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Say what? The Tea Party schedules a rally in Beverly Hills

OMG, will the Hollywood liberals still be standing come Sunday night?

A band of LA conservatives is planning the first ever official Tea Party rally this Sunday afternoon in Beverly Hills, that sunken swamphole of lavish homes and billionaires who've likely lost millions during these difficult economic times.Pat Boone

According to the announcement, Pat Boone, Victoria Jackson, Ben Stein, Connie Stevens and other surviving conservatives will gather at Beverly Gardens Park on Santa Monica Blvd. starting at 2 p.m. for a rally, speeches, music and other political folderol associated with such outdoor events during a midterm election season.

The grassroots, anti-establishment political rebellion is named for the revolutionary era Boston Tea Party that tried to blame native Americans for its unauthorized tax-protesting ship-unloading into Boston harbor. The modern version began began in early 2009 in shock over the scale of federal spending under the Obama administration and the anticipated tax consequences of same.

It has gained nationwide strength in ensuing months as an in-your-face challenge to Washington establishment types emitting political directives to states on political preferences. And it's produced a series of surprising primary upsets this year, with former governor Sarah Palin as its most celebrated advocate. See Palin's latest campaign video celebrating the Tea Party movement here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Great news.

Ben Stein recently stated in a segment on CBS News Sunday Morning that he feels that he shouldn't have to pay any taxes that support public schools, because he doesn't have children. I don't have children either, but as someone who values the concept of society, I don't have a problem with a small portion of my income going to help my neighbor's child receive an education. It takes tax dollars to operate the world in which we live (and that includes Beverly Hills Park).

The Tea Party is a joke. And for Ben Stein to want to avoid taxes for public schools shows what an absolute worm he is. He worked for Richard Nixon who was a well-known anti-Semite.

LA Times is leftist.

(AM responds: No, we're right here.)

go teaparty

The Tea Partiers are clearly not from the area- it's Beverly Gardens Park, not Beverly Hills Park.

Dems are scared spitless of the Tea Party. They should be.
Whenever a group of concerned citizens stands up and says, "Enough!" all those who have abused their people-granted power should fear for their jobs.

But the Mainstream Media continues to do Obama's flack work for him and doesnt show this amazing and beautiful and honorable phenomenon for what it is. They look every day for different ways to malign the Tea Party, strangely coninciding with a Democrat Party push to malign the Tea party. Almost as if the Mainstream Media and the Democrats were in cahoots...

@ Peter B.

So if you value society why don't you give your money voluntarily? Only the coercive and police powers of the state make you be so "generous" with your "society".

These people that advocate generosity by force are the pest. Leave that money on the hands of the people and you'll see the wonders that families do for education in this country.

But small minds can only envision what they know. And what they know is the familiar: taxation, waste , teachers unions, poor test results, fix it with higher salaries, indoctrination, more taxation until they cannot pay for alternative education, and on and on. But it is what they know, so it must be the only answer. Besides they can pat themselves in the back about how generous they are.

The vicious cycle of communism.

Property tax pays for schools NOT income taxes. So unless you own a home you are not paying for schools.

I worked and lived in BH for 15 years....and am thrilled to see that there are a few conservatives in BH, who are willing to stand up for less government. Wish I could join you, but Australia is a bit to far to make the trip. God Bless the Tea Party!

I went to BHHS & personally witnessed many teachers unfit for their tenured union jobs. Most teachers do an okay job, a few do great. Most parents don't do enough to stay involved in kids' education, many parents are unfit to breed. Regardless, there's no excuse for the legislature-union fraud that exists in not allowing us to fire drunks & deadwood from teaching ranks, as they continue to give raises & benefits for union foot-soldier support. As for taxes, home-owners bear the brunt, & people with children want it all for free. So, another bond issue for 1/2 a $Billion, & we end up with a gold-leaf muraled auditorium in a beautiful new school named after a Mass liberal in a part of LA that has nearly 50% drop-out rate. Absurd!
Flush out the liberal legislature, crush the unions, & bring in independents & collective bargaining.


I'm an Australian and unlike you I actually live in Beverly Hills currently, so how about you keep your mouth shut about things you don't know? and btw the Australian Labor Party (left wing) just won the latest election and the popular vote with now the first elected female Prime Minister in Australia's history.

The tea party is radically right wing. It's always funny how when society starts crumbling, right wing supporters want less government - WAKE-UP! Only regulatory government can fix the big problems. Leaders of the tea party are rich and power hungry and care naught for you, only for their private agendas of making money at your expense - don't be so naive (or evil?).


"Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society." - O.W.Holmes,Jr.

Be real - Republicans donate squat to charities. Besides, why have road laws for speeding, shouldn't we just drive as fast as we think we can? that'll work... Regulation is a good thing.

Capitalism works because it allows corruption, communism doesn't work because it's an ideal where everyone is nice. Disgusting isn't it... ;)

I went to the tea party and had a lovely time. Great crowd of people with energy and the old can-do spirit and the knowledge how to.

A communist Australian living in BH? AAHHHHAAAAA HAA HAAA what a hypocrite! If you want to experience communism, you have to find the ugliest cement 10 story building you can and then apply to move in, wait a few years and then drill the proper holes in the walls so your neighbors can listen in on you. That's communism. Nice is not a word I would use to describe communists, the first thing they usually do when they come to power is murder any opposition.

Tea Party People Are Nice. And Believe Me, We are no joke.

The author of this blog is some sort of communist, notice how he attacks the original Boston Tea Party and tries to conjure up some nice white guilt? I call these derailers - they want to de-rail society so they can create a Marxist utopia... Losers with a capital L

(AM responds: Well, you're obviously new here. Welcome. Next time try reading the items before commenting.)

Leaders of the Tea Party are no rich you bozo. In my estimate many would have been democrats in a former life if the democratic party hadn't abandoned them.

While it is true that schools get most of their funding from property taxes,it is not the sole source. To cite just one example THe dept. of education at the federal level and large portions of lottery funds by law go to schools.By the way i have no children either but have no objection in investing in the future of my country.I just wish i was getting more for my money and that the children were not being cheated in the process.

"The grassroots, anti-establishment political rebellion is named for the revolutionary era Boston Tea Party that tried to blame native Americans for its unauthorized tax-protesting ship-unloading into Boston harbor."

Uh, hate to tell you this Andrew, but putting all the emphasis on "tried to blame native Americans", as if this is what the Boston Tea Party was all about?? It's clear you look down your nose at the tea parties. RETROHOUSEWIFE was right. And you really need to take a class in "Journalism Ethics 101" - although the line above would have given you an "F" in my class, as far as being objective goes.

I doubt the participants in the Boston Tea Party had the objective of blaming native Americans for the dumping of the tea. In fact, I doubt anyone other than the author has that particular take on this element of American history.

Now that's a tea party

The Tea Party needs money too!

@bhaussie: Feel free to return to your People's Paradise. I promise, no one here will try to stop you.


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