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FYI, Michael Steele's not the boss of Darrell Issa

July 8, 2010 |  5:12 pm

With absolutely nothing else going on these days in the nation's economy, environment or political affairs, TV reporters are forced to collect opinions from politicians about the employment status of Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele.

He's elected by less than 200 GOP state committee persons to a two-year term ending next January. He's not going to be re-elected, even if he chooses to run, because his Biden-like gaffes and inattention to administrative details have alienated and embarrassed many party members.

On the other hand, he's not likely to go either (as The Ticket has reported here) because, one, the midterm elections are less than four months away and Republicans can smell Democratic blood.

And, two, the fact is, party big-wigs and small-wigs have quietly established a parallel political universe in recent months, especially in the area of fall fund-raising by separate committees and Republican congressional campaign committees that go around Steele like a new artery bypassing a blockage.

These pols going on national TV have already anticipated what the questions are going to be. So, unless your name is Michael Steele (or Joe B.), the answers are no accident.

California's Darrell Issa, not known for shyness, corrects the questioner that Steele is not the head of the entire GOP, just the committee (see C-SPAN video below -- the entire Issa "Newsmakers" interview, including his thoughts on immigration, will be aired Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Eastern).

And, for good measure, Issa adds that Steele is not his leader either.

Just in case anyone was wondering.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN