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As Obama hits the campaign trail, 'Mourning in America' ad greets him, recalling the Reagan era

These videos pretty much speak for themselves.

The first one is the classic "Morning in America" ad that helped ensure Ronald Reagan's overwhelming reelection in 1984 over some Democrat from Minnesota.

Watch it. And then scroll down to the next one.

Now here's a powerful new ad that you'll soon be seeing on TVs across the country.

Its title is different by one letter: "Mourning in America."

Democratic President Obama and his sidekick from Delaware head out on ambitious cross-country campaign swings starting this week, trying to stem what polls indicate is a serious hemorrhaging of political support for their administration, their expensive policies and their majority party that has controlled Congress since 2007.

Obama's not on any ballot on the Nov. 2 elections. But this slow-paced visual....

...message by Fred Davis of Strategic Perception for Citizens for the Republic is aimed smack dab at him -- and by implication all those who support the incumbent's "grand experiment" that has so regrettably failed.

However, Obama's not angrily attacked. And he's mentioned only once.

But as Kathleen Parker so eloquently notes, that's enough with the parallel, contrasting Reagan era images to tap into, not the ubiquitous anger we hear so much about abroad in the land these days, but instead into the nation's surging sense of sadness over the failure of so many hopes in the last two years.

Now, tell us below what you think of these two commercials.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Are you better off now than you were in 2006 ?

The economy didn't go to hell until 2007 when the Democrats took over the Congress.

The ad is OK, but I think it needs work. The voice over isn't always understandable and I don't get the scenes of the woman and young man at a funeral. What has that got to do with the overall message.

It doesn't hold a candle to the Reagan ad.

Thank you Obama you have put a big hurt on the country for now but i thank you for waking up the Country. Without you and what you have done the American people would still be sleeping not doing anything about the downfall Washington is causing to the Country. We will be hurting a little longer until you are gone but we will all remember how your trying to hurt the country ended up saving it and in turn making it even better.

Love the new ad!

This is genius. A pat on the back to the person that thought of this. I hope there are a hundred more like it in the next 30 days. Take the gloves off and fight back against these idiots before its too late.

These two commercials say it all especially the second one. The second one captures what a lot of Americans are feeling now. Hopefully, it will make people think and VOTE!

I love the old ad and think the new one is a smart move. Guarding imagery coined by presidents like Reagan is going to be very important for republicans in 2012 when Obama tries to argue that he kept us from the abyss, etc. Obama is huge on branding, knocking out the options he'll have to exploit the branding of past, great presidents is one of the smartest moves the opposition can make at this early point.

A powerful testament that captures the state of the country in these trying, depressing times.

Obama refers to the Republican policies as looking backwards, when in truth the Progressives are implementing the same destructive policies which decimated the Soviet Union and which are slowly strangulating Europe today.

Nov 2- when all the Individuals in this country announce we will not go quietly into the night which Progressive collectivization and statism is threatening us with!

Citizens for the Republic is a Newt Gingrich clan operation. Old whine, old bottle.
For the record. Obama has reduced the debt by 8%. These retreads want to maintain the tax cuts for the rich that got us into this hole...along with the wars Bush started on credit from China.

Sourcewatch is a great place for people to look up who funds this garbage.

It's a shame the LA Times chose not to do any actual reporting here. I don't know how long these tired old rags will continue to operate on the assumption that relevant facts are not actually at our fingertips.

Corporate shills are pretty easy to pin down these days even if our elections can now be bought and sold with giant corporate funds...Save the Republic...really? That's a hoot.

Well done regardless of your perspective. Should your perspective lean conservative, then you must completely satisifed. Should your perspective lean liberal, it is a shame that a leader with grand ideas just couldn't lead. Yes it truly is mourning in America today, but it doesn't have to be tomorrow. Let's elect leaders that are only concerned about SERVING their constituency and make our country great again.

You'd expect nothing less from the Madison Avenue Republicans. The Dems will have to respond to this add, quickly linking Bush policies with images of closed businesses and foreclosed houses. Then, examples of men and women working hard to rebuild the damage. Most important, the Dems better find an announcer with a voice like James Earl Jones.

great ad!

This truly is a reflection of fostering mass delusion by the party that sold it's soul (and the nation's) to big-finance and corporate "special" interests. By this Ad the RNC and GOP remind us of their deceit suggesting they are capable of bringing back good times (overlooking institutionalizing huge deficit spending, the mess they created, and economic bikini graph on the rise now in progress). It takes money to clean up the huge mess and get a grip again. It takes smarts to avoid one. They don’t have it. (Great Depression, Savings & Loan Debacle, Great Recession). Freedom and Liberty to buy and mislead the public? Don't be deluded by this "Morning in America" manipulation.

Wow. Poignant. Watch out dems.

