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As Obama hits the campaign trail, 'Mourning in America' ad greets him, recalling the Reagan era

These videos pretty much speak for themselves.

The first one is the classic "Morning in America" ad that helped ensure Ronald Reagan's overwhelming reelection in 1984 over some Democrat from Minnesota.

Watch it. And then scroll down to the next one.

Now here's a powerful new ad that you'll soon be seeing on TVs across the country.

Its title is different by one letter: "Mourning in America."

Democratic President Obama and his sidekick from Delaware head out on ambitious cross-country campaign swings starting this week, trying to stem what polls indicate is a serious hemorrhaging of political support for their administration, their expensive policies and their majority party that has controlled Congress since 2007.

Obama's not on any ballot on the Nov. 2 elections. But this slow-paced visual....

...message by Fred Davis of Strategic Perception for Citizens for the Republic is aimed smack dab at him -- and by implication all those who support the incumbent's "grand experiment" that has so regrettably failed.

However, Obama's not angrily attacked. And he's mentioned only once.

But as Kathleen Parker so eloquently notes, that's enough with the parallel, contrasting Reagan era images to tap into, not the ubiquitous anger we hear so much about abroad in the land these days, but instead into the nation's surging sense of sadness over the failure of so many hopes in the last two years.

Now, tell us below what you think of these two commercials.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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It is very interesting that so many are surprised at the muslim-in-chiefs actions.
These morons voted for this liar who has hidden his records completely.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about his history.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about his socialism.
Now the morons see the muslim-in-chief as he is.

Wussy. Do it again but toughen it up. Out here in fly-over country we're sick to death of the "sensitive male" voice-over.

"Mourning in America" is a great ad.

It would be far less effective, if in fact, it wasn't so true. America's catastrophic mistake has been realized; let's hope it's not too late. Sad but not broken...

What a stunningly effective ad. Watching the Reagan ad first and then the "Mourning" ad almost brought a tear to my eye over the destruction Obama has brought to this country. I look forward to the day when we have a true patriot sitting in the Oval Office. Not some America-hating, lying socialist. November of 2010 and 2012 can't get here soon enough.

Sad when the Demos are stealing pages from the G.O.P. play book. Why is this surprising, they clinged onto a load of Bush Policies. The very ones they bashed to get elected. Typical empty suits.

I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall of the oval office when they played this one for Barry!

Both are great ads. Shows how far we have strayed from rational and reasonable government policies. The DEMS are literally destroying our country.

Both ads should be run side by side to remind people how bad things really are under Obama, Pelois, and Reid and their actvist paymasters...

sad but true.....I miss Reagan:(

Its Obama's America!

There is no question that there is mourning in America. I am an American naturalized citizen who now lives in Brazil but have strong roots in the USA. Three of my children live in the USA and are strugling to make ends meet. The direction the country is going, not only is a continuation of the last two years of the Bush administration when the congress was taken over by the Democrats but it has speeded towards fiscal irresponsibility. We just have to look at the deficits, in July, for example, it was 195.04B. That is quite simply astounding! If it continues this way, yearly deficits would reach near 2T. Something has to "change," and obviously, not the kind that Obama brought (he brought a change for the worst). We need to have a government that spends less and not more.

Both political ads are absolutely accurate for the time in which they were produced and broadcast. The "Mourning In America" ad is most significant today, for it accurately describes the situation in which America now finds itself.

Why would anyone want to continue this incredible incompetence from both the White House and the Congress? I can't imagine anyone voting to support continuing the insanity that has descended on the ruling class in Obama's regime.

For the Nation, Please vote out all, and I mean ALL - Republicans and Democrats alike - who have participated in ignoring the wishes of the American People.

The contrast is remarkable and regrettably true. I remember the people who villified Reagan and could not understand why they would want to make a patriotic and well spoken man out to be EVIL. Granted he added to the deficit in major ways but he restored a sense of patriotism and pride sorely lacking from America's psyche for decades. What an unremarable failure the current president is in comparison.

