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Barack Obama eats a sausage burger in Miami, asks reporters not to tell his wife


A new Gallup poll suggests that most Americans really don't like their representatives. And once President Obama flies home from his quick trip to Miami, he may have some 'splainin to do to the first lady, who won't like the way he has been eating today.

The Sept 20-21 USA Today/Gallup Poll came out on Columbus Day and the discovery was far from unpredictable, but nevertheless dramatic. Seven out of ten respondents had negative things to say about the federal government. Harsh words like "bloated," "too big," "large" and "bad" were uttered by 72% of the Americans polled, dwarfing such positive words as "good" which was said by just 10% of  respondents.

Will those same negative words be uttered by Michelle Obama when the photos come out of her husband drinking what appears to be a....

...caffeine-free Coke while walking out of the (delicious-looking) eatery El Mago De Las Fritas apparently specializing in high-calorie, sloppy sausage burger  topped with French fries and oozing with Cuban goodness?


When the last Democratic president took office, "Saturday Night Live"'s Phil Hartman deliciously spoofed Bill Clinton's visit to McDonald's. One of the more ironic and hilarious lines from that skit was this exchange that took place when Clinton decided to make a detour after jogging:

Bill Clinton: I just want to mingle with the American people, talk with some real folks.. and maybe get a Diet Coke, or something.

Secret Service Agent #1: Fine. But please don't tell Mrs. Clinton.

Bill Clinton: Jim, let me tell you something -- there's gonna be a lot of things we don't tell Mrs. Clinton about. Fast food is the least of our worries.


It's hard to imagine a similar exchange didn't occur between Obama and his people when he made a quick stop to get a bite of the Frita and down a Coke, particularly because the current first lady has chosen to champion fitness, claiming that good habits start at home and involve vegetables and cutting down on soda.

"Small things like cutting back on portion sizes or replacing soda with water or just putting some more fruits and vegetables on the table, all of this can add up over time and make a big difference in the lives of our kids," the first lady said to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute less than a month ago. Making one think, is this an example of what's good for the goose is not tasty enough for the gander?

According to AP, the president "jokingly warned reporters not to tell his health-conscious wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, about his order," so maybe it is.

-- Tony Pierce

Top photo: President Obama visits El Mago De Las Fritas restaurant in West Miami. Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Second photo: President Obama, with congressional candidate Joe Garcia, visits El Mago De Las Fritas restaurant in West Miami. Obama was in Miami fundraising.

Credits: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

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He is drinking a "Materva" not a coke. It is Cuban soda. Made from yerba mate.

who cares what he is drinking...he is still a hypocrite - all the way around, they all are. Do you really think if Meeechelle was following her own advise she'd look like that? Please, go sip your "materva" some where else and tell Meechele to lay off the half and half in her materva or lattes, whatever drink we, the people, cannot afford now.

So tired of seeing this jerk...Get out of our lives

good eating,his stomach knows better than his wife.

nice one! :))

Is that a Slurpee he's drinking???

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