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President Obama to visit Ohio; 62-foot statue of Jesus explodes


The White House Tuesday announced that President Obama will travel to Ohio on Friday.  Specifics of the trip have not been released yet.

In other Ohio news, a 62-foot statue of Jesus exploded Monday night after lightning struck the 6-story-tall structure.  "Touchdown Jesus," as Ohio citizens nicknamed it, was completely destroyed.

Outside of geographical location, the two news items are probably not related.

Meanwhile, Obama will address the nation Tuesday night from the Oval Office.  Expected to discuss the Gulf oil disaster, the president will discuss his strategy for "containing the oil that's leaking and cleaning up the environment," according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Obama's relationship with BP has cooled considerably.

"I don't think the president wants to take BP's word that everything is OK," Gibbs said in an interview with Fox News. "I don't think we can risk going forward on taking a company's word for it anymore."

-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo: Flames shoot up from a 62-foot statue of Jesus, which was struck by lightning on Monday night.  Credit: Associated Press 
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What was that about graven images?

I guess this will put to rest all the assumptions about jesus!

Oops. My bad.


The commandments say not to worship any idols. 'Thou shalt not worship any graven images'. You notice how it says graven images. That means no matter who are what they are.

So, I'm surprised that others have not burned up before. :-)

Leviticus 26:1

I guess satan is really mad and finally coimg out of hiding, now that he have so many willing to call him...lord.

Jimmy Orr: for a news story that simply begged for a hilarious headline, you get the award of the day!

Why would people call this an act of God?
Science explains it perfectly: fire destroys.
Big surprise, the thing was completely flammable.

God obeys all the laws of science, in fact, he created them!

I'm not sure that a flammable lightning rod in thunderstorm country getting hit by lightning and burning to the ground is an 'act of God'.

Jet Black....Satan is a powerless PEON!!! I'm thinking Laura is on to something there. You would think the church members would have enough sense to put two and two together...but they are too busy looking pretty for everyone on their way to the flea market...I know one thing...I'll never go to that church...God smiting ppl and ty...Bottom line is that it IS an IMAGE that ppl are worshiping and God destroyed it. It's def gonna creep me out to even drive by that thing anymore..and if they rebuild it I'm gonna treat it like Sodom and Gamorrah...forget that whole pillar of salt mess.

No value in statue worship; Jesus still saves and fire consumes regardless of what we may think or say. Everlasting value is found in HIS WORD alone. As Paul said "any other gospel is no gospel at all".


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