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President Obama on 'The View' -- we're getting mushy just thinking about it

Clear your schedules for Thursday morning, and heat up some chicken soup for the soul. President Obama will cozy up to the ladies of the ABC show "The View" in the first appearance by a sitting president on a daytime talk show.

Obama was interviewed on the show in March 2008, shortly after announcing his bid for presidency. Then three months later, soon-to-be-First Lady Michelle Obama showed "her warmer side," as the New York Times called it.

Members of Obama's Cabinet have frequented "The View" in the past, perhaps to enjoy the regular softball questions that the show's hosts are often criticized for. Fox News griped about as much in response to a 2006 interview between "The View's" Joy Behar and Hillary Clinton.

Washington and the journalism world will surely be watching with a critical eye. But what's important to ABC is that they'll be watching -- along with the show's primarily female audience. The program recently saw its highest total of young women viewers in three months.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg could barely contain her excitement, calling it "one of the biggest announcements we've probably ever made." It's so significant, apparently, that Barbara Walters, who is set to return as a regular host in September, will make a "special appearance."

The four ladies went on to reminisce about Vice President Joe Biden's appearance in April, when he chatted about his wife, Jill, and his oopsie-daisy drop of the F-bomb. (We should expect plenty of that sentimental junk from Thursday's show -- a likely tactic to redeem Obama's slipping approval ratings.) The women then commented about those nice "security guards" -- no, wait, Secret Service.

"They were all over me," Behar said of the federal agents. "I felt like I was at a gay bar."

"I'm going to leave that alone," Goldberg replied.

Good thinking, Whoopi.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Michelle Obama on "The View" in June 2008. Credit: Steve Fenn / ABC

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Once again our illustrious President O'Bummer demeans the office even further. Presidents DO NOT make appearances on talk shows. What the hell is the matter with this guy? I thought Bush was bad, but I'd take him back in a heartbeat.

I just wonder if Barack will join the ladies for that opening segment, Hot Topics, where they bitch and moan about things in the “news”, or as I like to call it…Bitchin’ Kitchen. Imagine if Obamski was including in the real nonsense that these gals obsess on like Kim Kardashian’s Tweets, Al Gore’s Masseuse-Gate, Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot, Snooki’s Pay Raise.

Read more:

Sarah, & Kate+8.…..

Obama on TheView…..

The battle is joined….

Get out the PopCorn….LOL

I can see November from my house!

God Bless President Obama for being brave enough-as Commander-in-Chief to go on this catty gab-fest and dish with those broads!

Obama can't stay in the Whitehouse for one minute,with all of these important things to take care of,like planning golf trips,college lectures
talks with the union thugs,vacations at $5,000 dollar a night hotels,and other tv propaganda pieces.With all of these on his schedule, plus more
I am surprised he has time to wipe!Keep up the great "hope and change"
campaign,it sure is working well!,Iam sure everyone in the gulf/Iraq/afganistan will be hanging on his every word!
ANOTHER WORTHLESS CELEBRITY disguised as a president......SAD!


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