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As Obama hits the campaign trail, 'Mourning in America' ad greets him, recalling the Reagan era

These videos pretty much speak for themselves.

The first one is the classic "Morning in America" ad that helped ensure Ronald Reagan's overwhelming reelection in 1984 over some Democrat from Minnesota.

Watch it. And then scroll down to the next one.

Now here's a powerful new ad that you'll soon be seeing on TVs across the country.

Its title is different by one letter: "Mourning in America."

Democratic President Obama and his sidekick from Delaware head out on ambitious cross-country campaign swings starting this week, trying to stem what polls indicate is a serious hemorrhaging of political support for their administration, their expensive policies and their majority party that has controlled Congress since 2007.

Obama's not on any ballot on the Nov. 2 elections. But this slow-paced visual....

...message by Fred Davis of Strategic Perception for Citizens for the Republic is aimed smack dab at him -- and by implication all those who support the incumbent's "grand experiment" that has so regrettably failed.

However, Obama's not angrily attacked. And he's mentioned only once.

But as Kathleen Parker so eloquently notes, that's enough with the parallel, contrasting Reagan era images to tap into, not the ubiquitous anger we hear so much about abroad in the land these days, but instead into the nation's surging sense of sadness over the failure of so many hopes in the last two years.

Now, tell us below what you think of these two commercials.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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This is -so- sad! I remember the Regan days and how great America -WAS-
Instead of commander-in-chief we have monkeyman-in-charge....

Unfortunately over half those couples getting married are now long-divorced, and the bright future they looked forward to was decimated by sending all our jobs overseas in the 1990s. There was an Internet bubble that kept us going for awhile, then a real estate bubble, now there's nothing left. No jobs, no industry, nothing on which to make a living.

I think that the second one went far too easy on Obama.

"His great experiment is a failure," should have been "his great experiment, little more than european style socialism, failing as expected."

"children born with 30k debt," could have read "children born with 30k debt, after Obama, in 18 months, spent three times more than Bush did in 6 years with two wars. Stimulus spending to save San Francisco frogs, and research how meth enhances sex for rats."

"Government powers over lives expanding drastically, with Obama claiming to be able to force you buy what you do not want, or deny what you do. The EPA categorizing the air that you exhale as a pollutant so that they can take more control over your every breath."

"A government taking away your freedoms with warrantless surveillance of your movement, use of tax records against political opponents, trading favors for jobs, taking your hard earned money so that that the first lady can vacation in Europe, in the lap of luxury, with her 30 closest friends."

No, they went pretty easy on the guy.

It took a Carter to get a took an Obama to get........

Both are birlliant commercials. Truley reflective of the greatness we used to be, and the sorry state we are now. I voted for Obama.....I wont make that mistake twice.

I miss Reagan, and I miss America. I don't know who this president is, but he's not us. On November 2, we will quietly stun the media and the world by proving with just a vote, "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth".

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind

I remember the original "Morning In America" ad and it did help me to understand the fundamental difference between the political parties. It can be boiled down to this: Republican = Independence and Democrat = In Dependence. Talk about "the failed policies of the past that got us into this mess"!! How about trillions dumped into a failing education system? Or Esentially mandating home loans for those who could not afford to make the payments? And, how did the Housing Projects grand idea work out for everyone? SSI for drunks and drug addicts because they have a 'dependancy' problem. There are all sorts of government bennies out there for needy folks - but only if there's no Dad around. The heathcare law is DESIGNED to run private insurers out of business; leaving who as the "only choice"? The federal government. So-called 'tax cuts' for people and businesses that are nothing more than vote-buying schemes and kick-backs - if you just do what the Feds want you to do.

As for me, I'd be happy to have the government just get the heck out of my life as much as possible and let me succeed or fail on my own, thank you very much. And, let me keep more (or ALL!) of what I earn, so I can save, invest, spend or waste it as I see fit. I don't see that happening with the Democrats in charge.

The power of both ads lies in the juxtaposition of what America is, was and could be. It's very true that America wasn't what it was when Obama took office, and the difference - high unemployment, financial failure and crushing debt - is properly attributed to Democrat policies imposed before and after Obama took office.

However, does anyone really believe that the GOP control of Congress will transform America to what it could be, i.e. the America after 4 years of Reagan? I don't because this will require far more fiscal austerity than today's GOP has the courage or brains or political skill to implement. Therefore, what we'll get is a return to the pre-Obama America, whose metastasizing entitlement cancer had already doomed it to economic death. In other words, we'll only be getting the return of a false prosperity built on mountains of money borrowed from China, who is getting more and more nervous and inclined by the day to yank our credit.

