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Hillary Clinton drops immigration bombshell: Feds will sue Arizona


The Obama administration is suing Arizona over its immigration law?

If that’s news to you, it’s because such a lawsuit hasn’t been announced by the Justice Department.

But why should DOJ handle such news when Hillary Clinton could take care of it while talking to a local TV reporter in Ecuador?

Crazy?  Nope.  Sounds like Secretary Clinton didn’t get the right talking points.

"President Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks the federal government should be determining immigration policy," Clinton told the reporter (video below).

"The Justice Department, under his direction, will be bringing a lawsuit against the act," she blabbed.

Guess who's not happy. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

"To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous," she said in a statement. "If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation."

Regardless of how you feel about the issue, there’s no denying that there’s a slight communication issue here.

By the way, the Department of Justice isn’t doing cartwheels over the announcement.  DOJ officials are showing a little more caution.

“The Justice Department continues to review the law,” said a bland spokesman.

By the way, did you note that part where Clinton said the feds should be determining immigration policy? Brewer agrees with that.  Maybe that’s the silver lining to it all.

Greta Van Susteren asked Brewer that question Thursday night.

"Secretary Clinton understands it is their responsibility," Brewer said. "Maybe they’re saying that we don’t have to do their job."

-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo:  Secretary Clinton.  Credit: Associated Press

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Hey Hillary,

Are you going to sue the Federal Government also?, The law is almost word for for the same thing.

Why don't you set aside your politics, and start worring about the Security of the country instead of building a voting block.

She just threw away any chance she may have had to become President. For someone of her background and experience to NOT have read the signs right is disastrous. She doesn't have to like it but this country is now swinging to getting rid of illegals and later putting paid to the drug trade. We know what we have to do to accomplish that, we just want to take each step and solidify it before moving to the next step.

Perhaps if the Federal Government WOULD protect it's citizens from Illegal immigration... regardless of the how they became illegal or where they came from, then maybe just maybe States and Municipalities wouldn't have to go to seemingly extreme measures to protect it's citizens and it's economy...

I realize the history of this country and how it's a melting pot and all that... but it's not fair to the people that immigrate here legally and become naturalized citzens to have to spend all the hundreds of dollars and the countless hours to do it properly, only for squatters to come in here and reap the benefits without going through all the same hoops.

Immigration laws are to be made and applied by the Federal Government, so each state wont make piece meal laws.








STOP BEING FOLLIES. WHERE IS THE MONEY THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Do the American people have anyone in this Administration interested in their wellbeing? Our Administration is in the pockets of big business and now they are selling out the American taxpayers to the illegal welfare class being loaded onto their backs.

I am so sick and tired about hearing how it offends people that we are going after illegal immigrants. We should have done this long ago. Pretty sad our own government wants to challenge the issue. I hope the law stands up against the legal challenge. We are too worried about how we offends people these days. Guess what they are illegal immigrants they have no business being here GTFO. You want to live in the US then enter it legally. I am tired of footing the bills for all these non citizens. All their programs that we provide for them.

Well done by Secretary Clinton and President Obama. This AZ law is unconstitutional and promotes racism in America.

Mrs. Clinton might mention, that the AZ-immigration-law is modeled (i.e. copied) after an existing Federal law.

Having said that, immigration is supposed to enrich a country. Maybe a point system similar to Australia would help. 40 points a Bsc, 60 points a PhD, 20 points if your profession is in demand in the US, 20 points if you are below 25, 5 points if you are above 45, extra points if you bring capital investment into the country, 5 extra points if you are a minority and so on.. get a to be determined minimum # of points and you are welcome. Else, go back to the lottery .. this would give clear guidelines and help in gaining needed immigrants..

Hillary says: "President Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal government should be determining immigration policy."

Did she pass out free Kool-Aid with that line? Newsflash Hillary: The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should be ENFORCING the immigration policy we have!!!!!

Clinton's announcement does not surprise me at all. If the Obamao administration spent as much time ambushing illegals and drug mules in AZ as they have ambushing the state government, we would see real progress. The only reason Americans are getting murdered and thousands of acres in OUR OWN LAND is off limits to our citizens is our Federal Government continues to play politics and takes no real action against illegals. Obamao should be down on the AZ border looking for some a $ $ to kick while Gibbs puts a boot to the throat of this issue (to use their language.)
Control our borders. Now!

