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Social nets wrap on the Supreme Court: Elena Kagan hearing and 2nd Amendment decision

June 29, 2010 |  5:48 am


Online reaction to the Elena Kagan Supreme court confirmation hearing:

The White House Supreme Court confirmation hearings have a rich history in America. This week, Elena Kagan takes her place in that history, with the Judiciary Committee holding hearings to evaluate her nomination.

Senate_GOPs: Kagan said today she'll "make no pledges" but she previously criticized SCOTUS hearings for being a "hollow charade"

KenCalvert (California): House has no role in nomination of a Supreme Court Justice, but I am interested to hear Ms. Kagan's views on the limits on government power

SenatorCardin (Maryland) More Cardin at Kagan hrg: Every ruling made by #SCOTUS that upholds constitutional protections is a victory.

fredthompson (former senator)  What I wish Kagan would say is her judicial philosophy: "Federal govt can't do what it wants simply because it WANTS to." #ftrs #tcot

Democratic Party Expect two things during Elena Kagan’s confirmation process, which begins today. You’ll see firsthand Kagan’s intellect and passion for the law, but you’ll also hear baseless claims and attacks on her independence from members of the other party.

Republican Senators Sen. Cornyn: Kagan’s Record Raises Questions About Her Commitment to Second Amendment Rights

Online reaction to the Supreme Court upholding a Chicago ban on handguns.

OrrinHatch (Utah): Today’s ruling is a victory 4 law-abiding gun owners & confirms the right to keep & bear arms is a fundamental right! #utpol

GOPLeader (John Boehner): 2nd Amendment Ruling Highlights Importance of Kagan’s Supreme Court Nomination

SarahPalinUSA (Alaska): Important victory in defense of our 2nd Amendment rights

newtgingrich (former Speaker): The supreme court decision applying the 2d amendment right to bear arms to state and local government is a vital reaffirmation of liberty

RepKenMarchant (Texas): RT @GOPWhip: Statement on Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on Second Amendment #tcot #ocra #gop

Marco Rubio (Florida): "Today’s Supreme Court ruling rightly reaffirms the constitutional right to keep and bear arms across America, regardless of where one resides. By striking down these unconstitutional laws, the court has correctly asserted that governments at all levels -- federal, state and local -- should be bound by this cornerstone constitutional right." Read Marco's full statement here:

Charlie Crist (Florida): Very pleased that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed our 2nd Amendment rights. Respecting the Constitution is critical to the continued well-being of all Americans.

Nan Hayworth (New York): The Supreme Court has struck down the Chicago handgun ban as unconstitutional. Well done, Your Honors!

JudgeCarter (Texas):  I'm glad the Supreme Court reaffirmed our Second Amendment rights. Are you?

Pete Hoekstra (Michigan): "Second Amendment and individual's rights protected today by the Supreme Court. Proud to have signed the Amicus Brief in support."

RasmussenPoll  From the archives…poll shows 69% agree with Supreme Court ruling on hand gun ownership...

RepMikeQuigley (Illinois): Chicago handgun ban struck down, another dangerous threat looms: the gun show loophole

CongJoeWilson (South Carolina): For too long, our Constitutional right to bear arms has been inconsistently applied. I'm confident today's ruling will change that.

Patrick McHenry (North Carolina): Supreme Court made the right decision today, 2nd Amdt applies equally to fed govt & states. Sorry, Chicago. #guns

JerryMoran (Kansas):  Today's Supreme Court decision is another great victory for law-abiding gun owners.

Fred Thompson fredthompson   SCOTUS used 14th A. to apply 2nd A. to states & cities. First time I've ever seen liberals sad over an expansion of rights. #ftrs #tcot

-- Craig Howie

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