Powerful stuff. The 1st ad was completely positive; of course, Reagan could speak of positive things because his program produced positive results. (Although it's not too difficult to look good after the disaster of the Carter Administration.) The new ad is mostly negative, but that's because the current government's program hasn't produced the results they said it would. Instead, their program has made things worse.

Still, the new ad is kind of a breath of fresh air as far as negative ads go. The ad doesn't personally attack any single person, which is what most (if not all) attack ads do. Sure, it presents the terrible results of the current government's program in terms that are very emotional. But let's face it, the reason the ad is so powerful is because the current government has done such a terrible job. The ad itself is truthful and avoids ad hominem.

Again, powerful stuff.

This what happens when you continually campaign on "hope-n-change" and only deliver strife and distress.

How much more do we need to see from the Democractic party before people start to realize that they (the dems) are deliberately and systematically destroying the institutions that have made this country great?

The "Mourning in America" video hits the nail on the head. I voted for Barrack Obama and had huge hopes for a new direction in the country. His first heady 6 months really inspired me, and I think it inspired much of the nation. But his presidency, coupled with the lack of any real ability to get things done in Congress and the Senate, has left the nation underwhelmed. People are tired. People are losing ground. The core of the nation, the working middle class, has been tapped out and has lost all hope that the current leaders can fix what, in many cases, they themselves have broken. The only ones getting anything out of the "American Dream" are the endless stream of public employees and politicians feeding at the trough. I cannot go on supporting the current administration and its failed and amateurish attempts at change for change sake. It is now clear they had no real plan except to shift the wealth of the working class into the pockets of the non-working masses. I give up and I will vote for another change in 2010 and 2012, and hope I can hang on and keep my job and feed my family long enough for it to happen. I am not a neo-con. I am not angry. I don't hate President Obama. I am just completely exhausted from worrying about what will next come out of this administration and this Congress that will take yet more money our of my pocket and give it to what I view more every day as a growing cadre of undeserving fools. I am a Dem voter who will hold his nose and pull some (R) levers this Fall and hope it sends the message that clearly needs to be sent. It has been, as the video says, a nice try, but a failed experiment.

Says it all.

What a contrast ! I lived very well during the Regan era ! Secure ,Proud ,Hopeful of the future ! Now it's like the dawn might not come tomorrow ! We need to change back !!!

What a stark contrast between the results of a leader and a lawyer

Absolutely Awesome!

The Reagan era is when the boom-and-bust cycle began. It's when the deficit broke out in earnest. But I think most importantly, "it wasn't already on fire" when Reagan lay down on it.
I suppose the big strategic mistake was for a Democrat to win the presidency after the stock market crashed. Bashing the president is a longstanding tradition, and no man on earth could have wiped out the effects of this stock market crash in a mere eighteen months.
Thus, we'll probably have to live through cutting people off and sending them to poverty, shutting down the government, and watching tax cuts once again fail to produce jobs before anything constructive begins to get done.

I clearly saw the message in the Reagan ad. It was pretty much a reminder of what he had done for the voters lately.

The Obama ad was a good message, the same message, but most people won't remember the Reagan ad. It was a clever ad, written by a political junkey that threw some irony in with the message, but if the voters were clever enough to get it would Obama have stood a snowballs chance in hell? You are preaching to the choir.

You should go and interview real people. Have them tell their stories, the former middle class guy living the nightmare trying to keep his family warm in a trailer, the college grad deep in debt working as a barrista, the lack of opportunity and general malaise gripping the country under Obama. Flash a white on black sign that reads CHANGE after every story, along with the toll of a bell. Juxtapose it with excerpts of Obama's communist writings, his anti-white speeches and the arrest records of his Chicago associates. You need to pull out the stops and start redefining this guy now. When the Republicans take over congress, everything will become their fault in the Democrat media. They will be the bad guys starving babies and stopping St Obama from helping the poor.

This President(with a name I am so tired of hearing)has made the wrong decision on just about everything that is important to this country!

Fantastic. I just hope it's not too late to turn this counrty around.

These are the most AWESOME video's I have ever viewed. They need to go viral, side by side!!!

Factual, powerful, retrospective...hopefully many many more see the problem and vote for a solution to turn this great country around.

