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Obama's speech: There's a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let's build more windmills

Florida governor Charlie Crist checks out the uh oil situation on one of his state's beaches

Gov. Charlie Crist checks a Florida beach for signs of oil

For all his reputation as the nation's Top Talker, Barack Obama took his sweet time giving a maiden Oval Office address to the country. And waiting another nearly 60 days to speak nationally about the oil spill that’s become the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history.

Obama, the first modern president to pass his first full year in office without addressing the country from his historic desk, had the setting right. Just back from a day-and-a-half on the gulf coast listening, reassuring, talking tourism, eating seafood. He wore the proper suit, had the requisite flags and family photos in the background.

For 18 minutes he delivered the words crisply and forthrightly, though too often distracting anxious viewers with his fidgeting hands like the lecturing professor he once was. Or wait! Was Mr. Cool nervous? (See video below.)

Obama had the firmness down OK: Make no mistake etc. We will hold BP accountable etc. He....

...had the God references. The talk of real live shrimpers devastated. An American way of life threatened. And though he likened the spill more to an epidemic, he also brought in the requisite battle metaphors. And, has Obama ever mentioned, there's another Nobel Prize winner in his cabinet, Stephen Chu, who hasn't been able to stop the oil leak either?

But there was something wrong. The first two-thirds of the president's remarks read just fine (Full text over here on The Ticket as usual). By golly, we’ll get the money, we’ll clean it up, no matter how long it takes.
Democrat president Barack walks to the Oval Office shortly before his national speech 6-15-10

But watching the president and hearing him was a little creepy; that early portion of the address was robotic, lacked real energy, enthusiasm. And worst of all specifics. He was virtually detail-less.

After almost two months of waiting through continuously contradictory reports, an anxious American public wanted to know, HOW are you going to accomplish all this?

Even Obama's cheerleaders over at MSNBC were complaining. "Where was the How in this speech?" demanded Keith Olbermann. Seriously.

Everyone's assumed that fixing the leak was a given since Day Four, which was still five days before the Democrat got his big plane and presidential entourage down there.

Local gulf coast officials are tearing out their hair trying to comprehend and comply with seventeen (as in seven more than 10) federal agencies falling all over themselves to do The Boss’ bidding and help and impose and superimpose their visions and regulations on what is a war zone with hundreds of ships and some 30,000 people involved, many of them frightened. And all of them inexperienced on a disaster of this scale.

Trust me, the president said, tomorrow I'm going to give those BP execs what-for. As CBS' Mark Knoller noted on his Twitter account, the president has allotted exactly 20 whole minutes this morning -- 1,200 fleeting seconds -- to his first-ever conversation with the corporation responsible for the disaster.

Then, he's got an important lunch with Joe "I Witnessed the World Cup's First Tie" Biden.

Well, just-believe-in-my-change-to-believe-in may have been good enough to win Obama's party primaries and the general election in 2008 and drag along into office enormous congressional majorities of fellow party travelers.

Democrat president Barack Obama gives his first Oval Office Speech 6-15-10

But after yelling "JOBS!" for a year and getting a protracted Democratic intra-party fight over Obama's beloved healthcare instead, Americans wanted some Oval Office specifics Tuesday evening on stopping the uncontrolled undersea oil escape.

Instead, Obama was like a Harvard-trained nurse talking vacation to a new patient bleeding all over the ER floor. Hello, could we please stop the blood flow here before we discuss the long-term recovery?

Obama’s delivery did not really come alive until the end when the ex-community organizer got into his favorite Big Picture stuff. Memo to American Homeowners: Do not call Obama over to fix your leaking roof – or pipe. Have him design a new house, no, better yet an entire neighborhood or city from scratch.

Following the advice of his chief of staff, Rahm "I Got a Rent-Free Apartment from a BP Adviser" Emanuel, Obama is determined to leave no crisis unused. When he got into the decades-long fossil fuel addiction rehab stuff, his eyes shone. His delivery punched up.

Now, that is an issue that requires greatness. Another galactic reform out of Hyde Park. It sounds swell unless mega-trillion-dollar federal deficits are on your mind, which voter polls now show ranks with terrorism as Americans' top fears.

Obama’s historic presidential campaign was not only big in terms of an unprecedented three-quarters of a billion dollars to win. It was about Big Promises. He was going to change America, radically reform the entire education system, healthcare, comb the entire federal budget line-by-line, oh, and change the 200-year-old partisan ways of the capitol. About the only big change the White Sox fan didn't promise was getting the Cubs a World Series ring.

