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Social nets wrap: Thompson, Issa and others poke fun on a Friday


Darrell Issa (Rep. D-Calif.): FRIDAY FUNNY: today, Politico ... called Rep. Issa a "subpoena machine." What would a real-life subpoena machine look like? What kind of fuel would it take? Take it away, Friday Facebookers!

Issa's followers' responses:

Amanda Towry: Like Congress.

Tom McGovern: I'm guessing it would look a little like a dirigible powered exclusively by hot air, judging by the legislative behavior of most of your colleagues.

Rob Lockwood: It would look [like] the offspring of jabba the hut and a fax machine.

Fred Thompson (Former GOP presidential candidate): BP CEO Tony Hayward's congressional testimony was interrupted by a protester screaming "you need to go to jail" That was just uncalled for. Not EVERY Congressman deserves to go to jail.

RepMikeCoffman (Rep. R-Colo): Caught our second mouse of the 111th Congress in my D.C. office today.

Barbara Mikulski (Sen. D-Md.): Just dug out some old photos all the way back to my first campaign!

Creigh Deeds (State Sen. D-Va): Rolling Stone Top 40 Greatest Songs of All-Time -

Rick Lazio (GOP candidate for N.Y. governor): CUOMO ON THE ISSUES: Check out today's Editoral Cartoon in the NY Daily News!

ThadMcCotter (Rep. R-Mich.):  U.S. Soccer team got robbed out of winning goal by the referee! "Open hand diplomacy" clearly not working in World Cup.

whitehouse: Behind the scenes video with VP Biden in South Africa on the #worldcup What’s happening?

-- Craig Howie

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Photo: Barbara Mikulski's campaign staff circa 1992

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