Really? This is "journalism"? How can you pretend to be shocked that the federal government intends to use the courts to determine the legality of AZ's immigration law? Thats been clear to everyone since AZ approved the act!!
It's no wonder the majority of the citizens today feel the so-called "media" has been reduced to total insignificance by your lack of common sense and desire to seek truth instead of acting as a mouthpiece for whichever political interest you favor. Embarrassing and shameful. Thanks for nothing.

Illegal immigration is an issue America needs to fix.
Do you feel that the enforcement of immigration laws should be a federal matter or a state matter?

Hillary says: “President Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal government should be determining immigration policy.”

Did she pass out free Kool-Aid with that line? Newsflash Hillary: The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should be ENFORCING the immigration policy we have!!!!!

Clinton’s announcement does not surprise me at all. If the Obamao administration spent as much time ambushing illegals and drug mules in AZ as they have ambushing the state government, we would see real progress. The only reason Americans are getting murdered and thousands of acres in OUR OWN LAND is off limits to our citizens is our Federal Government continues to play politics and takes no real action against illegals. Obamao should be down on the AZ border looking for some a $ $ to kick while Gibbs puts a boot to the throat of this issue (to use their language.)
Control our borders. Now!

“Truth”, you’re an idiot! The cops are already there, boots on the ground. Arresting tens of thousands? This is not a witch hunt, if you have already committed a crime, they will check your immigration status…READ THE LAW! Feed, house, provide medical care….FYI we are already doing that.. so no change there. Transporting tens of thousands back to Mexico….that is the Feds job. You are right about one thing, “Immigration laws are to be made and applied by the Federal Government”. Well our illustrious Federal Government could care less. The AZ law is virtually identical to the Federal law, which is why it will stand. At some point you have to take care of your own house if big brother won’t.

And lastly, Brewer did it just to get re-elected? Duh! You’re a genius! I would like you to name just one politician that doesn’t do something like this to get re-elected…I’m waiting……Lie, steal, cheat, bully, scare…..from the President down to your local HOA board….they all do it.

Hillary and Obama behaving like they are part of human smuggling ring (coyote), where they take care of blocking Federal Immigration Law enforcement. Shame on you BO and HC! (borrowed words from Hillary)

Frankly I have now lost ALL respect for Hillary Clinton. Has dementia sent in for her and our government. I think Arizona should sucede from the union, they seem to be the only sane state in the nation.


My letter I sent to President Obama and his adminstration

I would like to address Mrs. Clintons's comments made in an Ecaudorean interview. I find it in poor judgment that she discussed the Obama administrations intentions outside of the US, without discussing this with the governing officials and people in the US first. I concur with Gov. Jan Brewer's statement: "To learn of this lawsuit against the AZ law through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous"

"President Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks the federal government should be determining immigration policy," I would only agree with this, if the federal government would implement better immigration policies and enforce them. But this is not happening. At the state level it can be handled more efficiently.

"The law's backers say Congress isn't doing anything meaningful about illegal immigration, so it's the state's duty to address the issue." Our country should be tougher on preventing illegal immigrants coming into this country NO MATTER what country they come from!

"Critics say it will lead to racial profiling and discrimination against Hispanics, and damage ties between police and minority communities". While I do support an individual's civil rights and do not want abuse to occur because of the AZ law, I believe EVERYONE should be able to prove citizenship if they are in this country. I would have no problem carrying documentation to prove my legal residency status. If I travel to any other country, I have to carry and provide documentation proving that I may be in that country, ESPECIALLY MEXICO! If I didn't provide my passport to police if I were stopped, then I would probably be put in jail or made to pay a bribe for my release. If this happened, then I have broken that country's law by not carrying documentation. I respect their laws in their land and must abide by them. If I have broken it, then I must pay the consequences. Why should it be any different here?

In a post 9/11 era, we need to do more to protect our country, our borders, our resources, and our tax dollars. I am a minority, not CAUCASIAN, none of my relatives received special privileges to be able to enter and remain in this country. I respect this, and would not want it otherwise. America should be taking a stronger stand on immigration policies, if it is not going to happen on the federal level, then the only other alternative is to allow it to be the responsibility of the each state.

I disagree with President Obama and his administrations opposition to the AZ law. We can not afford to support everyone in the world who is in this country illegally. If you want to implement programs in other countries to help the impoverished or needy, then this would be a better approach to prevent illegal immigration. However, we are already in financial debt crisis and cannot fully take care of all our own citizens. Thank you,

Barbara-Jean Young
Los Angeles, California

Something needs to be done about immigration but the Arizona law oversteps the bounds. I'm not worried about illegal immigrants getting deported, it's the hundreds of US citizens who will be deported illegally by the government. Just in the last few years, the US has deported over 300 US Citizen to Mexico City. If this law is enforced that number will skyrocket. The problem is Congress won't do its job in Washington. Sadly, it has been the Republican party that has prevented any movement forward. Bush tried to fix the problem but no one is willing to step up and make the hard decisions.

Why, oh why, do we have so many buffoons running our federal government? November 2010 and 2012 can't arrive too soon for me.

You are oll immigrant!!!!!....

Amazing. More proof of how ridiculously litigous some of the individuals in this country are. And how cowardly of the Obama administration to not relate this information directly to Jan Brewer. It's a disgraceful thing that Americans cannot tread safely on their own soil for fear of "offending" the very people who are causing this situation, worse yet to be sued for it by the government who is SUPPOSED to be protecting them. (read up on the danger zones of Arizona.) If Obama sympathizes and agrees so wholeheartedly with the Mexican government on this issue, why don't we just implement their procedures for those who cross the border illegally? (You know- instead of free food, medical, education, and reduced housing we throw them in jail for two years.) Wise up, America. This administration won't be happy until they've destroyed everything this country was founded on and USED to stand for. Read up and vote them out.

Immigration has always been a national issue, not a state's issue. Brewer is out of her league; don't mess with Hillary.

So who is representing Americans in this administration?

This administration is the worst thing to happen to this country . Two pea brains, two wars without end and now President Obongo is taking sides with people who are residing in this country illegally ! Just outrageous. If he thinks his polls are low now wait till the American people see him suing a state they will be even worse numbers and it will be part of his long downward spiral .

Speaking of racial profiling.... Pakistanis and others are coming through the Arizona borders and being mistaken as Mexican ILLEGALS. This is frightening because Chongo Obomo doesn't like the Arizona law - is he in cahoots with the drug cartel as well as the radical muslums also, why is he so protective of these ILLEGALS? What is his real agenda? Are the National Guard he is sending to do admin work going to make any difference or is that just a political move to help with the amnesty for his future votes? He's not going to do anything about this and is trying to stop AZ from taking care of it's problems. Seems to me this country is falling into the Hugo Chavez type leadership before our very eyes. To all the left-wing liberals - you are sending America down the socialist river. To all Americans who believe that America should be for the people - please vote in November and take our America back, voting is the ONLY hope we have and we can't be complacent - if you don't vote we don't stand a chance. Sending ILLEGALS back to their countries is not ILLEGAL or RACIST it is survival for America.

clinton has to prove that she is as stupid as the rest of the obama regiem. I bet she has not read the law, so she is following the lead of her mentor, and spouting off on something she doesn't understand

Jon wrote: "Immigration has always been a national issue, not a state's issue. Brewer is out of her league; don't mess with Hillary."


Here's an idea, Jon. Move to Mexico. Stay there. What's that? You're already there?? Oh that's right, probably an address in LA, eh?

Hey Hillary: Why don't you come to Arizona and see first hand what we are talking about! Get your head out of your behind and learn the facts. This is not a racist law -- we are trying to PROTECT America. We have no problem with people coming into this great country....just do it the proper way -- don't come over, work under the table and not pay taxes, then expect free healthcare and aid for housing, etc. Come over the legal way. I'm sick and tired of everyone claiming that this is racist. Good for Jan Brewer. Someone has to try to protect our borders. Hillary and Obama sure as hell don't care about it!

How about a class action against the federal government for failure to perform? And fraud.

