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Oops! Reporters caught on tape mocking Sarah Palin speech

It’s a banner weekend for the Republican National Committee as the ammo’s piling up for the upcoming midterm elections.

We told earlier about the gift from Vice President Joe Biden -- soon to be made into plenty of Web commercials -- who called a Wisconsin man a “smartass” for requesting lower taxes.

Now, cries of media bias against conservatives will be supercharged with an....

... audio recording going viral that captured several reporters mocking a Sarah Palin speech that they were covering.

The yet-to-be-identified (and perhaps soon-to-be-fired) reporters were located in the “media overflow” room at Cal State Stanislaus, a California college where Palin was speaking on Friday.

Immediately after her speech concluded, the insults began in rapid-fire succession, with each reporter seeming to try to outdo each other.

“Oh my God, I feel like I just got off a roller coaster, going round and round, and up and down,” one reporter said to laughter.

“You know when you’ve got to write a report as a college student and you just try to jam as many quotes in as possible from as many random things as you can? That’s what I got,” one said.

“She didn’t finish her statement,” a reporter cried.

“Did she make a statement, because I didn’t catch that either,” was the response.

“You guys gotta tell me how you’re going to make a story out of that,” another said.

The finishing touch? “Now I know that dumbness doesn’t just come in sound bites,” a smug reporter opined.

The TV station that fed the broadcast into the overflow room was so embarrassed that it quickly put out a statement distancing itself from the controversy.

“The comments overheard were made by reporters assembled from other newspaper and television outlets, and at no time was the voice of our photographer or our reporter heard on the stream,” reads the statement from FOX 40 News in Sacramento.

“It's very likely that those reporters and photographers were unaware, or simply forgot, that there was one television station with an open microphone broadcasting to the world,” it reads.

Palin has yet to post anything regarding the incident on her Facebook page.

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-- Jimmy Orr

Photo: Sarah Palin showing off some notes. Credit: Associated Press

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Fired? They should get a promotion.

Perhaps this would matter more if she weren't a worthless ultraconservative failure of a governor and vice-presidential candidate. Boohoo, let's all cry for the former half-term Governor of Alaska.

For reporters ( the leftist type ) if a speech is laced with topics about promoting America and the Constitution, that is worthless dribble. So they mocked Palin for it. If they can't get any dirt out of the deal, they'll make it up or just slander for the fun of it. What else is new. Oh! Al Gore is a having a baby!!!

The truth hurts?
I've always said she reminds me of the times I tried to fill those blue books in psych class with nonsense. I'm amazed someone had the exact same feeling.
In the beginning I honestly tried to understand her, but I've given up.

Fox news finally broadcasts some fair and balance story about a very unbalanced woman. LOL!!

The whole world is laughing at the US. Sarah Palin makes America look stupid. If Americans put an unqualified person as Palin on their shield why fire reporters who just speak their mind. I thought the US was the nation of freedom of speech.

let's have their names and addresses. do they work for rolling stone magazine? unbiased press in america? but they have freedom of speach. they can resign just like the dumb general.

Bias in the 'media'?

But this does offer a potential idea. The public should be trying to record all this bigotry. Shine some light on the cockroach behavior.

Read the written statements from for the true explanation of what happened Friday night. There were several reporters from other stations disturbing the FOX40 video/audio broadcast. These were not FOX40 reporters. The FOX40 reporter was inside the actual event with Gov. Palin. This article is not telling the true story. And, in addition, Palin's signed contract had called for no newsmedia being present. The Foundation made $200,000 on this event. This money will benefit the protesting CSU students. So what they got was a 34 min speech and not Palin's usual 60 minute plus speech!

The case of Sarah Palin is the case of The Emperor's New Clothes. The media obliges by playing the role of the sycophantic or at least purposefully obtuse tailors designing non-existent clothes. We now know what went on when they weren't in the presence of the foolish Emperor.

Quips Jimmy Orr, above: “Now I know that dumbness doesn’t just come in sound bites,” a smug reporter opined...

So, how did you ascertain that it was a reporter? It might've been the sound guy who actually has to listen to the stuff on headphones all day long if it kills him, who would indeed know about how much dumb a soundbite can legally contain before it explodes.

Just not how much Palin fawnage Jimmy Orr can squeeze into an LA Times excuse for a news article. "Smug" you say? Get real. She had it coming.

There remarks are fine if they identify themselves as liberals, but to say they are unbiased journalists just doesn't cut it. You guys better go work for David Plouffe in the White House. It would be all over Huffpo if Fox made a bunch of snarky remarks after an Obama speech.

What I don't understand is: Why didn't they simply report that, instead of privately (they thought) making jokes about it instead? Their reporters, and they certainly can say such things without being biased after all, an empty speech is an empty speech left, right, or middle.

What I don't understand is: Why didn't they simply report that, instead of privately (they thought) making jokes about it instead? Their reporters, and they certainly can say such things without being biased after all, an empty speech is an empty speech left, right, or middle.

It is in poor taste to mock the mentaly challenged.

They don't deserve to be fired. Its just that they forgot that there was one television station with an open microphone broadcasting to the world.

This woman is a donkey.

Sarah Palin makes rude and outrageous comments about everyone, including the students who asked how much she made. She called them trash diggers, which is way out of line. I noticed that now the LA Times is resorting to posting videos posted on a blog, and you know what, this is not real news. The reporters are entitled to their opinion, and they were not wrong at all. Also, Joe Biden was not wrong in confronting some rude guy asking for his taxes to be cut. The LA Times is now joining Fox News as becoming a place for not reporting the news. This is why the BBC is just so much better to read, for the real facts and real news. Thanks for your spin journalism.