It was all impractical, of course. But the country wanted to believe.... his change to believe in. And it did, handing complete control of the federal government over to Obama and his Democratic party. And today, after 17 months of lop-sided Democratic majorities now nervously confronting midterm elections Nov. 2, about 60% of Americans would like the new healthcare bill repealed. And they're hinting they'd probably like some more Republicans in Congress too.

President Obama has said he doesn’t sense an appetite to address something as large as the illegal immigrant issue this year. But suddenly – watch the left hand over here because he wants you to not focus on how long it’s taken him to take charge of the spill – he thinks there’s a compelling need to spend a motorcade full of moola that the federal government doesn’t have in order to change the country’s energy habits.

And we've gotta start that right now because of an underwater leaking pipe 40 miles off Louisiana that we haven't plugged and don't really understand how it broke in the first place. So let's do the electric car thing and build more windmills now.

And if, by chance, the nation’s politicians end up fighting over an energy plan during the next five months until the voting, maybe the politically damaging healthcare regrets and hidden costs will drown in all the words like so many thousands of seabirds in all the gulf’s still-surging oil.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images; Rod Lamkey / AFP / Getty Images; Getty Images (pool).

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My experience with politicos like Obama is that they're going to tell me what they think I want to hear (he didn't even do that). This isn't the time for words, this is (waaayyy past) the time for action.

The Q

Obama, The Smiling Cobra.

It's become increasingly OBVIOUS that Obama is dragging his feet on stopping the oil from reaching the Gulf shore ON PURPOSE to advance his twisted Cap and Tax agenda on the struggling American taxpayer! It's hard to believe, but in his strict adherence to the Alinsky/Cloward-Piven tactics, Obama is willing to throw the Gulf's fragile ecology UNDER THE BUS in the delusional hopes of advancing his phony CO2-capping taxes for the benefit "of the masses". What an inept, Marxist fool.
Obama, Pelosi and Reid are hell-bent on having the Democrat Party seen 20 years from now in the same light as the Whig and Bull Moose parties: EXTINCT!! All patriotic Americans (especially young ones) NEED to go vote and throw out the LIBERTY-ROBBING, HIGH-TAXING, MORALLY BANKRUPT Democrats in 2010 and 2012!! Your freedom DEPENDS on it......

20 minutes!? I thought this was the most devastating environmental disaster in our history! I thought the well was still leaking oil! I must be living in an alternate universe from Our Dear Leader. Nothing but nothing about actually "solving" the immediate / growing problem, you know, "the leak". Only some empty words about how we are by God going to "get even" with BP. If I were BP, I would refuse any future "photo op" requests from Our Dear Leader - there is after all some real work to be done. Let's see we can make the impact MUCH MUCH worse by stopping all current drilling activity - now that will surely make things better by multiplying the negative financial impact many times over. By God, this is "Change you can believe in!". What an arrogant twit!

Appears the oil Charlie is looking for is Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil

Community organizers have no management skills nor strive to obtain them. They are only good at shooting staples into telephone poles.

How tactless is it that the First Lady and her posse are trekking to L.A., being trendy and visible, while the old man attempts to go gangsta with his tired teleprompter, spewing nearly the same crud that the severed oil pipe is.

"Gov. Charlie Crist checks a Florida beach for signs of oil
" looks like the type of oil Gov. Christ is looking for is of the Baby oil or cocoa butter variety. That picture is awesome!!

Nice to see something a bit closer to reality coming from the media on this empty suited failures disastorous term! He has done nothing but snub his nose at American morals and values, attack anyone who questions his idiotic 'wisdom' as racist, or hate filled or a tea bagger, etc. etc. etc. He has forced his ideology, one that doesn't jibe with American morals and values and is nothing more than a re-hashing of failed European policies, down our throats - against the will of most Americans - and the dems for their part gladly IGNORED THEIR CONSTITUENCIES!!!
Add to that the fact that he really only got a grand total of 40% of registered voters (roughly 22% of the population at large) to cast a ballot and the notion that the 'American people' wanted this clown is a joke. NO - we didn't want him or McCain (but clearly - McCain was the lessor of two evils and the last 18 months has proven that beyond any shadow of doubt), the American people wanted to give him a chance and he's blown it proving he's nothing more than an empty headed ideologue with 100 year old idea's that have proven to be economically unfeasible and wholly out of keeping with the very principals this country was founded on.

His ineptitude was not only easily forseeable, but it was practically guaranteed! He had no experience WITH ANYTHING, NOTHING! What has he ever done except get the MSM to stop thinking, reporting, researching or investigating and simply 'emoting' over this poser?

