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New poll to Obama: It's the economy, stupid!

A happy Democrat president Barack Obama

Just when President Obama thought he saw a little light in the tunnel as slightly fewer Americans want to trash his beloved healthcare plan, out comes a new ABC News/Washington Post Poll showing most Americans would now like to see a Republican Congress as a check on the chief exec from Illinois.

For more than a year now, throughout those endless months of healthcare town halls by the dozens, polls have shown Americans' top concern to be the economy and jobs.

Now, this morning, with less than four months to go before his first midterm election, a growing number of voters appear to be preparing to take political revenge for such White House inattention.

The same poll shows approval of Obama's job on the economy has dropped 7 points in only one month, from 50% to 43%, his lowest level yet.

Meanwhile, 54% disapprove, a new high.

Despite the $787-billion stimulus bill and proclamations of a "recovery summer," unemployment stands at 9.5%, when the stimulus spending was supposed to hold it to 8%.

Democrats are most threatened by that revenge because over the last four years they had built commanding majorities in both houses of Congress. So they now have the most to lose. Which doesn't mean Republican incumbents are safe, either.

Despite the Obama administration's professions of economic improvement and frequent heaping of copious blame on eight years of failed you-know-what by you-know-who, only 27% of Americans see any improvement. You-know-who's father -- you-know-who-senior -- well remembers his 1992 claim that the economy was improving when it really wasn't. That was a large reason behind that Republican prematurely becoming a former president, replaced by Bill "It's the Economy, Stupid" Clinton.

In 1994 then, Clinton himself went on to a stinging defeat in his first midterm elections, losing both houses of Congress for the first time in some 40 years in the so-called Republican Revolution engineered by the likes of Haley Barbour and Newt Gingrich. Who are still around.

A similar Rasmussen Reports poll found almost identical dissatisfaction numbers: 50% rating Obama's economic performance as poor, only 28% seeing improvement and 48% actually believing the economy is worsening.

The good news for Obama is, if he loses the House, because so many Democrats there honored his requests to vote for healthcare, then the Democratic president will have a Republican House to blame for the deficits and economic ills leading up to the 2012 presidential race.

Oh, wait though. Part of Obama's 2008 change to believe in was his promise of an end to Washington's partisan rancor. So how could he break that promise too?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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The democrats have seen some disappointing performances from Obama these past few weeks. The employment picture looks bleak for way to many Americans and that self satisfied look in the picture accompanying this article doesn't help either.

THIS is what we had in '06 when Republicans held both houses of congress and the WH, and dim-0s were running for control of congress promising "CHANGE." How're yall liking the "CHANGE?"

2006 unemployment #s

When Republicans had both houses and the WH......................... ... oduct.html

The 1st quarter of '06 saw 4.8% growth in GDP. Then came dimos running for control of congress promising "CHANGE." They won, and after 2 years in power, things HAVE "CHANGED" GDP growth dropped to negative 6%. Happy with your "CHANGE?"

I don't think Obama cares what the polls say. He is accomplishing what he set out to do......destroy this Republic.

I'm still surprised at people who think that the Republicans will fix any of this. They've been "Democrat lite" for a long time now.

I notice the LA Times conveniently leaves out Obama's support for illegal aliens as a factor in this.

And just what would you do to improve the economy that's not already being done? Business/economic cycles of boom-and-bust times have been with us since time immemorial. But it would certainly help if the clowns in Washington stop cutting taxes while piling up more spending, and if the Wall St. & business robber barons reign in their greed.

That's a silly picture you have of him, he ought to be sad.

At this point, a Jimmy Carter redux by The One is the best we can hope for. I think that things are going to get much worse. I work in construction and the only construction jobs around are going to illegals who work for $10 hr less than Americans do...and this president wants to grant them amnesty...he just lost my vote.

I plan to vote against anyone at any level of government, regardless of party who is currently in office. After all, we can't do much worse than we are now, and those in Congress now, when the Mad Duck Session starts in December will ram through the rest of the economic wrecking agenda they wanted to get through last year (Cap & Trade, Card Check-which will end secret ballots in union elections). Expect to see it happen. The Democratic leadership has already begun to formulate the specific legislation and plans to force it through in the same way they did ObamaCare.