Would it be too much to ask to ask people to vote for individuals and not for a party? The Reagan ad promotes his experience while only inferring the mistakes of Democrats in 1980. The new ad takes the opposite tact, accosting one person while signaling to vote Republican across the board.

Being old enough to remember the Carter years, interest rates on car loans averaging 18% mortgage loans at 15-22%, waiting for your day to purchase gas for your car only to be restricted by how many gallons you could buy. When Reagan was elected it was like the weight of the entire nation was lifted from the collective shoulders of the citizens. To now witness, once again the party Democrat destroying the spirit of the nation, is heart wrenching. I thought, there is no way things could ever get to this situation again when Carter was soon we forget the polocies that caused it. This time however I think the citizens have finally had enough, they also have access to more information than ever before. No longer can a compliant news industry get away with lies and bias. We weep now, but there will be a re-birth of the American dream, starting November 2010.

Wait what? Does this mean that we're not a stronger nation as Obama would have us believe and way too many are still buying?

I really think the ads spoke for themselves. As an immigrant, I came to America with an American Dream that is quickly fading away in 2 years under this regime. We built our dream since we landed in this great country in 1978 and appreciate what we have to day. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last 30+ years only to see it being destroyed in less than 2 years. Now our children won't have the opportunity that we once had, the American Dream is no longer there for those who wish to have it, I'm sorry to see this country is heading toward destruction and it's dejavue for immigrants like me and my family, we don't want to go back where we ran away from and we will fight to have our America back! Thanks for showing these ads, they are very powerful and so true.

Obama is clearly a failure. Only an ideologue would deny this fact.

You silly people at the Times simply have no idea how much this Obama and his dim-witted minions are loathed and despised by the majority of working, tax-payng (citizens) of this nation today.

Wow, how true! Yes, we are mourning in America under this democratic, liberal administration and their trickery of "hope" to "change." Americans who voted for this man were fooled by his "hope" and "change" motto. What these voters who voted for this fraud failed to realize was he really meant his "hope" and "change" to be a society of socialism where he would impose policies that allowed capitalism to fail in order to then have his government come in for the "rescue" and eventually take over every industry possible to fulfill his vision of a socialist nation.

It's pretty simple

If the name has a R beside it vote yes to repeal the mess the Marxists in DC got us into.

If the name has a D beside it do not give him/her your vote unless you like the deficit that was tripled in about a year and the rest of the crap they shoved down our throats for last 2 years. Solidarity Comrades.

The ad, I'm afraid, is too kind for a "president" who, arising each morning asks himself: "How can I continue to dismantle this racist, imperialist, colonialist nation today? And how might I do it with style and panache?"

Man that is some powerful ads. The America I live in today does not even come close to the America of my childhood and early adulthood , that is for sure. I do not blame everything on Obama though. I will say that the progressive model that he and those like him have been trying to slowly institute over the last 30 years has alot to do with the shape we are in now.

Let's get Obama out of office as soon as possible. Let's do it before we mortgage the future of our children any further. This guy has been a liberal disaster.

How true.

You don't need to say anymore than watch this ad/video to understand our demise! Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid have led this great country to the brink... and they're happy about it! My only hope is we're not too late to change things by Nov. 2nd!

It brings tears to my eyes to see the contrast. We miss you Mr. Reagan.

All I know is will the Black Panthers get a pass this time as well when they show up at the pols with clubs etc? I bet they do!!!

The new ad makes sense in comparison with the old ad, but I'm not sure it's a good ad taken on its own, and it would be a mistake to imagine that most voters will remember the Reagan ad.

Great ad. Pretty much sums it up I'd say

Too late. Paint us as "astroturf,extremists, racists" and other slanderous nonsense so you don't have to listen? WE hold the keys, and these lame ducks will be walking the next 2 years. We have had it with your elitist incompetence. Time for YOU to experience the pain of the man on the street. Better brush off those resumes, comrades!

"Morning in America" is positive and is the America I want to live in.
"Mourning in America" is sad and the America we have today. The ad is effective. The past two years have been a failure and I don't want to fail any more.

