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As Obama hits the campaign trail, 'Mourning in America' ad greets him, recalling the Reagan era

These videos pretty much speak for themselves.

The first one is the classic "Morning in America" ad that helped ensure Ronald Reagan's overwhelming reelection in 1984 over some Democrat from Minnesota.

Watch it. And then scroll down to the next one.

Now here's a powerful new ad that you'll soon be seeing on TVs across the country.

Its title is different by one letter: "Mourning in America."

Democratic President Obama and his sidekick from Delaware head out on ambitious cross-country campaign swings starting this week, trying to stem what polls indicate is a serious hemorrhaging of political support for their administration, their expensive policies and their majority party that has controlled Congress since 2007.

Obama's not on any ballot on the Nov. 2 elections. But this slow-paced visual....

...message by Fred Davis of Strategic Perception for Citizens for the Republic is aimed smack dab at him -- and by implication all those who support the incumbent's "grand experiment" that has so regrettably failed.

However, Obama's not angrily attacked. And he's mentioned only once.

But as Kathleen Parker so eloquently notes, that's enough with the parallel, contrasting Reagan era images to tap into, not the ubiquitous anger we hear so much about abroad in the land these days, but instead into the nation's surging sense of sadness over the failure of so many hopes in the last two years.

Now, tell us below what you think of these two commercials.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Vote the Dems out this NOV! Not just one or two of them but ALL of them. Their plan is a total failure, there "dear leader" is a total failure and for California, Barbara Boxer is a total failure.

Vote out the Dems in Nov!!!

So very true.

It's a powerful message that cuts through the right/left division in our country and gets right to the beef: Are we better off going in this direction, or is there a better way? History (which this ad is drenched in) says that smaller government, less spending, and different ideas have worked in the past. We should let those ideals work for us again.

WOW! What a powerful, truthful commercial. I voted for Obama, as did many hispanics, hoping for positive change. What my fellow American citizens and I have received in return, are failed policies and lies.
I'll not vote for him or his party....though the GOP isn't much better. We need to take our country back from the government.

This is AMERICA! We are free men, not to be enslaved by one group to another for the purposes of making them feel good. BHO's healthcare policies have enslaved responsible individuals to care for another group. This is against the constitution!!! It is time to let go of your pride and petty anger to give way to righteous anger. GET THEM OUT NOW!!!!!

When Obama speaks about redistributing the top 2% of the wealth, he is talking about the GLOBAL community. Since EVERY American in part of the top 2%, any liberal who supports this man is supporting the taking of their own wealth to be given FORCEFULLY (not willingly) to other nations. Even if you disagreed with the trickle-down theory, at least Regan was an AMERICAN president … not the Global Communities president.

Elegant in its simplicity and style, very forceful! Nicely done!


Awesome new ad, which is sadly all too true.

That's definitely the state of this country: Mourning. Time to clean House. And Senate.

Awesome and mesmerizing, and true!

Fantastic commercials! The latter recaps what we have experienced in the last 2 years under Obama. Our country needed this painful lesson to wake up the majority and re-educate all about the differences between socialism and capitalism. Capitalism equals liberty and individual exceptionalism . Socialism has never made any people/nation great. It has failed over and over again. We will 'right our ship' and once again steam to greatness!

What more can be added? The plain, clear, unvarnished truth.
For those of you who don't agree, there is an accurate and true old saying.
There is none so blind as he who WILL not see.

I think both commercials say it all. Time for all of us to energize.

What makes both of these ads so powerful is they speak the truth in a pure and simple manner. How nice it would be to have the man many of us who lived during his time,and consider the greatest President of the 20th Century back with us today. We miss you President Reagan.

The first time I was old enough to vote, it was my honor to vote for Ronald Reagan. The original commercial makes me proud to have been a part of that America. But the second commercial makes me see RED. The RED of communism, totalitarianism, and fascism. It makes me see the RED of the blood of the patriots who fought to make the U.S.A. a nation of freedom and opportunity. It recalls to mind those who gave all in order to protect and defend their homeland and their way of life. I have relatives and ancestors who fall into this category--honorable men, all. The commercial makes me see RED in anger when I consider what has been done to this country, to our history, to our integrity, to our way of life, and to nullify the actions and sacrifices of the honorable men and women who have given their life's work as well as their life's blood for this country. I, for one, do not forget or forgive these atrocities. I, for one, intend to do my utmost to ensure this country gets back on track. And I have no fear. Hurry November.

