither can handle anyone saying anything they disagree with. Just because you are in showbiz you do not automatically have a brain...these two are proof of that!

It is odd that they would want to put what is described as a holy place in the midst of strip joints when they expect women to not even show their faces. The real reason the guy want to make a mosque there is because it will make him a hero in the muslim world to plant an Islamic flag where thousands have died due to Islamic fanatacism. Also to see an Islamic flag near Ground Zero will cause Osama bin-Laden to throw a party wherever the coward is hiding. This is like allowing Islam to plant a flag of triumph on the worse wound America ever suffered. Muslims need to be responsible for their villains that ruin the face of Islam. When christian Serbia was trying to kill and run off all the muslims that taken over the bottom part of their country and made it dangerous for the christians to enter, then the christian world got together an army and bombed Serbia until it withdrew. Afterward then the muslims taken away the bottom part of Serbia and made it the muslim country of Kosovo and we can thank the Joy Behars of the world for that. This is what I am talking about and what most of us expect of the muslims and that is to go after the enemies that are ruining the face of Islam and it's stance if they want us to respect Islam. And the ones that are ruining the face of Islam is principally Osama bin-Laden and his gangs and not the Bill O'Reillys of this world

The attack on 9/11 was done by a group of Catholic nuns dressesd as islamic terrorists....there! That otta satisfy whippy and joyous.

I've seen the clip and I believe that it would have been more appropriate if whippy and joyous would have held their hands over their ears and walked out singing
kum-bah-ya-Lord" as loud as they could. A true adult action.

Posted by: Sally ...As for the's a COMMUNITY CENTER, open to all.
Sally, the only thing that has been "open to all" were video clips of people getting their heads hacked off with dull YOU really want to go in there??

Posted by: LaVonne McMillion... I believe this country was founded on freedom of speech and religion.
Ooooh! So THATS why they refused to listen and they walked out! GOT IT!!

i agree with bill it was muslims who did this and we as a nation need to realize that if we dont stop it it will only get worse it is what it is

Very childish behavior in all respects. They showed immaturity walking off as Bill sat there still arguing his point. He was too "extremist"? Wait, who stormed off the stage here...?? and as far as the Mosque goes, my understanding is that this is a pattern of their culture. They take over and place their temple of worship and then claim victory. Are we going to let them claim victory on us? No, we will not. Maybe we should do what other countries are doing and start shipping them out. Just a thought. "cruel to be kind."

"Bill O'Reilly is right there is a lot of people who don't want the mosque built there. Which is exactly why it should be built there. Christianity has killed way more people than muslims and do we vilify them? NO. White Americans need to stop being so afraid of other cultures. Stop living in fear(of what you know nothing about) and you will find happiness.

Posted by: Chuck | October 14, 2010 at 09:10 PM "

Hey Chuck, what planet are you on, I am in the military and what Christians in the name of Christianity have killed more people than muslims? Muhammed himself beheaded hundreds and was proud of it. Get your head out of your but and check your facts. Plus what did he say that was incorrect, unlike you, MUSLIMS DID FLY THE PLANES INTO THE BUILDING IN THE NAME OF THEIR FAITH, all Muslim terrorist and yes, they ARE MUSLIM, strap bombs to themselves and kill in the name of Allah and the holy Koran. The recent failed time square bomber called for all Muslims to follow his way. I ask you, go live in a Muslim country as a non-muslim and see how long you live. I respect any opinion in the name of free speech, but that speech has to be TRUE. O'reilly put numbers out there, numbers I have seen and checked for myself. All the bigoted people who are anti-Christian can spout venom at Christians all they want, but say the word muslim in the wrong way, watch out.

What was the name of the "community center" when it first was announced, hmmm... Oh yeah it was named after the Victory Mosque in Spain that slaughtered every man, woman child, animal in a Catholic Church, when they were done, as is their practice, they built a mosque over the ashes of the Christian Church. Leave the country if you think we cant defend ourselves, I hope you get on a plane with you nice muslims and they take it over, just to see you @rap your pants and change your opinion.

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