No matter what you Californyuns say, it was a lot better under "you know who" George W Bush. So, you left coast commies suck it up and pay your bills....if you can. If not I'm sure Barry will help you.

CBS says Obama's / Gibb's messages to America "Not Sticking"

That's because nearly half of this nation didn't believe the lies to start with and the other half found out that empty suits can't keep the Kool-Aid pitcher full.
Now everyone (nearly) is awake to the fact that BOTH parties have lied and blustered and raped America to the tipping point. The reckoning is coming!

Obama's biggest mistake was wasting all his political capital on health care while the economy was going down the tubes. I'm unemployed and I see no desire from this administration to help me.

The Republicans killing Unemployment Extension doesn't anger me as much as the inaction of the Obama administration to create jobs. How about reworking all these trade policies that send jobs to 3rd world countries?

It will take at least 12 years to fix what Bush left us. It is easy to set fire to a vilage. building it up good as new, that will take some time.

The economy is losing steam and as one looks at the snarky, arrogant look on the Prez' face every time he makes stupendous economic comments, one knows that he is prevaricating. The polls, the CBO, the IRS numbers show this. The Dow is fighting to go up because business knows that Obama hates business and free enterprise so they are finally separating from his views and just going on investing and building. Of course, the Prez just stopped any any oil laden jobs with another ill conceived stoppage of on and off shore drilling till the end of Nov. He has no idea how to keep our oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy industries going with safe extraction and job creation because he is in the leftist enviro camp. Unless voters stop supporting these type of socialist pacifist Dems in state legislative as well as Congressional races, America will simply fade into.....Greece or Venezuela.

This presidency does not seem to be going very well for Mr. Obama thus far. The spending and "income redistribution" needs to be stopped. The trillions and trillions that this country is in debt is going to destroy our economy. I am very concerned about a "double dip" recession now..

It is the jobs stupid.
While he is off figuratively fighting with Mexico against Americans in Arizona,
the country is falling apart.

His answer to NO JOBS is to bring in new workers through amnesty. He has betrayed the American people and we plan to return the favor. First his minions in Congress and in 2012 we will give him the boot.
He is not working for America,

Obama is dividing the races, making bad policy and destroying this country. We blacks were moving forward until he was elected by acorn and fraud voting. His continued inflammatory words have given rise to worthless black hate groups like the black panthers and the naacp. These people can't forgive and forget past racism, so their minds are filled with racist hate for whites and any black who doesn't think like them. With Obama as president, they will push to do whatever they can get away with because he will defend them. Obama is about as bad for America as one can get. IMPEACH!

Three Blind Mice:
They ignore the country's crisis because they,
See no truth
Hear no truth
Speak no truth
They are the party of,

What did anyone expect? Elect somebody with no real world experience other than giving speeches and campaigning for public office, who has a severely left wing social and economic agenda. To be fair, he inherited a complete mess from his GW II. So why expend that political capital on stimulus giveaways, poorly written healthcare reform and a stampede of legalization for federal lawbreakers/illegal aliens? BO is way out of touch and his polls are going to be sinking even lower.

First of all President Obama is not a stupid person, and it is utterly disrespectful to insult him with such disdain. If people really think that the party that ignited the fire that the Obama Administration is struggling to put out, have somehow learned from the enormous mistakes they made for eight years, and are now equipped with the perfect recipe to repair what they are responsible for breaking; then these people are delusional and completely out of touch with reality and have not been honestly paying attention. Even if you don't agree with this administration's choices, or disappointed that things aren't turning out the way you'd like them to be; the fact is that this President and his party are making a positive effort, and the opposing party is spending most of their time whining,being deceitful, complaining, lying, and refusing to lend a helping hand to help a country that is suffering. Apathy achieves absolutely nothing. It definitely is not President Obama that is stupid.

Mr. Malcolm;

President Obama does not possess powers that are super human. He offered an olive branch to his opposing party more than enough times and they refused to grab hold and come on board. Do you not remember the words of Republicans that said they wanted this President to fail, and would do whatever possible to make that happen? President Obama worked overtime in his effort to eliminate "partisan rancor;" but the Republicans were stubborn and steadfast in constructing every road block possible. I honestly believe that all the shouting and yelling about this President's job performance is just a facade being used to mask a foundation made of racism and hatred for a man with a skin color that is not white. None of you people are fooling me or many other people for one minute.


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