REPEAL the industry killing un-Constitutional joke that is the healthcare bill and start over, with INTELLIGENT, MEASURED legislation instead of these massive failures the dems keep voting for then IMPEACH THIS MORON and investigate pelosi! I think it's time the American people find out what that lying, corrupt, hyper-partisan moron has really been up to!

The President has no low hanging fruit to pick Mr. Degan and you have a low bar for him to step over as well as blaming the right wing pile on sissy claim. We elect strong leaders usually to the White house but your president is not a "Man up" guy he is a South side shakedown artist the likes of Reverend Jackson or any of the other Mayor Daley grown Goons here turning Chicago into Detroit. I work and live here and have watched the next great experiment export over 170 million square feet of bustling industrial and commercial space jobs go idle as fake protests sprout up one hour before news crews are sent to see the next victim class lobby for a free lunch. I have spent twenty five years here dealing with the same number of city officials convicted of shakedowns and bribery costing business millions in wasted time and money. Yet I walk Quietly amongst your Ilk who never planted a tree or saved a building or paid a payroll while not taking your own check. You are an idiot as is all the fools in bed with the Socialize America Supporters. Go to Havana and see first hand what the Obama future looks like when the payers like me quit funding your collective stupidity. I can not believe you think the 58 day damage control speech has any substance. Get a Life! He is a Tool and a guy just waiting to get out and make speeches and write books.

Tom, he can't show what he doesn't have. So much for leadership from the Oval Office. Face it, you elected an empty suit at best, a corrupt Chicago thug at worst. Either way, he's in over his head and has been from Day 1. Jan of '13 can't get here quickly enough.

As Mr. Malcom alludes to, President Obama only appears to be effective when he is "campaign mode", which is why the last part of speech was the strongest, as he painted a grandiose picture of energy reform that has nothing at all to do with fixing the ongoing disaster in the Gulf.

Obama is not an effective executive, nor does he appear to be willing to become one. He is more comfortable taking the intellectual high ground and engaging in esoteric debates. Dealing with something as quotidean as a major oil spill simply doesn't suit his precious and effite sensibilities. He's a "big picture" guy!!

He cannot keep using President Bush as an excuse for his own inaction (certainly, he alluded to this last night while discussing the state of the MMS). Ultimately, the public will grow tired of him trying to deflect blame to the last administration.

Still, the US got what it asked for. The majority of the voting public believed that a smirking Chicago politician with a Harvard degree and a flair for eloquent discourse would be a great chief executive who would follow through on his loft campaign promises - how wrong they were.

He's checking for signs of suntan oil.

Tom, he has no courage. You voted for a con man, a loser. Smarten up.

Oh yes, and as for the Times in L.A. how is your budget looking running the paper as the northern version of Grama? I like the censoring you do with all responses to your writers it's so Fidel!


Let me get this straight. Even though Obama has proven to excel in NOTHING - you still have no regrets supporting him?

On the other hand, you are glad that his two political opponents who actually HAVE proven themselves - are not in charge.

Is it self-hatred, hatred of country, or simply hatred of what you perceive to "the right" that drives your twisted logic?

Tom, you are a clear partisan hack. Go "rant" at your own site. The poor baby O can't handle the heat maybe he should have stayed out of the kitchen. Unfortunately he isn't anything like Clinton but wholly following in Carters footsteps.

Who is advising him?
Well according to the WSJ the White house is taking cues from the Marxist “Center for American Progress”. So you should be happy. But I don’t understand why you use the term Fascist Barbie. Which I assume is Sarah Palin, but she is a believer in smaller and limited Federal Government. Fascist are big Federal Government believers, as is marxist communist, (Fascism being right and Marx/Communism being left versions Socialism) which all fall under the modern version of Feudalism from the Middle Ages. They are founded in killing off Capitalism, and enslaving humanity, which is almost a redundant statement.

Source : The Road to Serfdom.
Banded by fascism and communism alike.

Normally I would say it's all talk and no action, however the President has done some action. He refused to allow external help from other countries with the technology and resources to help contain the disaster and has prevented the states affected from utilizing Federal resources to do it on their own.

McCain was not the best candidate but would be doing a lot better than the guy in there now. At least McCain and Palin are proud Americans intent on preserving the Constitution. Same can't be said for the incumbent.
In referencing your comment about "Fascist Barbie', I recommend you look at the definition of a fascist. It defines BO to a tee.

Main Entry: fas·cism
Pronunciation: \ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces
Date: 1921
1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

Tom Degan = Liberal moron. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. You're the reason California and the country is being destroyed from within.

Mr. Degan: "....Too early to judge his administration?" If not now, when?

Sadly there are people really slow enough to think wind energy can be a significant source of power. It does have some limited, local uses but that is about all. Once you put in the lines to transfer the power across any distance you are running a net negative.

But slow people will buy a pig in a poke and magic beans.

Um, in that photo, governor Crist ain't checkin' out the beach.

There's little correlation between windmills and imported oil. Windmills and solar will ease reliance on coal and natural gas, both of which we have in spades, but this country doesn't burn much oil for electricity. Yet another presidential straw-man. Oh, and with wind/ order to guarantee meeting electrical energy requirements, we have to have traditional generation on constant standby - 200 percent capacity to meet 100 percent of requirements because the sun and wind aren't 24/7 sources.

NOW you're finally getting it, LA Times. He's a fraud, he's incompetent, and he's a Marxist who wants to take this country down. ALL that matters is his agenda, so letting the oil spill go on and on actually advances that agenda.

We warned you about this guy when we said "Experience Counts". You didn't believe us.

I got my "Next Time, Vote American!" sticker by googling KEEP2THERIGHT.

Gov. Charlie Crist checks a Florida beach? There was a beach? It wasn't oil that caught my attention, but then I am not a governor ;-)

Worthless incompetent USURPER.

You have to be kidding me. Fascist. i am sorry but the legislation thats been proposed, passed and the regulations being considered by the FCC or the current media/ free press study and proposed regulations remind me far more of Germany and Italy in the 1940s than ANY other administration in US history.

Fascist get your facts straight this guy is a joke, he can't lead, doesnt know how to address any problems other than to tax and throw the Federal government out there as the solution yet everytime something comes up the beuocricy of the federal government is what is impeading anything from effectively being done to fix things.

Fascist was a term that was loosely being thrown around to describe and degrade the republican canidate and his counterpart. Lately if you look up the definition of Fascist you will find that letter for letter liberals and Democrats have embraced many fascist policies and governing approaches just no one is actually calling them that yet.

At least at 18 months of the president who i

Tom Degan, speaks like a true believer in the current Fascist Ideology that controls both the Presidency, and both Houses of Congress.
As a "proud Demokkkrat", he desires Mr. Obama to be "another Franklin D. Roosevelt".

But Tom Degan shows his intellectual Fascism by the "Inconvenient Truth", that FDR stacked the Supreme Court (Fascism in action), and singled out American citizens of Japanese descent in order put them into "Internment" Camps, while causing them to lose their property, and belongings!

Performed by Republicans, cretins like Degan, would have called this kind of Presidential behavior, a march toward Fascism or Tyranny.

Perhaps Degan subliminally harbors an anti liberty, power mad lust for domineering power that only Fascism / Communism can give. Such that Democrats like himself desire!

A "proud Demokrat" must always laud the Presidency of FDR, eh Degan?

" I'm hesitant to criticize the president. He gets hounded day and night by the right wing" says Degan....He must mean the likes of the LA/NY Times, ABC, NBC, NPR, MSNBC, CBS, San Fran Examiner, all of whom are constantly on the offensive to bring down the chosen one...shall I go on with the litany of these "Right Wing" media outlets?

What do expect from a man who had zero experience in management and administration before he became President. It's not enough to be African American and not sound like a rapper. When you are President you can't spend all your time behind teleprompters making speeches, you actually have to do things, lead, administrate, coordinate and the truth is that people, even those on the left, are discovering that this President is simply unable to do anything more than talk and quite frankly they're getting sick of hearing his voice.

Today, we found out Obama and the Dems are going to support Judas Crist for Guv. Last night, he lied about how the help could have been used but wasn't. He met with BP today for 20 minutes. He made the speech mostly about GW, green, so called clean energy which of course will not be ready for decades. So he puts a moratorium on oil drilling ousting 40,000 more workers in the Gulf.This guy is the worst Prez in my 71 years and I have been teaching political science longer than this naif has been alive! If any business person ever votes for a Dem , for this Messiah in 2012 ever ever again; they should be boiled in BP oil!!!!