The Obama administration is incapable of crafting an effective response to our economic downturn. The fact of the ad are right, even if they are presented in an emotionally charged way. This administration will likely spend most of their energy pointing fingers at Bush, energy they should expend trying to fix the economic problems of the country.

Kind of puts it on a point by point basis.

We are losing, what happened?

Don't blame it on Bush, he doesn't make the laws and control the money.

Mourning in America is very appropriate and reflects my deep sorrow that we have allowed someone to become our president who doesn't respect our Constitution. A funeral drape hangs on my mail box where I put it the day after his election, and where it will continue to hang until he is voted out of office.

I love the two commercials. History is sort of repeating itself. I remember how bad the Carter years were. Double digit inflation and double digit loan rates. Lets hope the people of this country wake up and rise up and throw off the choke chain of liberalism before it its too late.

Fight back AMERICAN's! Get in THEIR faces and tell them how you feel. Dont let the Democrats hold anymore 'closed debates' Dont be fooled anymore! How can you trust these people who wouldnt even have honest open debate and then told us to wait for the law to pass to see whats in it? Are you STILL supporting these thieves and liars?

Love it!
American was founded as a democracy--not a socialist or communist country.

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." --John Adams, October 11, 1798

It's still a choice between "Bad" and "Worse".

The current government/administration and its hired henchmen has the nation in mourning, mourning for that government of the people, by the people, for the people. A government that respected the people as the sole source of governmental power by way of the Constitution of the United States of America. Indeed we are in mourning for the Constitution itself, a document that every elected official, military member, law enforcement officer and yes even the president himself swears he will "protect and defend, against all enemies foreign and domestic."

The Constitution is the foundation of America, it defines; our honest non-inflationary money, the eligibility to become president, the requirements for declaring war,a well organized militia (rather than the current malevolent standing army) and a very small and limited Federal Government without power or huge tax coffers and an IRS Organization as feared as the skull and bones festooned Nazi Gestapo.

In short the people of this nation are in mourning for the nation that held out the promise of liberty and freedom to the world and that had the attention of the rest of the world but not the attention of its own people whom have allowed the light of liberty and freedom in this country to burn down to the very last guttering of the last candle in that light of lady liberty. If we Americans, the keepers of the light of liberty and freedom for all mankind allow that light to be extinguished in America woe be to our souls on judgement day when before God we have to atone for shirking our sacred duty to ourselves and indeed to the rest of mankind by allowing the Tyrannical forces of evil to extinguish the hopes and dreams of humanity by triumphing over "We the People."

The light of liberty will again burn brightly across this great land if we each light our own candle of liberty and freedom and pass it on across America until the land once again is ablaze with the warmth and light of a free people! When that day comes God will smile upon our nation and say "my will be done." God will bring Peace to America thru the rightful exercise of his power by "We the People" rooting out the Evil Empire of Washington, D.C.

Obama is the worst president ever! He and his liberal, socialist supporters in the Democrat Party and the media are destroying our once strong country. WAKE UP AMERICA AND THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both good commercials for their time. The Mourning in America should have been 60 seconds long though; to thank all the pinheads who gave us a community organizer for POTUS. They voted with emotion since he was not George Bush and did not bother to look under the hood.
Good ! All the 20-somethings who thought Obama was cool for smoking cigarettes and playing basketball will enjoy being saddled with the insurmountable debt dilemma they are being faced with for the next 40 years. Bravo to the freeloaders who spend more time selecting their iPhone than selecting a President. Who was it that said, "The people deserve the President they get?"

nice contrast!

That was awesome. I think the masses are finally coming around to the realities of Democratically-controlled Federal Government. I think this commercial helps without slinging mud. Way to go!

More than Obamacare, Government Motors, Non-Stimulative Stimulus Plans,
and the tone deafness infection that is running rampant with our Congress and our President, I am mourning the loss of choice, the loss of freedoms, and the loss of the belief that this is the greatest country on earth. Without that belief, there is little future for us.

