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Is this new Sarah Palin video a campaign step?


Sarah Palin Signature


So here's a new Sarah Palin video.

Just released by SarahPac, the former Alaska governor's political action committee.

Watch it. See if you think it's from someone who is not running for, oh, say, the nomination for an important office from a major political party. Or laying the foundation to play a major role in that decision by assembling a following of numerous like-minded, loyal folks.

Did you notice anything missing in this video, as we did? (Answer down below.*)

As we wrote here on The Ticket Tuesday, a majority of Americans now say their views match Palin's. Or vice versa.

On Tuesday former President Bill Clinton, in a conversation with former aide George Stephanopoulos, added his voice of caution to fellow Democrats about the Republican former governor.

"It's always a mistake to underestimate your opponent," said the former governor, who may have done that in his first midterm election in 1994. That's when, for the first ime in four decades, his Democratic  Party lost control of both houses of Congress to Republicans. Clinton, of course, changed political course and roared back to win a decisive reelection in 1996.

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--Andrew Malcolm

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*Nowhere in Palin's new video does she mention the name of either major political party.

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Dude, of course not.

You don't make the TEA Party appeal to Indies who are turned off by both political parties by splashing "REPUBLICAN" all over the movie, do you?

That comes later, during Primary season. And then, only if she needs to remind people that she's a Republican.

When you want to rebuild the Reagan Coalition, you don't do it by beating the Republican Party label over the heads of Conservative Dems and Independents, most of whom don't have fond memories of Bush.

Sarah Palin will run, and she will win, nuff said,

That is my fervent hope!

"*Nowhere in Palin's new video does she mention the name of either major political party."
And your point is?
WHY does EVERYONE have to be PARTSAN to you?
Can't someone just be for America instead of a PARTY?
This whole Palin Hit piece was a waste of about 3 minutes of my time.
It wasn't worth it.
Now it's MY turn to be "Palinized" by the Progressive Author of this garbage.
Bring it.


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