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First Dude -- no, not Sarah Palin's -- runs for a trophy

First Dude the horse

Forget about the famous Fence of Wasilla that Sarah Palin's hubby Todd built. (Actual fence photo here.)

As even wily author Joe McGinniss must know, Mr. Palin's nickname was First Dude, at least it was while his Republican wife served as Alaska's first female governor of either party.

This weekend another First Dude, the race horse (shown above by a different fence), will run in the Belmont Stakes, the final race of the annual Triple Crown. And the oldest, having started in 1867.

At the recent Preakness, First Dude finished second dude.

This time First Dude is among the favorites in the race for the solid silver trophy bowl.

And, get this: First Dude was born to a mother named Run Sarah Run. We kid you not.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: / NTRA

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Those certainly were great times. Remember what they were calling Levi? 1st babby daddy. Bristol was 1st unwed teenage mama. I don't remember exactly what was it they were calling Trip. What does all this have to do with a horse?

Should be interesting to see if the horse can overcome his post position...


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