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Democrat Byron Dorgan addresses the U.S. Senate on underwear

Fruit of the Loom Guys

Speaking of healthy eating and snacks, now that we've all been back at work more than a week, the United States Senate has ambled back into session.

And you'll never guess what we uncovered in the C-SPAN video archives for your Wednesday morning edification.

Now that the nation's troubled jobs situation has been fixed by the Democratic majorities in Congress, retiring Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota took to the Senate floor to talk about another vital issue -- underwear.

Not as funny perhaps as Minnesota Democrat Al Franken explaining a newspaper cartoon to Senate colleagues earlier this year.

Now, the people in Dorgan's home state may not know much about dancing grapes. (You'll have to watch the video here to get that one.)

But given the awful winters that spill down into that state off all those hockey rinks up above in Canada, North Dakotans do know a thing or two about underwear -- briefs, boxers, longjohns.

And because this is the Senate and Dorgan's a pol and there's a TV camera in the vicinity, he has some visual aids to make his case about lost jobs. Also, of course, because he's a senator, Dorgan has an aide nearby to help him keep track of the aids.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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This author is taking this severely out of content. Sen.Dorgan is taking about U.S. companies that out source previous American Jobs to China. He does this because Republicans want to give TAX breaks to the rich for outsourcing their companies for a profit. This in tern sends American jobs overseas and makes the U.S. borrow money from other countries because the middle class (majority class) cannot compete because our trade deficit is increased by sending theses jobs overseas. This makes the U.S borrow money to compensate the middle class because they can find work; because its in China.

(AM responds: Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. This is why we often publish the entire speech texts, so you can see for yourself what the speakers intended.)


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