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Social media wrap: Alaska's Joe Miller apologizes to Lisa Murkowski for staffer's tweet


Joe Miller may be a newcomer to the imbroglio that is Alaskan politics and it seems his team is suffering a little getting used to conducting a high-profile political campaign on the social-media networks.

Miller, leading but locked in a tight GOP primary race with incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski with only absentee ballots to count, apologized on behalf of his campaign after a staffer appeared to compare his opponent to a member of "the world's oldest profession," on his Twitter feed.

The tweet read: “What's the difference b/n selling out your party's values and the oldest profession?”

It's a reference to the widespread belief among Alaska conservatives that the incumbent Republican voted with Democrats far too often in Washington.

Murkowski demanded an apology, and got one, with Miller tweeting he was sorry and that his staffer was "trying to encourage Libertarians not to sell out." The tweet also may have referred to the possibility that Murkowski, should she lose to Miller, could under Alaskan political regulations challenge him as a member of a different political party.

The original tweet has been deleted and the staffer cautioned, the Associated Press reported.

-- Craig Howie

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Photo: The Associated Press

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Miller has 8 kids.The Journolists will be busy unearthing the smallest pieces
that may be blown out of proportion.The idea is to discredit Palin and any one
that associates with her. The leftist nomenklatura is scared silly of Palin and
will not hesitate resorting to the sleaziest means to bring her down.This post
about a staffer's tweet is only the first of a long series of negativitys to follow.

The "prostitute" was the Libertartian party, not Murkowski. There's been speculation that some Libertarians are trying to cut a deal with Murkowski, who is clearly less of a libertarian than Miller.

stay classy, gop


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