These videos need 2 b seen by every American.

An excellent example of the contrast between weak, pathetic liberal/progressive morons and true Americans in the memory of President Ronald Reagan, a President for whom we pine and wish could be immortal.

The idiots running our Country now likely believe their claptrap, and sincerely do not know they are dead wrong...except for Obummer...(honorific deliberately absent.)

I believe that he knows exactly what he's trying to do, which is weaken America so his minions (the poor, the lazy, the career whiners) might get a "leg up" in a society for which they have no respect, have contributed virtually nothing, and which they hold responsible for their low position in life.

To call this bum a Socialist would be an insult to true Socialists...this dirtbag is a total, flat out Communist.

We cannot be shut of this idiot soon enough...and even though I remember the awful, dark, hollow feeling I had when JFK was assasinated, I find myself wondering...

Where is Lee Oswald when we really need him?


Powerful advertisement. I think it accurately depicts the general state of the union (mourning).

I think the Reagan ad is more powerful. Every point it makes is backed up with numbers; the second anti-Obama ad is vague on some points.

I like the first video, Can we return to such a time again?

What do I think? Both ads are spot on.

As a business owner, I see the expiring tax cuts making massive cuts in my business. I hope I can hold on long enough to escort Mr. Obama out of office in 2012, and you can bet I'll be diong my part to clean out the rat nest of congress and senate come Nov 2.

seriously. brilliant.

The first commercial was so true. I remember how Reagan took us from the Carter malaise into prosperity. The new commercial is awesome. It tells it exactly the way it is. This administration will sacrifice all of us for it's twisted and discredited socialist/nanny-state ideology.


These are both excellent commercials and should be run one after the other.
I can not understand why 38% of the American people would still approve of the disastrous policies and actions of this administration. Do they all want the destruction of the United States ? Or they all blinded by their liberal ideology ?

Vote Whitman and Fiorino in November.

There's only one solution: Impeachment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How distinctly I Remember 21% Jimmee, and how I Remember a Real Leader Ronald Wilson Reagan, and how he brought us out of dispare. Now, we are into dispare again, and we are looking for hope, a hope that does not exist in Washington. somehow, they just dont understand! The bright future rest in the American People, and all Washington wants to do, is destroy that future! They are taking all of us from being Creators of wealth, to looking for the federal handout, and as a result America's future is in danger. How absolutely Tragic. We must not let that happen, the future is in our hands this November 2nd, lets hope we do the right thing! dol

I hope this gets massive airtime.


The indebted baby has no cares in the world right now, just like the Democrats. All that will change with the two grow up.

Brought tears to my eyes.

An experient that failed, time to recognize this and make a correction. Keynesian economic policies prolonged the Great Depression in the 30s and history is repeated when those in power fail to learn from the past..or was there another agenda all along?

I know what I believe. Time to employ Austrian economic theory and practices, take the harder but shorter road to economic recovery, embrace the American founding principles of smaller and limited federal government, secure borders, strong national security, a non-interventionist foreign policy, individual liberty and sound money.

And yes, we need leaders, leaders like Dr. Ron Paul to help us exit off the road to serfdom and to the change we need.

Just because the foreclosures and high unemployment are not Obama's fault (and they're not), doesn't mean he's done the right things since taking office. He doubled down on the Bush policy of issuing government guarantees for private debt. Fannie/Freddie bonds were never gov't guaranteed until Hank Paulson weighed in. Geithner/Obama quintupled Paulson's mortgage guarantees, putting us all on the hook to insure private investors. Geithner paid out 100% on worthless AIG credit default swaps, costing us $180 billion and benefitting private investors (many in other countries). His reward? Promotion to Treasury Secretary. Obama radically increased the national debt - mostly to give money to the states to reward public employee unions. He rammed through a wildly unpopular FUBAR health insurance reform bill. Imagine what he'd have wrought if he'd had no GOP opposition? The reason to vote straight republican is to put the brakes on the craziest Obama schemes. Only then will he be forced to be the post-partisan he claimed to be in 2008. Reassess in 2012.

What a contrast of the word play between 1984 and today?
The magic (or the spell) of one vowel "u" in the word "morning"!

No amount of negative dirt digging on opponents will lift the Democrats.

Sadly, Democrats are good at DIGGING DEEPER only.
Bush created big deficit hole; Democrats made it deeper.

The spotlight is on Congressional Black caucus's corruptions, so lets dig some dirt on Republicans, their aides, their dogs, cats, anyone associated with Republicans.

The last resort?
Why, TEA PARTY, off course!

This is a great commercial. It cuts to the chase about what the Dems and Obama have done to this country in the last four and two years respectively.
Blaming Bush is not going to bring any jobs back.