Clinton's remarks on a TV show in Ecuador may not have been the proper way to alert the state of AZ that the Justice Department is going to sue, but, yes absolutely, the Justice Department should sue to nullify this law ASAP. Immigration policy and enforcement are international issues that involve negotiations and agreements between the USA and our northern and southern neighbors. States cannot be allowed to come up with their own schemes for enforcing immigration law to suit their short term political agendas that interfere with cooperative relationships with Mexico. AZ claims that SB 1070 is a crime fighting law when in fact it is a deportation plan, which can't work without the cooperation of ICE and the Border Patrol since state and local law enforcement officers can't deport anyone. This law has the tail wagging the dog. It will divert resources and interfere with priority setting that is the sole jurisdiction and authority of the federal government. Let's get on with it and have this law declared unconstitutional and nullified by the federal courts before it ever takes effect.

You are oll immigrant!!!!!....

Posted by: BENNY DODA | June 18, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Duh!!! But the difference between the illegal immigrants of today and my great-great-great grandparents (there may be an extra great in there, I can't remember) is that mine immigrated here by the immigration laws that were in place at the time... :-/

How much more MONEY do the American border states have? NONE, especially Californa and Arizona? These states are broke in part because of the huge burden of spending money on welfare services for illegal aliens. They get free housing, free schooling, free medical, food stamps, money, prisoners housing, etc. The US cannot continue to carry this load. These people should be shipped back to wherever they come from ASAP.

**Truth & BENNY DODA:** Both of you need to stop what you're doing, rethink your life, leave the internet, and go back to school - if nothing else than for a spelling and grammar class.

**CodyGirl:** Am I to assume that you'd just like the US to become part of the conspiracy-ish "North American Union," or perhaps just give up federal authority to the United Nations? You say: "immigration policy and enforcement are international issues that involve negotiations and agreements between the USA and our northern and southern neighbors." That is lunacy at best, and subversive at worst. Mexico does not have a say in United States domestic policy. Canada does not have a say in United States domestic policy. This is a sovereign nation, and we do not negotiate with *anyone* in regards to domestic policy, whether it be immigration laws or jaywalking laws. Have some pride in your country, for Christ's sake.

**JON & jreyes14:** Many people have made claims that the AZ law is unconstitutional, and many have made claims that immigration is a national issue and not a state issue.

1) **JON:** if you live in LA then you know how big of a "state issue" immigration is. Would you like to rephrase and say "immigration enforcement is a federal power and not a state power?" If so, see #2.

2)**jreyes14:** As most who are critical of SB 1070 haven't actually read it, I won't waste time by asking if you have; but have you even read the Constitution?

If so, please be so kind as to support your argument.

I'm like Socrates - I know nothing. That being said, I can understand what I read. As it so happens to be, I've read the Constitution, and I'd like to point out a few things which I highly recommend you read: Article I, Sections 8 & 10, Article IV, and the 14th Amendment - all the Constitutional text which deals with the powers of Congress, prohibited powers of the States, immigration, naturalization, and citizenship. Notice anything?

"But wait, Kelly! Article I Section 8 talks about a 'uniform Rule of Naturalization!'"

That's right it does, and it has absolutely nothing to do with SB 1070. SB 1070 deals with immigration enforcement, and not nationality law, which is under the sole purview of the federal government. Nowhere in the Constitution does it either explicitly nor implicitly limit or deny the rights of States to enforce federal law, which is what the Arizona legislation does.

Furthermore, in SB 1070 itself, under Section 2 - A, just to reinforce the point that the new law mirrors federal law and does not go against it, it is said:


The new policy enacted by Arizona is not illegal. It is not unconstitutional. And it is not racist. I implore you to approach this topic in a serious and responsible manner, research what you take issue with, and realize that the truth is there - so long as you're actually looking for it.

There will be a confrontation soon between Americans who want a halt to illegal immigration occupancy and the zealots who want open borders? NumbersUSA has all the answers to these question of those pandering to specific ethnic organizations and wants you to keep subsidizing illegal aliens their lives. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has the followers who see nothing wrong, for you to keep unceasingly pay-out for illegal alien families who need urgent care in hospitals, education for their children and other welfare programs Our country is 13 Trillion dollars in debt, which is mostly owed to Communist China. We have about 15 million people slogging the streets for jobs, but their is estimated to be 8.5 million foreigners working on bogus ID and Social Security numbers employed. If you haven't checked your Credit report lately, I suggest you do? My own Social Security number was compromised of all things by a person working for a Security Firm in Dallas, TX.

