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Two out of three 'Fox & Friends' think 'all terrorists are Muslim'

With friends like these...

This morning while attempting to defend fellow Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly's appearance on "The View," "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade uttered a line that really needs no introduction.

"There was a certain group of people that attacked us on 9/11," Kilmeade said. "It wasn't just one person, it was one religion. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims."

To which co-host Steve Doocy quickly agreed to with an "Mmmm hmmm."

Mmmm hmmm?

The Real Irish Republican Army, Shining Path, and Ku Klux Klan certainly aren't Muslims. Domestic terrorism in the U.S. is so widespread that it has its own Wikipedia page and most of those groups don't appear to be Muslim; some blow up abortion clinics, some are eco-terrorists, some are just twisted Americans like the deceased Timothy McVeigh (who claimed to be a Christian).

Kilmeade's declaration that "all terrorists are Muslim" and Doocy's guttural Amen comes just two months after the "The Daily Show" grilled Fox & Friends over the "Ground Zero Mosque" and how the Fox co-hosts refused to follow the Muslim money that ends up in their own paycheck.
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In the segment that aired in August, Jon Stewart lampoons the Fox show for demanding that people "follow the money" as to the funding of the mosque to see where the trail leads. "Fox & Friends" learn that the mosque is partially funded by The Kingdom Foundation, which their guest Dan Senor explains to them is a dangerous Saudi group that, aside from being Muslim, funds radical madrasas. Stewart shows the clip and reveals that The Kingdom Foundation is run by Alwaleed bin Talal, who just happens to be Fox's second-largest shareholder (next to the Murdoch family).

Kilmeade did not appear on the Fox & Friends chatty "After the Show Show" this morning where the two other co-anchors and the weekend crew tackled far less controversial topics like what nicknames their family calls them.

-- Tony Pierce

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Hey Brian!!! I think you are doing a great job!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remind me again why the world hates the US? Oh yeah, it's because idiots like this guy makes broad generalizations.

Its hard to tell if Fox News' on-air personalities believe the ridiculous things they say, or its just an act to work a gullible audience. Sometimes I think they're just a modern version of Elmer Gantry, working politics the way old time con men worked the tent revival circuit. But some of them, I think, really are ignorant enough to believe the stuff they're saying.

Thanks Tony for alerting us to that factoid>>>they were speaking figuratively...the actual figures are more like 95%.

Going back 15 years to McVeigh's bombing & even FARTHER for the last KKK fatality it's safe to say that the 3,000 deaths on 9/11 ALONE make the Islamic terrorist BODY COUNT on American soil somewhere between 90-95% of the total. If we want to count just the 10 years of the 21st-century, it's more like 99% of terrorist fatalities in the US have Muslim-generated.

I trust you will alert us to any such "gross distortions" on the part of leftist media types as well...

As for Stewart's correct point that the radical Saudi prince is now the 2nd-largest stockholder at Fox, after the Murdochs, it only strengthen's the argument that radical Islam HAS infiltrated American media. By implying that Murdoch's hypocrisy means we should trivialize that infiltration, Stewart is only further trivializes the Prince's radical agenda. As one of the Saudi royal family's higher-profile members the Prince's "portfolio" for advancing the radical Wahhabist agenda is only the tip of the iceberg. The entire Saudi family is corrupt, radical & treacherous from top to bottom...

Anyone who watched the popular Fox TV series "24" could already see that agenda playing out in subtle ways. Ever wonder why hero Jack Bauer in the final episode of Season 7 ended up calling that Muslim "holy man" to visit him in the hospital, so he could do his little "penance" for his supposed "transgressions" against (radical, homicidal) Muslims?

If THAT was as bad as it got, we wouldnt have much to worry about...but it's not & we DO.

90% of terrorist attacks TODAY are related to is quite a strectch to go waaaaay back to find other attacks of terrorist that are not related to TODAY.

The IRA has mostly gone political. The Basque separatists have not had a serious attack in years. McVeigh, who was an agnostic, did his act decades ago, but TODAY and in the last couple of years the MAJORITY of terrorist attacks throughout the world is done in the name of Islam…DUH.
Muslims attack Buddhists in Thailand almost daily in terrorist attacks and that is not 10 nor 5 years ago, but today.
Muslims attack Coptics in Egypt and that was not 10 nor 5 years ago but recently.
Muslims are attacking Christians in Iraq, not 10 years, nor 5 years ago but recently.
Muslims had major terrorist attacks on Hindu India, not 10 years ago, or 5 years, but last year where 100s were killed in Mumbai.
Muslims are attacking Buddhists in Bangladesh, not 10 years ago, or 5 years, but this year.
Muslims killed a Jewish family including a pregnant woman,, and attack cars in Israel, not 10 years ago, or 5 years, but this year.
Muslims have attacked gays in gay mecca of the Netherlands, just this year.
Muslims rounded up Catholics in Saudi Arabia just last week for holding prayer meetings.
Muslims in southern Philippines attacked military bases this year.
Muslims burned down Christian churches in Indonesia this year.
Muslims Killed over 500 Christians in Nigeria this year, not 10 years ago.
Arab Muslims have still been killing pagans, black Muslims and Christians in the Sudan
Muslims have been attacking the Somalia government this year.
Muslims bombed and killed people, including people who left Islam and became Christians in Dagestan.
Muslims set off a bomb in Russia’s metro station killing dozens of people THIS YEAR.
Muslims Uighurs attacked Han Chinese in China and killed 100s, not 10 or 5 years ago, but a couple years ago.
Muslim tried to take down a plane going to Detroit just past Christmas.
Muslim tried to blow up a bomb in Time Square.
Muslims caught in Alaska plotting to kill police.
…and that is not the terrorist attacks by Muslims against other Muslim groups.
Shites killing Sunnis in Iraq.
Sunnis killing Shites in Iraq.
Sunnis setting off bombs killing police and army in Iran.
Sunnis killing Shites in Pakistan.
Sunnis attacking Ahmadis in Indonesia.
Sunnis attacking Ahmadis in Pakistan.
Shites attacking Sunnis in Yemen.
…and so on and so on and so on.
Now you can bring up THINGS THAT HAPPENED 20 YEARS AGO…but TODAY…90 percent of terrorist attacks are because of ISLAM.
Also just for the historical record the KKK was a wing of the Democratic party during the height of its power.

