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Ticket photos of the week: Vladimir Putin shirtless or Vlad 2.0?

August 28, 2010 |  7:00 am
Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin shirtless fishing with a large knife handy

OK, so this week we have a photo bonus for loyal Saturday Ticket readers:

A two-pack of Russia's Vladimir V. Putin.

We have the original Prime Minister Vlad from last summer's popular tough guy photo, undressed and armed as Crocodile Putin. Catching his own dinner and no doubt eating it raw, as Russians did before they went all Gorbachev soft.

And below we have 2010's Vlad 2.0, the former KGB chief in a smallish rubber boat and armed with a crossbow, ripping recklessly -- but bravely -- over the dangerous northern waves somewhere chilly.

According to the caption, he's shooting whales.

Not dead. But for a piece of their skin for scientific study. (It's no doubt a Russian guy thing.)

See below for instructions.

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin shooting whales with a crossbow

For the sake of nostalgia we'll vote on your favorite VVP pic the old-fashioned Soviet-style democracy way.

You can cast your party ballot for the crossbow photo here.

Or you can vote for the picture on the bottom with him in the bright orange "Rescue This Drowning Comrade First or Your Family's in Collective Trouble" jacket.

You're absolutely free to take your pick.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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President Obama tries to play golf

Photos: Associated Press; EPA / Alexey Druzhinyn; Associated Press (Obama in shorts golfing).