Now that is is Piarful

Wow...what a telling contrast between the two. Both brought a little bit of a tear to my eye.

I lived through the Carter years. My wife and I bought our first house. We assumed the first mortgage at about 14% and had a "purchase money" second mortgage that ran us about 21%. Imagine buying a house using a credit card and you get the idea.

Ronald Reagan put things back on a positive track, got interest rates down and made Americans proud after a four year trip into the ditch courtesy President Carter. I remember those times fondly.

The second video serves to remind me just how much this great nation has faltered in the past four years since the Democrats regained control of Congress. It is also a telling commentary on just how much destruction Obama has wrought on the principles of this great nation is a surprisingly short period of time.

I can only hope that this video will awaken some of those who have not yet figured out that we are at the precipice and will galvanize them to vote on November 2nd to elect representative that will represent "The People" and stop ignoring our wishes.

Wow...very powerful...makes you stop and think what we are missing. I guess I'm most surprised to see the LA Times asking the question.

It is sad to see how far our leaders have declined from the greatness of Ronald Reagan standing for freedom and opportunity to the statist pushing dependence on government.

Sad but very true. Great comparison between reality and a pipe dream.

If the truth hurts...

The pipe dream being Obama Presidency.

I'd vote for Bush over Obama in 2012.

Obama's communist government will be CRUSHED at the ballot boxes in November. Then a new day of freedom will dawn for America.

It is a very sad day in America when we have to compare these two ads. It seems that whenever we stray from our founding principles to try a new experiment every four to eight years we tend to forget our history. The socialist path has always failed where ever it was tried. If we paid more attention to our history instead of trying to cover it up we would see that our constitution has a proven track record of prosperity for the country as a whole. Sure, some people may not always be happy or successful but then again, some people will never be! We cannot continue to keep trying the same failed policies expecting the different results. It is just insane!

It sums up the malaise that Obama has created perfectly.

I remember Reagan. He turned me from Dem to Reagan Democrats to then Fiscal Conservative Republican.

Barak Hussein Obama is no Ronald Reagan!!!

He aint no Lincoln!!!

And he aint even no Marion Barry who at least could blame his insanity on Drugs and Prositutes!!!

That these ads aired whilst they were in office is about the only thing Barack Hussein Obama has in common with Ronald Reagan.

The trillions upon trillions in wasted corrupt spending and debt have truly damaged our economy. It may take years to put a dent in the enormous UNEMPLOYMENT rate. If only Obama and the Democrats had listened and did what Reagan did in the early 80s. Our economy would be roaring back to life. Instead they trusted only the Government. Now we are saddled with trillions and trillions in debt and a Government that is bigger, and more bloated, and more costly than at anytime in our history. We need to balance our Government in Nov by firing every Democrat on the ballot. If we don't we may never recover!!!

2 great ads and we need to repent and believe God and do His will today and not our own.

Can't any anything here to the unvarnished truth.

It's a devastating ad, especially for those of us who remember the failures of Carter who, up until now, I haf thought was the worst president I'd seen in my life. Let's just hope that he too in a single-term disaster.

We need to remember that the Failed policies of Both parties are what has gotten us into this sad state of affairs. Liberals and conservitives, unwilling to work together are the cause of this mess. Vote either extreme into power and things will only get worse. How can we get back to a country where we cooperate without trying to eliminate the other guy? Is our only hope voting the party in power out of office as soon as we can?

Both are very true!!!

I never thought I'd read an unbiased article in the LA Times, but I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Fair and balanced reporting is the way to go! Accurate, too.

America needs all the help it can get, to make the Marxist collaborators unemployed in November !

Thank you!

Sad but true.

I think both parties are to blame and we don't have a real party in this country that respects or upholds the constitution. They certainly don't respect or support individual soverenty. We have become slaves to the biggest organized crime in American History, the errosion of liberty to support fat cats on the hill and a defunct judicial system that is so corrupted and is in the till. God help us all.

Mourning in America is not only a good TV ad... it makes a great bumper sticker.

But wait, Obamugabe has not even finished making this country a worker's paradise yet. You know like N.Korea, Venezuela, Cuba et al.

What is to say? Obama's policies have predictably failed to grow the private sector. The result is a poorer America than before his election.

Each day Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are in office we become poorer, our country's greatness diminishes, and our freedoms are eroded.

Unless we change course politically, our children will inherit a dim world of poverty, debt, and hopelessness.

Well... that about sums it up.

Sad but true.

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