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Archie brings Sarah Palin and Barack Obama together

Archie Sarah Palin Barack Obama

Finally, some bipartisanship.

Albeit fictitious.

Which, come to think of it, is the same kind of promised bipartisanship we've been witnessing in Washington these many months.

As everyone remembers, high school class elections are, in the immortal words of Joe Biden, a big #$%&^*\ deal.

In case you've missed a few issues of the Archie comic book over the years, eternal teens Archie and Reggie and Veronica and Betty apparently have been held back for decades now. Archie still has the red tic-tac-toe hair. Betty's still blond, Veronica brunet and Reggie is still, well, Reggie.

In the upcoming December issue, Archie and Reggie are locked in a tough class president race.

We don't want to spoil any surprises.

SPOILER ALERT: However, if you promise not to tell anyone else on the school bus, Veronica, apparently still clueless and unaware of President Barack Obama's failing election endorsement record the last year or so, stages a photograph to make it look like the liberal Democrat is endorsing Archie.

And in a clever Rovian kind of way, Reggie counters by obtaining the grassroots common-sense backing of conservative Sarah Palin, who's done so much better in the real political endorsing game this year.

And in a nod to the world of Delaware witchcraft, Palin and junk food addict Obama end up sharing a chocolate milk shake at the malt shop.


-- Andrew Malcolm

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Well it's a little strange, but this is some of the best political reporting the Times has done in a while.


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