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Social nets wrap: Working Joe Wilson completes his jobs campaign. No lie!

June 4, 2010 |  5:56 pm
Ever wanted to shout “You lie!” at the boss?

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who famously – or infamously --  shouted the above during  President Obama's healthcare address to Congress last year, on Friday wrapped up his weeklong “Take Joe to Work”  campaign, apparently without the need for his latest employers to call into human resources.

Joe Wilson Republican Using Facebook and Twitter to document his innovative campaign to highlight employment issues – never in sharper focus than on a day when May’s payroll numbers sank the Dow by 324 points -- Wilson went to Columbia and Orangeburg in his home state of South Carolina to deliver newspapers and work the register at a busy travel plaza.

Members of the public – or Working Joes, as Wilson has named them --  submit jobs for Wilson to try out, but this time Wilson took a trip along memory lane to hand out copies of the Charleston Evening Post, his first job.  

All grown up now – allegedly -- Wilson rode along with a local distributor instead of riding a pushbike.

Wilson writes on Facebook: “Had a great time wrapping up Take Joe to Work week with a couple more job assignments; delivering newspapers and working at the very busy Henry's Travel Plaza in Orangeburg. Grateful we have so many hard working small business owners and staff that help fuel our economy.”   Republican House member Joe Wilson

Wilson also has worked as a nurse’s aide, helping out at the register in a gas station and behind the scenes at a watermelon factory. He’s also learned how to use a crane, was trained as a security officer, and tried his hand at sign painting.

No prizes for guessing which slogan would likely be his first choice.

Sheriff Arpaio endorses Poizner for California governor

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is known for his aggressive stance on illegal immigration, on Friday gave his support to Steve Poizner in his California GOP gubernatorial primary race against Meg Whitman.  Poizner Facebooked the endorsement in full, which includes this interesting nugget:

“Steve Poizner has been a staunch supporter of Arizona’s illegal immigration law.… I have witnessed firsthand the effect that this law has had on curbing illegal immigration in our state in its early stages, and I believe that as governor, Steve Poizner would enact a similar law to secure California’s borders."

Poizner tweeted: “Proud to receive endorsement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio. We both support AZ law and will fight to secure our borders.”

Whitman, meanwhile, on Friday tweeted that she was “excited” to receive the endorsement of the Stanford Review.

--- Craig Howie

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