In the majority of major terrorist attacks in RECENT years, not 20 to 40 years ago are done by Islamic terrorists, not only against other religious groups like Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists but against other Muslim sects.

Yes, "Mmmm hmmm." Why are you misrepresenting, hum? They, and you reported, were specifically talking 9-11. Only an idiot would think all terrorists are muslim. I mean, what about PETA?

Way to go Bill!!!! Make them all walk off!!!! Truth hurts, but must me told!!!

Thank goodness liberals never make generalizations about conservatives. So nice. Here we have, in two very well-written comments, numeric proof that just about all terrorist acts against us are by Muslims, yet that is not enough for liberals. I wonder, when your child, parent, sibling, or friend is murdered by a zealot who thinks we are the devil and he is going to get to heaven, will you still quibble over 1 or 2 %? Actually and sadly, most of you likely would. Our country is in very serious trouble and thank God (oh can I mention God here?) for people who stand up and speak the truth in spite of liberal hatred and name-calling. Hopefully none of the lefties posting here will walk off the set.

I love it when the leftists trot out the Straw Man. Lefties would have you ignore the 99% of today's terrorism caused by Islam and just focus on the 1% caused by all other causes. Timothy McViegh! Basque Separatists! The IRA! The Ku Klux Klan! Eco Terrorism! Whale Killings! Air America is going off the air!

I prefer hard facts to wishful thinking.

I didn't watch the Fox news as it broadcast, but I did watch the clip above. It appears to me that he was actually referring to the 9/11 attacks, saying all of those terrorists were Muslims. He could have worded it better, but I do believe that was his intent. It would be nice if both sides would spend more time trying to focus on our nations' troubles and less time nitpicking every little thing the other says, while completely overlooking the intent.

Since they were brought up in this article, the Real IRA, Sendero Luminoso and the KKK are largely non-players these days. The IRA is mostly political, "Shining Path" or Sendero Luminoso seem to be mostly into smuggling now and the KKK are irrelevant. In fact I haven't heard of any other groups like Red Brigade, Red Army Faction (RAF), FARC, Irish NLA, May 19th Communist, and other non-muslim organizations doing too much of anything these days that's news-worthy. Thankfully.
By far the largest segment of terror conglomerates today are represented by Muslim extremists. That's not my fault for pointing it out. It is what it is.
As far as some of the other dissenting comments on here go, the world doesn't hate the U.S. Every country I've been to on this planet I've been well received. It's the bad-guys and liberal political dissenters that hate America. So you can do the research and make sure your opinion is relevant when you give it OR just keep sticking your head in the sand.


Well articulated--let us not forget that anyone who organizations like CAIR feel they want to go after for ANY criticism of islam love to sue and harass them for exercising their First Amendment rights.

There are a number of people on a muslim murder 'hit list'--like the woman out of Seattle that conducted the 'draw mohammed' contest. While the contest might have been rude---remember all the disrespect some muslims routinely do to disparage Christianity, Jews and others that don't subscribe to their dogma.

Lastly, look at their actions in europe---specifically france where there are over 750 'no-go' zones that are almost exclusively muslim. Non-muslims are STRONGLY discouraged from passing through--and, sharia law overrides french law. The french government is afraid of islam and will not take a stand.

While I don't consider myself an alarmist---look at the actions of islam; they speak much louder than their words......

Lastly, where are the 'moderate' muslims speaking out against these abuses? Their silence is deafening----isn't it?

Brian Kilmeade ???????? ONLY an idiot would think all terrorists are muslim.

People think that he is doing a great job!!! hmmmm....


Of course there are a lot of Muslim terrorists, but the guy's statement was still idiotic. If he would have said "all the terrorists who have attacked the United States recently have been Muslim," he would be close to accurate. But that is not what he said.

here's something: not all white people are bankers who ripped off shareholders and then got bailed out by the government, but all the bankers who ripped off shareholders and then got bailed out by the government are white. pretty ignorant, no? hateful racists love that.

I think Brian is right on the money. It is time we take back our country and allow all the people that hate it and want to change it to go somewhere else. Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg I would love to see you guys living anywhere else than a Penthouse in NYC or mansion in Beverly Hills. Get real, ladies you were out of your league with Bill O'Reilly and he made fools out of both of you. Joy, you really need to get some diction lessons BIG TIME.


Of course 99% of all terrorist in the name of a religion are MUSLIMS.

Here is the reason to this "cause & effect":

Islam means “peace” IF (huge “IF” here) when one “submits and surrenders” to their (sharia) way of life and to their moon-god-allah.

If you don’t “submit and surrender”, there is NO PEACE…never has, is, and will be.

Look to their source documents that drive this madness like the Koran. The Koran encompasses over 60% of its content with how to convert, enslave, hold ransom, tax (called jizya in Arabic), punish, wife-beat (Koran 4:34), fight and yes…KILL non-Muslims and those “not-Muslim-enough”!!

So you have to be a Muslim terrorist in before you can be!!!


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