It does not matter how much "courage", or will power this POTUS musters up. The problem here is with a political philosophy that does not sense the ridiculousness of relying upon a vast, ineffective, inefficient, and exponentially growing Federal Government bureaucracy in order to manage a nation. "Progressive" is NOT liberal. Liberal by definition means an emphasis upon individual liberty, laissez-faire economics, freedom of speech, worship, press, assembly and a distrust of large centralized government power. This is the way Thomas Jefferson felt. We have changed the political landscape so, now, Jefferson would not RECOGNIZE the country he loved so much. No, now we are the country that Alexander Hamilton wanted: Centrally run, supportive of large banks, large corporations, and restrictive of nasty, individual person liberties.

Clearly it's amateur night in the White House. Is it 2012 yet?? Unfortunately, the Gulf can't handle this ongoing disaster until 2012. Obama is a "big picture", pie-in-the-sky type of guy (ahem. community organizer.) who doesn't want to be bothered with the little details -- he will turn any problem into a need for wholesale change. Last time I checked, change isn't always a good thing.

Remember folks, the president is the president...he is NOT a petroleum engineer so why in the world do you all think that HE should have the solution to this problem?? BP and their petroleum engineers should have prevented this in the first place and THEY are the ones that should be held accountable, not our Prez!

Do first things first. Stop the damn leak. I'm sure that there must be someone in this country who can seal up a pipe albeit one mile under water. So, please Mr. President, use some common sense and start driving the problem of sealing the leak. You have a lot of resources at your beck and call. So, use them. And Mr. President, it will not be you who eventually seals the leaking pipe, it will be someone with a wealth of technical expertise and imagination who will do it. "Those who can do, those who can't, just talk about it".

Obama should have spoken on one topic only - How we are going to plug the damn hole and limit the spread of the oil. Nothing else matters at this instant.

Yes, there are hundreds of issues, from restoring the coastline to compensating the victims, but that can wait a little longer. Right now the priority MUST be on stopping the leak.

Talking about wind power and carbon emissions at this time is so low priority, it seriously calls into question this president's competency. He is not in control and has no idea how to even begin attacking this problem.

Instead, he has retreated into adolescence by laying blame and talking about the things he's rather be doing. We need to seriously consider reliving Obama of command. He's not a bad person, just not equipped for leadership of this country.

What's this guy going to do when nuclear war becomes imminent in the middle east? Will he be proactive enough to step in?

JOBS??? He taking more aways but he GOT healthcare passed....

You peoole make me sick .... This guy has ZERO experience at anything but blaming someone else.... All he did with ACORN wasa blame everyone for their own problems...

Has this man ever applied for a job? Anyone now want to look at this collge records to see if he passed any courses???

Oh that's right ... HE SEALED EVERYTHING UP....

Thank you for stating it plainly and truthfully, what in the world are Obama and other senators and congressmen/women thinking, that we are going to just say yep here is some more money to go and try to fix something else? No not anymore give control back to the people like it is supposed to be and maybe officials won't be so busy with their perks and actually do their job, because doing their job keeps them from losing their job, just like in the private sector and the rest of us earning money to pay for all those government positions and salaries.

This article is just a rant filled with straw man arguments (see renewable energy angst) and random distrust.

What can the president really do here?

The executive offices he commands don't have any real power to cap the well. Unfortunately (and I have to take a breath when saying this) who, besides Transocean & BP, has the industrial technology needed to contain a leak like this?

He can get accountability. He can help stop another leak by demanding future oversight. He can offer aid to people affected. And he's done all these things, from what I can see.

By now it should be abundantly clear to even the most obtuse Obama acolytes that the only thing that will save his presidency and give him a greater-than-zero chance of reelection will be if the Republicans regain majorities in Congress. For all of his self-presumed divinity, every decision the Dalai 'Bama has made in the past 18 months has not only been wrong, it's been disastrous. This Gulf (golf?) oil spill is no exception.

That he votes "present" on hard choices is no less true for it becoming cliche, but in all honesty he has no choice. I think he knows what he wants to do, but he's smart enough to also know that those actions are so antithetical to the values held by most of this country that it would be suicidal to propose them with any specificity. True, he got away with it with Obamacare, but that was because he could hide behind 2,000 plus pages of legislation and an obsequious media. Most are on to him now, and the media are emerging from its somnolent lackey status.

There's nowhere for him to hide his agenda now. All he can hope for is an opposition Congress that he can try painting as extreme and in the confusion counterpunch with more socialistic tripe. I could almost feel sorry for him if not for the malicious behavior in his first year.

Last night The Community Organizer in Chief continued to display his personal ineptitude as President. Over the past 57 days the Federal Government response to the Horizon blow-out was late, ineffective and poorly coordinated.