Apart from Sen. Reid who has to go, Pelosi in charge of our Homeland Security, Clinton, Holder, Morton, Boxer, Schumer and Graham are all set on--FORCING--through another financially crippling--AMNESTY. Now that this fury battle has been ignited by the Arizona SB 70 police law, we must not let this controversial issue sink quietly beneath the oil situation in the Gulf. Governor Brewer is an upstanding patriotic American and doesn't crawl to powerful influences of businesses who hire illegal aliens, ethnic caucuses and reams of other soft-brained idiots who want massive avalanches of people from South-North of the border or intentionally overstayed their visa. As a Independent, a Tea Partier I want politicians working for every American and legal entrant. Years of neglect have come back to haunt each political parties and now they are going to serve you a hundred billion dollar bailout, By legalizing criminal aliens who violated our sovereign law of defending our borders from drug criminals and others with criminal records escaping from foreign law enforcements. The criminal element is prevalent in the border state of Arizona, but if we don't throw out of office the spreading violence and criminal will get worse. IN EVERY STATE!. It's outrageous when an American public servant such as Madame Clinton reveals to a foreign Diplomat about our internal affairs before the US taxpayers who pay her salary.

Liberals are strictly behind this obnoxious push to obtain quasi--legitimate path to citizenship, which must be stopped at any cost. Learn about the corruption in Washington and in State Capitols in both ruling parties. Your vote is powerful, so its up to you and only--YOU! Obama's administration Czars are debunking our US Constitution and not following the voice of the people? Support the State of Arizona. Stop any immigration Amnesty as it will bankrupt many states. Don't follow the chaos that the Sanctuary--illegal alien--state of California is suffering from? Discover the abhorrent facts on NumbersUSA and Judicial Watch. Call your Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand their support of the state of Arizona or see the door in coming November elections.

BOOOOO Hillary Clinton!! Shame on you. I thought you supported the American People. It is very clear now that you do NOT!
And to think I would of voted for you for President. You are no better than our currant dissaster for Pres... Your husband Bill was a great President and I miss him.

Since when is it a crime to protect our borders? Shame on the Obama administration and all its ANTI-AMERICAN cronies.
I would vote for Jan Brewer for President in a heartbeat..

Obama and this administration is working on behalf of foreign dictators . He ignores the safety of America and the rights it's citizens, but cater to foreign enemies and illegals. I'm surprise at the number of low life and unqualified people Obama has appointed to office.

Kelly Q.

Your response indicates that you haven't got a clue about what goes on between nations over control of an international border like the USA/Mexico border. Immigrants are citizens of their country of origin. The way they are treated and whether or not their human and civil rights are respected while they are within the borders of another country is a matter of legitimate concern of their government. This is the case whether they are authorized to be in that country or not. What if a Mexican national is killed by a law enforcement officer while in the custody of the Maricopa sheriff's department on an SB 1070 violation? Who does Mexico's President Calderon complain to, Governor Brewer? This is an international matter that must be dealt with by the federal authorities. President Obama can't just pass the buck because AZ went rogue and self-deputized its law enforcement officer. What about bilateral agreements to stem the flow of drugs and enforce the law against the Mexican drug cartels or the American gun smugglers or money launderers? AZ officials can't negotiate or control these activities. There are many binational agreements and collaborative efforts going on all the time regarding activities at and around the border that are vital to our ability to enforce the law on both sides. It's not a matter of "having pride in your country" and it's not just an internal matter. It's a matter of understanding why immigration law and enforcement are under federal and not state jurisdiction and how states must not be allowed to interfere with those international relationships that support cooperative binational relationships. President Calderon already told us loud and clear what his country thinks of AZ's law and why. Mexico is prepared to join the feds as a Friend of the Court in this lawsuit. Arizona has no right to devise its own immigration enforcement scheme without the cooperation and consent of the federal government. If the feds sue, which they should, they will win since they are telling Arizona "no, you don't have our permission" and that should end this nonsense.

When you take away from Obama, the speech writer and the teleprompter, he becomes nothing.

