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After 18 months of Obama, Americans already feeling fonder of Dick Cheney, less so of Al Gore

Republican Dick Cheney Smiling

OK, here's a refreshing -- somewhat surprising -- poll to make some folks spew out their hot coffee this morning:

Americans arDemocrat Al Gore talkinge already starting to think better of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

There's a distinct global chilling going on about former Vice President Al Gore (you know, the divorce/alleged groping/debunked climate stuff).

And, eh, about the same feelings over Barack Obama's voluble sidekick, Joe Biden, who copied his notorious effing line from its inventor, his GOP predecessor.

The new Gallup Poll, released overnight, shows that a near-majority of Americans now views almost-president Gore unfavorably (49%), while 44% are favorable, down 14 points since his Nobel Prize glory days of 2007.

Democrat Joe Biden just leaving somewhere

As the most recent former White House No. 2, Cheney had the most to improve in favorable ratings. And, actually, he did improve the most in the opinion of surveyed Americans.

Cheney's robust unfavorable rating melted 11 points during the past 18 months of the Democrat duo of Obama-Biden to 52% now. While the Republican's favorables surged from their low point of 30% all the way up to an impressive 36% now.That's a stunning 20% improvement.

Maybe that's why the genial Cheney's smiling so broadly above. Or perhaps he has something cagey in mind for 2012.

America's top Amtrak rider stayed about the same in American minds as he was last fall before predicting incorrectly that NBA star LeBron James would stay to play in Cleveland -- 43% favorable and 41% unfavorable.  (No crosstabs of Ohioans.)

JB is down from his high points of 59% favorable and 29% unfavorable. However, those glory days actually came in 2008 before Americans got to know him as an actual vice president in charge of the economic non-recovery.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: White House; Associated Press; Getty Images.

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Okay, let me get this straight. An ex-politico (okay the ex-part could be argued) is caught screwing around on his cancer-stricken wife and despite his status as a Nobel laureate, the public finds his behavior objectionable and this is measurable in the latest Gallup. With me so far? In the meantime, and in a completely unrelated orbit, the same public has begun to forget Cheney spent his evenings at the Naval Observatory down in the basement sawing persons-of-interest in half to amuse his dinner guests. This is also reflected in the latest Gallup with an enormous leap in his approval from 30% (his immediate family) to 36% (his immediate family plus most BP executives and General McChrystal) a whopping 20% jump (which is somewhat less whopping when one considers where he was starting from). Seems a reach, even for you, to connect these two wholly unrelated statistics. Let's see, Gore screws around on his wife, ergo, Cheney's not such a bad guy. yeah. good.

You will know them by their deeds. Obama spoke and was able to convince
the lazy people who do not like to think for themselves. Now the truth is out.
So the people are wondering why they voted for him.

MichaelRyerson Actually it is the fact that Obama and Biden are repeating FDR's follies which were stupid the first time they were implemented. I just Finished Thomas Sowells the Housing Boom and Bust and was completely amazed by not only what caused our current predicament but the review of the great depression at the end. Let me give you a clue its the economy stupid and Obama is not going to make it any better with his Command and Control beliefs.

The reality here is that the majority of Americans realize that the current president was a mistake. The great social experiment has failed. It really is important for the president of the US to have some experience other than as a community organizer and senator for a year.
Gore has always been full of hot air, and now the country sees him as a charletan and snake oil salesman.
Dragging out Cheney, the democrat bogeyman, is supposed to give credibility to your story? Hardly.
The democrats will be taken to the shed this coming November and even the great LA Times won't be able to stop the deluge. Mr. Obama will be a lame duck for his last two years of his only term, Jimmy Carter II.

Michael Ryerson, I could almost agree with your point (in theory) until you said this: " In the meantime, and in a completely unrelated orbit, the same public has begun to forget Cheney spent his evenings at the Naval Observatory down in the basement sawing persons-of-interest in half to amuse his dinner guests. "

Your lack of facts and absurd bias should have been left out and your comments might have some validity.

Andrew Malcolm, as always enjoy your blog...


Gore got his Nobel, same as Obama, by touchy feely liberal elites. Not on any merit. Fact 1: BP Execs gave more money to Obama than anyone else, and more money to Dems in general. Fact 2: Stan McChrystal voted for Obama.

V.P. Cheney supported water boarding foreign enemy combatants captured on the battlefield. Oh no. It's not like the terrorists sawed people's heads off of journalists, or flew planes into buildings packed with civilians or anything like that. In your world, Michael Ryerson, Cheney is evil and KSM is good. Think about that for a few minutes.

Boy, you want to goad the libs into fits just bring up Dick Mike?

The uh... "climate stuff" wasn't debunked at all, sorry. Also, if Dick Cheney thinks a 36/52% approval/disapproval rating means he should run in 2012, then I say "Phew!" Obama will win in a rout.

Man, what a bizarre trollish column.

Gore's been gettin his "shockers" (what's a good Christian man know about Chakras anyway) released by massage therapists in the middle of the night - who is left to take him the least bit seriously? I am so ready for some adults back in office(s). Somebody stop the madness! I can certainly see November from my house!!!