Both ads were very poignant. I like ads like this instead of the in-your-face attack ads that have become common in modern elections.

What more is there to say? Alleged "president" Obama (Where's the birth certificate?) is by far the worst president this country has ever seen, and I pray ever will see. The guy is an unbelievable disaster. As soon as the GOP takes over the Congress, we must work expeditiously to remove him from office and begin criminal proceedings against him - for high treason.

I think BOTH parties are to blame for the current state of the country which is why we need a viable third party in America.

I find the Republicans acting like all this is Obama's fault to be just as repugnant as the Democrats acting like they had nothing to do with creating the mortgage crisis.

Time to start voting Libertarian!

It's going to be mourning for Democrats on Nov 2nd!

And then it will be mourning for Odumbo in 2012!
Now that's change I can believe in...ahahahahaa...

Obama T. Clown and his fright wig wearing wife need to go. McDonalds has an opening for a rube now that they have extorted them into giving up happy meals.

Sadly, no comments to this article, says volumns about your readership!!


Barry Soetoro is just another puppet and setting up a landslide for the next republican which nothing will change.

When will people wake up and realize this country is controlled by Global Financial bankers....

The add says it all. STOP SOCIALISM

Excellent ads, showing an incompetent and failed attempt to "transform" our nation versus pride and productivity. Why, indeed, would we ever want to go back?

Truth hurts.

I remember well when the original ad ran; it caused one's breast to swell with pride at the amazing turnaround we'd accomplished as a nation in such a short period. I read somewhere that over half the country now wasn't alive when Jimmy Carter was president. Can that be true? Anyway, we're definitely at another "Carter moment" in our nation's history. Failed policies are bringing us to our knees. This November is our best hope at beginning another turnaround. Please, if for no other reason than tempering the unbridled power of a single party, consider voting Republican in the upcoming elections. We need our nation back again.

Wow. What a contrast. Very poignat commercials, both of them, and both very accurate. I hope everyone sees these ads so that they can be confronted honestly about our current situation and the administration that got us here.

Nice ads...too bad there isn't another Ronald Reagan out there willing to kick some Democrat a$$es, No one to stand up to them. And sadly we have no newspapers or TV news outlets who even report the truth as it is and not as they want to see it.

We are doomed!!

What is wrong with America now is that someone got elected who had to lie about what he truly is... someone who believes that there's so much wrong here that we have to bow to foreign leaders, repeat & repeat that we're sorry for being us, never saying 'terrorist,' being proud for the first time... well, maybe he feels that way, maybe not.

I believe in American Exceptionalism... I believe in the first Tea Party. That Valley Forge was worth it, that "Watson come here," was a great invention, that Omaha & Utah are beaches... I believe that Exceptionalism was practiced by Harry S... just like he would have wage against savages today... I believe in the American Sunday, all dressed up & proud to display our families. I love a good football game & the diamond formation fly-over.

I believe that 5 US Marines & a US navy corpsman planted that Flag on Mount Suribachi... not so that we could conquer a hill... but so that the Flag of Freedom could fly over the a Free World forever.

We will elect people who are proud of America this November!

My first impression post-comparison is how delighted I am that I don't remember anything but ninja turtles from my stint in the eighties. Wow. What a terrible, mind-constricting decade. TV footage was soft-focused yet somehow grainy, everybody including the narrator and the president was Norman Rockwell white with a husky voice, people are getting married thanks to low interest rates (what? No wonder today's divorce rate is so high).

In college I learned that Morning in America was a masterpiece of political advertisement, but watching that I'm struck by how transparent it is, and how the only America Ronald Reagan's "morning" allowed for was a prosperous white, married, homeowning America. As if, should you find yourself on the outside of those brackets, you were somehow missing out on The Morning.

Commercials like that are why God gave America Easy-E and Biggie Smalls Which I WAS old enough to remember, thank God.

powerful 1 min. ad- kudos to the people involved with it---i hope to see it constantly on tv


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