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Ticket Photo of the Week: Look who came to Obama for dinner

Democrat president Barack Obama with Fly on his Face

Our Ticket Photo of the Week:

There he was again at his favorite place -- in front of a White House microphone.

Barack Obama, the nation's top talker, was doing his Democratic thing when danger lurked.

Despite the tight White House security, an intruder, probably a conservative, invaded POTUS' personal space.

And landed on his cheek. The left one, of course.

But the commander in chief was not stopped.

So does that make the most famous fly of the week FOPOTUS?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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That picture was so funny i think that's only an accident..

Who sits there with a fly on his mouth? there is some serious issues in obama's head. he wants us to think he's sooooo cooooool.

Gross, that poor bug

Fly's are attracted to what?

Lord of the Flies

You can't fool those circle flies.

Shoo fly! Shoo fly!
Go away while I tell a lie!
Go away! Go away you right wing fly!


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