Ungrateful Americans! Al Gore was the guy who invented the Internet. What did Dick Cheney invent?

I always thought Dick Cheney was/is a good leader. This administration is of real concern. What tare they doing?

I can hear the liberal progressive heads exploding even now....

While the Republican's favorables surged from their low point of 30% all the way up to an impressive 36% now. That's a stunning 20% improvement.


Your studid columns could use a 20% improvement rating.

Folks. It's called "tongue-in-cheek".

"Also, if Dick Cheney thinks a 36/52% approval/disapproval rating means he should run in 2012, then I say "Phew!" Obama will win in a rout."

By 2012 Obama will have at least met Mr. Cheney half way on the approval ratings. Then too, President Obama would be very lucky to get through a debate with Mr. Cheney without crying like a little girl. The POTUS is barely holding his own against strawmen of his own invention. How do you think he'd fare against Darth Cheney? I'd watch that on pay-per-view.

The good news for libs is that the VP is not going to be a contender for 2012.

I want to thank Mike for so aptly demonstrating the values of the left: they define their standards by what they "believe" the other guy does. Every Libtard needs his own Emanual Goldstein. Gore has been revealed to be a fraud, so Mikey needs to make up stuff about Cheney to balance it out.

"The uh... "climate stuff" wasn't debunked at all, sorry"

Sorry, but it was. You should fire your information brokers. They are feeding you with a shovel.

Studid is as studid spells.....

If you want a real measure of how much Americans think of Mr. Gore just look at his appearances on Futurama. I think a popular cartoon is a more credible source then where you are getting your information regarding the popularity or Mr. Dick
The i.c. wiener index if you need a name for it.

Ah yes Colascguy, FDR was a failure. It's everything that's endearing about the Republicans. They never met a fact they couldn't turn on it's ear and produce contrarian arguments. I've read Sowell's "work", the guy is a Friedman Economic Theory hack. Yes FDR failed in ushering in with legislation the end of lasse fair capitalism by making the lives of ordinary people better. Your spiritual hero RR was responsible for turning the Kensian economic model of bottom up economics to trickle down economics. Look where that model has gotten us. No tariffs on the goods we import, multinational corporations using and abusing our commons and off shoring their profits. Etc. Etc. Etc. Name one policy that has positively affected the common man that the Republicans have championed? Just one. The impulse to vote against your economic best interests is alarming. 8 years to completely ruin the economy 18 months to fix it and people want to let these "leaders" take the wheel again.

Frank: Your "studid" columns could use a 20% improvement rating.


Classic. Thanks for the laugh.

I've always liked Cheney. Liked him when he was in office and like him now.

I'm missing Bush & Cheney more and more each day ...

I've found myself grow fonder of Mr Cheney over the last few days....I think it has something to do with his life expectancy now appearing to be finite - That's a big plus for me wrt his persona...

I wonder what the public will feel about President Obama in six more months? Will more people be looking forward to the next Presidental election in 2012?

actually, though gore's climate utterances may have been debunked (gore is a pol, of course), the "gw debunked" junk has itself been debunked.

"Obama will be a lame duck for his last two years of his only term, Jimmy Carter"
"Obama... democrats... will lose... GOP congress and POTUS in 2012".
i love that in 2.5 years all these predictions by the whiners will easily be found on the web.
I'm not saying (typing) that "obama out in 2012" is impossible, but history shows it's statistically unlikely.

PS. anyone who "reads" Thomas Sowell is certifiable. Has anyone ever *seen* "Thomas Sowell"? I wouldn't be surprised if "Thomas Sowell" is actually the output of a script generator.

I like this article : I would vote for Mr. Dick Cheney in a second : There is No doubt in my mind he would make a real Good President.

Dick Cheney is a neo-con trash heap responsible for not only the war and oil controlled collapse of the American economy, but the deaths of thousands, maybe even millions of people in America and the Middle East. Involved in no-bid contracts in Iraq, purchases of oil cleanup companies just a week before Deepwater Horizon blew (Boots & Coots), illegal government wiretaps, and the repeal of multiple provisions protecting the American people's freedom and sovereignty in the Constitution, anyone who thinks favorably of this man is, quite frankly, an ill-informed lunatic. Good luck, Dick, when you're crossing the river Styx. Plutus will happily strap his weights to your chest.

Republicrat or Demublican? It's just an amazing, convincing theatrical production, isn't it? So many were convinced by Obama's script of 'change we can believe in', and what do we have now? Yet another president, far too eager to write off the American people's freedoms. Making it a federal felony to take pictures within 60 feet of booms, beaches, and oil-soaked wildlife. Forcing the American people to purchase socialized healthcare. Renewing the illegal and grossly unjust Patriot Act. Reneging on his promise for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. No indictments of the former administration for violations of the Geneva Convention while the evidence certainly seems to paint them in a disgustingly guilty portrait.
The new boss sure is starting to look like the old one, isn't he?

Can I borrow that original Constitution? I know you've already used it yourself, but since my unemployment benefits were cut, I'm out of toilet paper. Nothing like 220 year old parchment to clean a dirty ass.


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