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Rush Limbaugh to marry into presidential family (but will not be Bill Clinton's son-in-law)

June 4, 2010 |  9:43 am


No, Rush Limbaugh didn’t break up Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming nuptials or anything.

But he is marrying into a presidential family this weekend.  Although it’s been a long, long, long time since they’ve occupied the Oval Office (actually never since it was created in 1909).

Limbaugh is marrying West Palm Beach, Fla. resident Kathryn Rogers on Saturday.  Rogers reportedly is a direct descendant  of President John Adams.  You know, the oft-overlooked commander-in-chief who was – on a grand scale – unknown, or at least unappreciated, until David McCullough’s book on the second president a few years ago.

What’s known about Saturday’s wedding? Well....

....Very little.  You won’t see any clues on his website.  It has the equivalent of a “gone fishing” stamp on it.

"El Rushbo will be out until Tuesday, June 15,” it reads.

Just bits and pieces have leaked out.  Like an e-mail from Limbaugh’s show to the Palm Beach Post.

“We try to live our lives as normal people,” Limbaugh told the Post. “We do NOT seek media attention, we do not want it, especially for this. It is very special, obviously, and we just don’t want any media attention.”

Oops.  Well, at least we’re not circling over the ceremony in a helicopter or anything.

What’s the scoop on his future wife?

She’s got a cool job.  According to the Post, she works for the Super Bowl as a “V.I.P. Liaison.”

And President Clinton digs her.  Well, at least we think he could.  Back in 2007, while recounting
his first meeting with Clinton,  Limbaugh discussed the president’s interest in his female companion.  The timeline matches up anyway.  They began dating in 2007.

“I enjoyed it,” Limbaugh said of his meeting Clinton. “I enjoyed it -- especially when I looked over and I saw the former president intently chatting up the woman that I was with. (Laughing.) It was cool.”

By the way, if you want to congratulate the couple, the guys over at Gawker will be flying a banner over the site of the wedding tomorrow.  They want to know what to say on the banner.  Got an idea, click here.

-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo: Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference.  Credit: Associated Press