Right. Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer. He leadeth me beside the still factories and blames "the other party" for our despair. By the way, the Republicans are wrong when they say that our children and grandchildren will have to pay OhBummer's huge, trillion-dollar debts --- there will be a revolution, instead --- the young are not stupid and they won't let these skunks fasten this burden upon their backs.

As the line goes in "A Few Good Men"... The Democrats can't handle the truth!!! This ad hits hard, sad and true!

Both Morning and Mourning are fitting for their time. Only Mourning gives us something to dig our teeth into and get the country moving again WITHOUT GOVERNMENT BREATHING DOWN OUR NECKS! There is no Ronaldus Magnus to pull out bacon out of the fire this time. Government is now the declared enemy of the people of the United States - really. Get these Democrat bums out of power as soon as possible and repeal the Obama tax hikes, healthcare and ALL things that take money from our pockets for US TO SPEND AS WE WISH. Vote Tea Party and Republican and make it happen.

I absolutely loved the commercials. It's sad to have seen so many folks taken in by this President (Obama) and the Pelosi socialists in 2008. Hopefully, many of them will have seen the light and vote republican/independent this time around.

P.S. (The Nanny State will only grow if democrats are left in office). I've told my friends (those who are still unsure to vote republican if only to achieve the balance that is necessary to stop corruption. No one party should have a monopoly on government because this is precisely what happens - health care mandates we neither wanted or needed, more government intrusion into our lives, higher unemployment and higher taxes to pay for the "cradle to grave" welfare state. You would think that what's happening in socialist countries like Germany, France, Denmark, etc. would scare the he-- out of voters. Why even Castro admitted that communism was a failure.

WOW!!! This is a short, yet very powerful, political commercial that captures the mood of most Americans today.

The first commercial makes me remember President Reagan so fondly. He loved his country and wanted to make it strong and great. To contrast that with the president we have now just makes me sick. I love the second commercial - it's true. Under democratic presidents/congress, things always turn out like this. When will people learn???

By every measure, the policies of the Congressional Democrats and Obama have failed miserably. Although he blames his predecessor, every president inherits problems, some worse than others. Obama's constant deflection makes him appear weak, a noted departure from his campaign image as a strong uniter. Bowing before heads of state and apologizing to the world for our mistakes, when other countries have done far worse things, shows how little he thinks of us as a nation.
To draw upon another slogan from the Reagan era, we are much worse off than we were four years ago. The second ad points to just a few of the reasons why. Many of the statistics sited come from our own government, so there's not much that can be disputed.
The socialist experiment has been proven to be yet another failed attempt to control the uncontrollable, namely the free market. Now we must release the market from the shackles of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the others in Congress and allow it to continue to elevate our country and the world.
Freedom works.

They are both so accurate, exactly the pulse of the people for the majority of our nation. We are currenly bound by this administration's ineptness, and their zealous arrogance. Can't wait to get them out, so we can once again restore our Nation to the greatness that IS the United States of America.

Makes me sad to see how low America has fallen these last couple of years. It really brings home what a complete failure Obama is and that the last 4 years of democrats controlling the Senate and House has been 4 years to long.

Time to take Pelosi's gavel away.

It is a great contrast and manages to tie Obama to Carter.

Why is it the YouTube counter for MOURNING stuck at just over 173K views. I looked at the REAGAN video last Wednesday when this came out and the REAGAN count has doubled to just over 320K from last week.

Is YouTube freezing the MOURNING video count? Are they trying to supress the actual count?

Its an effective ad. Things are so bad right now though, the situation speaks for itself. Even without an ad people realize we made a mistake and that we have to be responsible for fixing it in November.

@Phocus: "I don't know who this president is, but he's not us."

I know exactly who he is. He's Hugo Chavez in a better suit, and if we don't throw the bum out on his ear in two years, along with everyone who thinks like him, he will turn this nation into a Third World toilet just like his home country.

The sentiments conveyed in the "Mourning" piece, are powerful and will connect with the millions of Americans who share them. The two ads provide a perfect distillation of Right Track /Wrong Track.

Beautiful ad.

Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Ronald Reagan we were proud Americans with pride and love for our country. These ads reminded me of patriotism lost, well it's up to us, lets get to the voting booth and throw them out. My motto is "If their in, their out" Obama has announced that he is going to tour our nations colleges and get the students out to vote for the liberal candidates. Lets talk to every student that we know and ask them to watch these commercials and talk to them about their future. LET'S GET TO WORK" God Bless America.

@Lavaux: "In other words, we'll only be getting the return of a false prosperity built on mountains of money borrowed from China, who is getting more and more nervous and inclined by the day to yank our credit."

The sooner China does so, and forces the complete collapse of the welfare state, the better I'll like it.

Our goal should be to send millions of economic refugees fleeing to Mexico, build a strong wall behind them, and rebuild America as it should be.

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