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Social media wrap: Now, it's Nevada's Sharron Angle vs Harry Reid -- Part 2


For the first part in today's "Facebook face-offs, Twitter throwdowns" series, click here.

Nevada Senate: Reid vs Angle

Whoa there, Silver. We’ve profiled Nevada’s hang-‘em-high Senate race several times. So here’s the latest rundown of the dust-kicking between Democrat incumbent Harry Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle. President Obama was in Las Vegas Thursday night, saying how much he now loves the place and also the Senate Majority Leader, who was being targeted by Republicans nationally.

Harry Reid

In late afternoon radio interview, Angle takes her statement that "I am not in the business of creating jobs” for Nevadans to a whole new level: Sharron Angle Says She Wouldn’t Have Fought to Save CityCenter, 22k Jobs

Sharron Angle's pre-scrub website memorialized permanently. After 24 hours of caution following frivolous legal threats to censor our free speech, Democrats resurrect Angle’s website with her truly-held views

Reid Re-Reposts Angle’s Old Website—Even After Threat Of Lawsuit. Harry Reid isn't letting....

...threats of a lawsuit stop him -- he's sticking with his Web campaign against "the real Sharron Angle." After the Angle campaign sent the Reid camp a cease-and-desist letter.

Sharron Angle Doubles Down on Opposition to UI, Demonstrates Total Ignorance of Nevada Law. More embarrassingly, Angle confusingly explains a “plan” to reform unemployment insurance that’s the same as the status quo

Sharron Angle: Separation of Church & State is Not Constitutional 

As Senate Takes Up Small Business Jobs Bill, Angle Continues to Hide From Mainstream Media.  How would Angle vote? She won’t speak to the media, but has repeatedly said it’s not her job to fight for NV jobs

Sharron Angle

Favorite quote of the day "Reid this fall will likely follow Obama's lead, and falsely paint himself as the scourge of the special interests -- all on the drug lobby's dime"

Washington Insider Harry Reid and his lobby $$$$, business as usual

Tax & Spend @harryreid passes HC bill that will increase Americans' cost - then takes $ from drug lobbyists #nvsen #tcot

If you are interested in who the big supporters are for @harryreid check out #nvsen #tcot

We have now passed Harry Reid in number of Facebook friends on our "sharronforsenate" page! Let's keep this growing!

Nevada now leads the nation in unemployment. Is there any doubt we're heading in the wrong direction with Harry Reid?

California governor: Brown vs Whitman

The much-anticipated race to fill Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office pits very longtime veteran Democrat politician – and former governor -- Jerry Brown against newcomer Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and GOP establishment favorite.

Both sides made it known early that they were prepared to go negative, with Whitman using her personal wealth to generate attack ads on Brown’s long, long record and Brown responding characteristically caustically. Many such attacks came via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Jerry Brown

That was not an earthquake California. Meg Whitman just dropped her wallet.

Secret Settlements in Whitman's Wake What would a @Whitman2010 administration cost California? -

There are 3 things @Whitman2010 doesn’t discuss much on the campaign trail: 2005, 2006 and 2007 -

False, misleading, what else can be said? -- ABC News Reports: Whitman Ads Get Low Marks for Accuracy

Invited Meg Whitman to 4th of July BBQ -

I think Meg and I now have an opportunity to change the tenor of politics in California - #CAGov

Meg Whitman

(While Whitman has kept many of her attacks to her campaign ads, this simple post, which we replicate in our main story art above, grabbed our attention)

Meg Whitman Look who showed up at my event today...Jerry Brown!

-- Craig Howie

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Photo: Whitman 2010 campaign

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Sharron Angle is right about not being involved in the City Center loan arrangements. MGM needed to file for bankruptcy not be given special treatment by banks because of Reid's influence (and who knows what else he promised them). City Center was a bad idea at the wrong time. Gaming revenues were already in a dive when Reid imposed the power of his office on the note holders. Enabling MGM to put 8000 more high-end rooms on the market weakened revenues for the entire industry up and down the Strip including at their other properties. So, the net net effect of Reid's bullying has been weakened room and gaming revenues and there is still 14% unemployment in Nevada. Had Reid not done the bidding of MGM executives with the banks involved, MGM would have filed bankruptcy, a stronger, private investor would have picked-up the pieces and instead of US Taxpayers being on the hook (via FDIC Ins. and TARP type indemnities) for the bad decision Reid enticed the banks into making to keep his favor, the free market would have solved the problem. The charge that jobs would have been lost if Reid hadn't intervened is highly speculative as the new owner or the bankruptcy receiver would have likely continued to complete the project anyway. Score one for Angle!


A vote for Dirty Harry is a vote for socialism. He is the third biggest
double talker after Pelosi and Obama.

It is not about Democrat, or Republican, just vote for anyone that is
not the incumbent.

The losers need to be sent a clear message, retire - Pelosi Reid and
Barney Frank. They all should be in a losers Hall of Shame.

Progressives have been desperately demonizing Angle, which has helped thinking Americans in Nevada understand that they must vote for Sharron Angle.

The more progressives demonize someone, the better that person is and the more that person will be able to help us defend ourselves -- and our children and grandchildren -- from Obama, Reid and Pelosi and their job-killing, economy-killing, freedom-killing scams like Obamacare and cap and trade.

Initially the millions invested in propaganda and the lies and manipulation used by progressives to demonize Angle worked for them. However, the more people learn about what Sharron REALLY stands for and why, the more votes she will eventually get.

The more progressives demonize Sharron Angle, the more votes Sharron Angle will eventually get.


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