President Obama, don't depricate us, don't diminish us in foreign speeches, anddon't think that we are just another place in the world. I would ask that you just lead us, but where you want to lead us is scarier than where we already are.

Don't tell us how to live our lives, what to think and that we are unable to make the big decisions our selves. Because we can. And we Will. November 2nd

How's that "HOPE AND CHANGE" working out for you?

God, I wish Reagan was President instad of this empty suit, inexperienced, social-marxist, community organizing, white people hating, free entreprise/ business hating Obama.

Mourning in America is as powerful as Morning in America.

The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions -- John Locke 1690

Reagan was no conservative, he was an FDR progressive that switched parties to achieve his end, empowering the pirates of industry & finance to survive, while ensuring future Americans would pay for it.

Under Reagan:

California increased spending by 112% in eight years

Fed increased spending by 80%, debt by 187% and deficits by 112%. 80-187-112

An actor's job is to make the audience believe in fantasy, and Bush I, Clinton, Bush II & Obama all have grown government to the juggernaut that is now crushing the middle class out of existence...

And now we have another cause celeb as leader, one that has grown .GOV faster & larger than ANY previous POTUS, all to bail out the Military Industrial Banking Complex - "Americans" still don't get it...

It's WAY past time to embrace the truth, not believe in more propaganda!

And NO!, it will NEVER happen via the (D) & (R) hegemone.

Time is running short and the experiment is collapsing...

The only problem with the ad is it doesn't tell the viewer who to vote for in the election. I hope it runs again in 2012.

The only problem is that the financial collapse occurred on BUSH's watch. And unemployment under Obama has never hit as high as it did under Reagan. The GOP serves purely plutocratic interests--with huge tax cuts for the wealthy that have utterly failed to produced more jobs ("voodoo economics")--and it is that direction, toward serving the interests of the few, that has run this country into the ground.

Why do you have a "stop the tea party" ad on the same page as this?

This add is right on target......only a stupid dunce would vote Demoncrat in the upcoming Nov.elections.But,come to think of it,there are a lot of dunces in this country.It took 52 million of them to put this rag head in office!!

Clever, very clever. Makes a powerful statement.

I congratulate you on an ad that speaks the truth about this administration. It is a time for change and impeachment.

Barrack Hussein characterizes the good days as the "failed past". According to the Dems success means them running things regardless of the destruction they cause. Yet 45 million white liberals, blacks and unionists will vote to keep the destruction on track.


This November the American people have what will be a final opportunity to neuter the Obama Marxist descent into the financial abyss of his long coveted Socialist utopia; and, to salvage our cherished Constitutional Republic - constructed on the wisdom of our Founders - by voting a massive rejection of the Obama agenda. An agenda that has poised our country on the precipice of bankruptcy and mortgaged our children's future with an unsustainable, abhorrent debt burden to accommodate Obama's "re-distribution economics". Referring to recent AP photographic imagery, that is readily understandable, depicting Obama in a total state of confusion as how to pass thru an open gate with an umbrella: "Would you entrust your economic future to an individual who has demonstrated that he does NOT even have the mental acuity (i.e. common sense) to transit an open gate with an umbrella?" A task that even a grammar school child could negotiate without hesitation.
It is not sufficient to demonstrate an ability to recite a prepared text from a teleprompter to merit presiding over the most powerful Nation in the history of mankind. But yet, we managed to elect just such a man with that SOLE qualification; and, who has proven many times to be a babbling idiot without his teleprompter crutch. Is it any surprise that the recent Bob Woodward publication has verified Obama to be an indecisive and hesitant decision maker who is presiding over a dysfunctional WH? While Obama dithers, American troops are dying in combat to the call of an uncertain trumpet.
The challenge confronting our current generation is just as great as the burden bestowed on our Founding Fathers at the origin of our republic. We have the choice of either a passive submission to the slickster teleprompter readings of Obama's "fundamental transformation of America" into his Marxist vision -OR- we can answer the call of our forefathers to respond with militant patriotism to relegate Obama and his minions to the trash-heap of failed despots.
Will sufficient numbers of our citizenry meet the urgent challenge to preserve our cherished Constitutional Republic this coming November! Greg Neubeck

Seriously the whole obamanation makes me want to cry!!

Spot On! Both videos tell it the way it is/was.