Find all those reporters and make them answer for what they did!
That will never happen! The media has been in the tank for ODUMBO from the beginning. I used to trust the news media and now I don't at all.
They are supposed to be JOURNALISTS, and they are supposed to report what is going on without bias!
The left wing FEEDBAGGERS complain about Fox News all the time BUT when it is one of the left wing boneheads like KATIE CRACKHEAD or Rachel MADCOW it is all about free speech.
It is just another plan of attack, you ask a question of our imposter in chief and you get the liberal media digging into your past and going through your trash to dig up a speck of dirt that they turn into a dust storm OR they drag your kids, parents, spouse or even just your friends through the mud. Meanwhile Obama dumps people who he has known for years because they have become inconvient to be friends with anymore and they pat him on the head and say GOOD BOY and no more questions are asked. ALSO since when is it racist do disagree with a president? Only since we got a bi-racial one? Remember Peter denyed knowing Christ 3 times when he was asked!
Do you really think Obama cares about those of you that voted for him? He does not care about people he has known for years and deticated books to, he does not even know you do you really think he will bother?

You people are amazing. You would have printed it if she would have commented on what the reporters said, but since she did not respond, you find some way to report on nothing. Then you have this idi-ot named Don who says Sarah makes the U.S. look stupid. No it's the liberal voting block that makes the U.S. look stupid. Look at Alvin Greene. The liberals are still trying to blame that on the Republicans. Ignor-ant people voting who vote. The world is laughing at Obama. I know because I travel globally all the time. We are the laughing stock.
The latest is the Soccer World Cup with jokes about Obama putting a world soccer czar in place. Obama is a joke on the world stage.

The fact that people actually pay so much money to see Palin is an embarrassment to America - she is an idiot who capitalizes on divisive nonsense. Her absurd rhetoric represents the antithesis of 'higher education.' The University should be ashamed (even reprimanded) for advancing ignorance and hatred in exchange for money....
The reporters should be congratulated, obviously they were the only intelligent people there.

When will people stop worshiping Fox News like it is the well of knowledge, or God incarnate? There are other news worthy sites with quality journalism, and you go on and on about your Fox News. Liberal thought leads to free thought, and Fox news leads to conspiracy theories, slanted politics, and typing in all capital letters like angry people who are not happy or well rounded. Nothing says uneducated hill billy like claiming Fox news is a great source of journalism. Most Europeans I know find liberal educated Americans far more enlightened than those loving Fox news.

It's very likely that those reporters and photographers were unaware, or simply forgot, that there was one television station with an open microphone broadcasting to the world.

Palin is simply trying to make money while she can. She isn't taken seriously by most TEA party activists and for good reason. If reporters want to mock her, so be it, as long as they accurately report what was said by her and the events surrounding her. A much more serious issue is the media's fawning worship of President Obozo as he lamely goes about trying to look like he has a clue and is something more than a national and international joke. I haven't been watching MSNBC lately but is Chris Matthew's still getting those "tingles" down his leg every time the new messiah walks into the room?

She is a quitter. Enough said.

This is why we take the media so lightly.

Comments are being made here that Sarah Palin is dumb and unqualified by people that voted for Barack

The very definition of dumb, unqualified, and in over his head is our helpless, hapless, thin-skinned President.

Sarah Palin, unlike Barack Obama, believes in and will defend our Constitution.

It does not matter if it is the truth or not, they are reporters, and unless they are working with a slander rag, they have failed in keeping personal opinions private while pursuing a story.

Reading the comments on this story explains to me why this rag is still in print. It appears that the remaining readers only want to hear their prejudices reinforced. Most Palin haters aren't really sure why they hate her; they just do. When asked specifically why they hate her, they fumble and snort and end up quoting Tina Fey. It makes me laugh. Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid have spent the last 4 years destroying our country and economy but the Left will talk your ear off about how Sarah Palin is the stoopidest person in the world. I can hardly wait for November. i will then just sit back and read the comments in the elections results stories and have a laugh as they try and explain how stupid Amerikkka is. tee hee.

Those reporters are just jealous. Palin is as blissful as human could possibly be. She's just doin' her Evie-Fundie thing and ... oh, oh, no, wait. It' s the dead know nothing, not the blissful are ignorant. Never mind.

Emily Littella

I just had to see the speech for myself:

Forgive me, oh oft-invoked yet seldom-understood Constitution, for I have sinned... I feel this terrible and involuntary headache after listening to this speech from your latest self-appointed messiah. How shall I become a better American when ever fiber of my being and upbringing is California-liberal?

We make up the largest (and best armed) state in the Union, yet conservatives routinely strip us of of our "American-ness" without any hint of irony. Yes it is time... it's time we take America back.

It's confirmed! Sarah Palin is a deep cover Russian spy!

Sarah Palin is an intellectual lightweight. That's a given. She is enjoying the spotlight that comes along with being a tool. Her backers write the script and she reads it.

These reporters are being candid and accurate. They expose the sham that is the US political process and for that, they will pay.

The woman is a total ditz. A cartoon like Obama. Listening to her is like listening to nails scraping against the blackboard.
Send her back to Alaska.

Proof that members of the media, even from the farthest right perspective of the political dogma know that this woman is a complete moron. Yet when they know the camera or mic is on them, they defend her as one of the patriots, a great American. What a joke.
She is, and has never been more than simply a rambling heiser of buzz words and flash phrases. No depth, no substance and absolutely no understood knowledge of what she happens to be speaking about at that specific time and place.

There's no THERE, there.


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