A most obvious aspect of the Obama administration is an inability to adequately DEFINE a Problem, identify and understand cause-effect relationships, determine solutions and impliment them.

Palin could have handled this problem.

People need to get over their race issues before America is destroyed by Commies like Obama.

Obama's job is to turn the country over to communists. All else is trivial distraction.

First off this was a pretty well written article, I would have expected a propagandist piece extolling Dear Leader's non-existent virtues and leadership considering the MSM (especially in LA & NY) are more lap dog than watch dog, but you surprised me. See you can be a real news organization if you just put the ideology aside and try once in a while!

Anyway, this address was like all other Obama addresses, completely devoid of specifics. That is because this guy is not an executive and has never run a thing in his life so he is clueless. Even his underlings are almost exclusively lawyers, not business people, because as a Big Government socialist his goal is government control over everything where he needs his lawyers advice on how to regulate the private sector to death not deal with real issues. Yes there do need to be regulations, but the guy is intentionally stifling the private sector so it can be taken over by government. Look at how he is using this disaster to push his Cr@p & Tax initiative designed to take over the energy sector and gain even more control of the population. Obama can only throw out hyperbole and rhetoric that fires people up rather than action because his inexperience and poor supporting cast know nothing about dealing with a crisis, only how to create one and capitalize on it to push his socialist agenda.

GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!

Great article! This is what we get when a inexperienced college professor is elected president and brings a bunch of inexperienced college professors along with him to run the country! Steven Chu, the brilliant nobel prize winner is a nuclear phyicist!!! He has spent his career splitting atoms with lasers. Thats the guy who was first sent to the spill by Obama!! The last time this guy delt with an oil spill was when it dripped off the pizza he was eating! Obama's speech should have been "Ladies and gentlemen, it's Bush's fault. Goodnight!" 2012 can't come fast enough.

Andrew Malcolm’s silver tongued cynicism on Obama is just the other side of the coin from Obama’s side of the story. Lots of criticism here of perceived inaction and no actual alternatives. Malcolm complains that Obama is detail-less yet seems to suffer from the same affliction himself. Did Obama not arrive in office amid the worse financial melt-down since 1929? This was a calamity at the time, with the frightening and impending possibility of total financial failure of the United States. It would be easy to criticize Phil Gram the long time king of deregulation for the greed that allowed bankers to very nearly destroy the country and for which we are all going to have to pay out for a long time. It is easy to criticize. How about contributing to a resolution of this national ecological disaster.

I just have a hard time believing that this was an editorial in the L.A. Times.

Bravo, Andrew Malcolm!

(AM responds: Well, welcome to The Ticket. Hope to see you and the other shocked newcomers back here often.)

What did Obama ever do before becoming president that actually required visible results - other than getting people to vote who had no idea who they were voting for except they wanted free stuff or were bribed and threatened so they would vote? He is more or less voting "present" again with the oil spill, but it is not working. Commissions, lawyers, and boring speeches aren't solving the problem, and the unreasonable public actually want action, not just words. Obama is probably very frustrated and resentful toward the people of the country, especially those on the Gulf Coast who are not buying his regular "Say, don't do" thing. They actually want the problem solved and for him to find the people, companies, etc. who can solve it. What if the unions or environmental wackos or gays or Muslims or any other of his preferred groups don't like the solutions that will work?

Can you just imagine for one scary minute if this man (Obama) is Commander in Chief if we were attacked on our own soil, or if a nuke went off in a major city,or if germ warfare was released in some US city or if WWIII broke out!
You people were warned that this guy was nothing but a community organizer with no experience, he’s never had a real job, and was moved along through life by affirmative action. Why has this man paid over $1 million to keep ALL his school records sealed ? One does not do that unless they have something to hide. Folks voted for this man simply because he gave flowery rhetoric speeches and because he was the “first”. You have been duped and now this country must suffer for it. Two more years of this ? Can you imagine the shape the country will be in when he leaves office. He wanted to be noted in the history books-LOL, he sure will be not in the way he would have imagined !

It was embarassing and maddening to watch Pres. Obama wander around the political landscape last night. At the end of his speach, I was simply stunned. His inability to focus showed us and the world, he has no idea what to do, or how to do it. He simply does not have the talent or skills the job requires.

To anyone able to get beyond the partisan hype, it is clear we have in office now the most inexperenced individual to ever sit in the White House...the man has never held a leadership role in his life, and it shows. The jokes on us.

In the picture Crist is is staring and wondering to himself "Why would she wear a white bikini top with black bottoms? If it were me..."

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