I think they should've shown crosses being taken down and two men getting married under Pres. Obama, just for impact. Why leave anything out? I mean, it would've been true. And repugnant.

Yikes. Someone at the Times is going to lose their job over this one. Hopefully, this is from some young upstart who just needs to be told how things are done.

Less is more.

And I'm a Republican simply because they have less ideas.

Liberals? They have more good ideas than even my wife. And I have little use for any of them.

Powerful. Great images that most Americans can relate to. Obama and company are in trouble November 2nd.

This ad is too little too late. Dear Leader has announced he wants pay raises for public school teachers. Pure genius, fresh ideas to hit the campaign trail with. that will silence any challengers to the smartest president ever right in their tracks. Score a BIG one for our wunderkindt.


I remember the good ol' days under Reagan and abhor the present occupant of the Oval Office...the first commercial made my heart swell with pride, the second made my sad...and the current predicament our country is facing.

That ANGER is what motivates me to get out and VOTE this November and, while Obama may not be on the ticket, his policies ARE!!

This was a stark and somber ad that is ripe with versimilitude. The best I've seen in years (26 to be exact).

As I am getting ready to deploy, I leave in a few months to go to Afghanistan, I can only hope that our leaders, whomever they may end up being, find within themselves the desire to preserve our nation more than their jobs. The unfortunate reality though, is that would be too much to ask for. Some politicians believe they should be the ones to make our decisions to the last detail, very few seem to even be small government minded at all. Personal accountability and responsibility no longer applies for the citizen. It is never their fault for not paying their bills or buying a house they knew they could never afford. It is not their fault that they racked up credit card debt. It is not their fault that they grew up in a rough neighborhood and therefore live 15 years later, still on food stamps, still on welfare, still siphoning off a system that rewards those who refuse to work hard. When this country was founded people did whatever they could to make ends meet for their family. Now days, people stand around and blame the government for the lack of what they have. The rich are blamed for being successful because the poor want to be rich without having to do any work for it. American ingenuity no longer exists as we have forced manufacturing out with our unions and our long string of government regulation making it impossible to compete with the rest of the world. The middle class now suffers because the blue collar jobs are leaving the country. We waste the opportunity to use the resources such as oil and coal we have in this country based on a science that no one fully agrees upon. We give our enemies money to purchase their resources, while we slowly cut back on our defense budgets. Even more scary the government owns credit unions, banks, and car companies. The Fed controls more then we could know and does so with little oversight. Soon they will control health care. This comes at a time when our faith and belief in our government as whole country is at an all time low. Morale is low. Hope is nonexistent. Citizens are disheartened. And all the politicians worry about right now is saving their hide and their party to maintain control, rather than realizing that if they would only listen to the people whom they deem too unintelligent to know what is best, they would never have to worry about election years to begin with. These are dark times. These are scary times. Part of me wonders what I am going to fight for? This is not the country I grew up in. I'll be back in a year and my hope is that when I get back, this country will be moving back to the track it was on. Regardless of what the pundits and naysayers might have the fickle-minded believe, there was a time when capitalism and a free market prevailed and was successful. At some point, those in the government will have to learn that more control for them means less success for us, which leaves us where we are today. I hope and I pray that we will one day find that place where we once were, who we once were. That military personnel can be proud to fight against tyranny to free other people of this world and not have to watch our country fall into the same hands of tyranny and control. Ironically, as I ramble on here, I have place a lot of the blame at the doorstep of the government. And while I hold them accountable for the things they have done, I cannot forget why we are truly at this point. For as much as I can be upset with my government, I must be equally upset at one other group, the voter. Politicians are more emboldened than ever to do as they wish and not what their constituents want. Why is that? Because there is no more accountability in American politics right now. The people of this country vote based off the ads they see on TV or simply do not vote at all. So this November, regardless of whom gets elected, I have one hope that our current situation will wake up the people enough to stop watching their reality television long enough to spend a little time looking at who is running and finding the best candidates. It is still a country controlled by the voter, however, when less than half votes, it's no wonder politicians act the way they do. The lobbyist, the big money contributors, the only way to leverage against them is to have more voters. So go vote this November. Do your part. Be the responsible citizen you should be. And God willing (yes, I said it), we will find America again.

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