Money aside, mexican people need love too.

Hillary - Do not allow your self to be used.
That is all it is, plain & simple.

The present administration will gain from this - it is those illegals that vote for Obama.

Hilary don't you have international concerns? Iran, North Korea. I guess Arizon is the biggest nuclear threat now!!!

Gov. Brewer there will be citizens from every state in the union supporting you in this.

"We" have read the law and understand it and why you needed to pass it.

Many of us still care about our Nation, our sovernity and our Constitution. Thanks for standing up and standing firm.

America is proud of you and the citizens of Arizona for doing the right thing!!!!!

so let me get this straight. AZ gets no help from the federal government to combat the anarchy going on in their state. Even better they get sued.

Check out Buttler County in Ohio.They are deporting aman who has been in this country for 20 years. Raised a family and paid taxs. Go to news paper artical and see for your self

This is sad


1. I was about to address your 'informed' commentary piece by piece, but all I have to say is this: there is an overabundance of empty rhetoric in your response. Where are your citations? What is your demonstrable evidence? I have pointed out specific articles and legislation which completely disproved the claims of the previous posters I was addressing. I challenge you to post specific lines from the Constitution or the United States Code which clearly backs you up, and therefore proves me wrong.

2. While you're at it, read up on the Peace of Westphalia. And not just the Wikipedia entry. It's good for everyone to know at least a little bit about the origins and architecture behind the modern international system.

3. Please read Articles 1 and 2 of the Constitution, then reread the wonderful quote where you said "If the feds sue, which they should, they will win since they are telling Arizona "no, you don't have our permission" and that should end this nonsense." Then, *hopefully,* you will know enough about our country to know that something a State does isn't illegal simply because they don't have the permission of the federal government to do it. Then you can silently apologize to the Founding Fathers, who are rolling over in their graves because of your assumption.

Wow...look at Hilary's face. If that doesn't look like a corrupt wench I don't know what else does. She is a witch and her stop at nothing regardless of how american feel attitude is total evidence that she is a truly evil person.

This kind of ego is amazing. The mafia runs our country now. The states will begin to pull away if this continues. The U.S. will break apart like the USSR did. I know they don't represent me or the people I know.

If Washington cared for this country they would agree and support Gov.Brewer. Just goes to prove that Obama and his ilk are socilaist and marxist. They dont care about me or you they only care about power and money. Control is what every politician wants. I'm also tired of everyone being offended in this country. The laws state you can persue happiness,not that you have a right to it. Turn the channel or walk away,your opinion doesnt only count. It only amounts to all of these fools we elect into office that don't listen to us, the ones that elect them, but to vote the way they see things. God help us in this nation. According to the stupid laws that all of these idiots in Washington create,if I go to church I could be a potiential terroist. It's so stupid. I say we stand up and make ourselves heard on that putrid hill!

It's typical of the NEW White House to deliver messages to the American public via reporters of another nation.

George Bush went to Canada, shortly after his term ended and told the American public to "...NOT practice protectionism". Meaning we don't have a right to call on the Government to see the real issues facing middle class citizens. Jobs, Economy, Health Insurance and other U.S. citizens issues have taken a back seat in order to cover all the needs of the NEW EMERGING America full of NEW IMMIGRANTS, and they happen to be "Anti-American".

Kelly Q.

It is not I who does not understand the Constitution and the concept of federalism. It is perfectly logical that immigration is a power reserved to the federal government because it involves international treaties and agreements. Read the Tenth Amendment. If the federal government does not relinquish its authority over immigration to the states, it retains this authority. A state such as Arizona cannot issue any kind of visas for anyone to enter the USA. Arizona cannot set up its own border authority and grant or deny admission to the USA. Arizona cannot enforce US customs laws, many of which involve international agreements. (Keep in mind that immigration enforcement falls under ICE, the Immigration AND Customs Enforcement agency.) I don't have to make these arguments. The Justice Department will make the relevant arguments in federal court so I don't have to. Remember that federal court judges take an oath to uphold the Constitution, not the laws of the state of Arizona. The Arizona legislature should apologize to the Founding Fathers for its lack of understanding and belief in the Constitution, but the federal court ruling that will come down with a nullification of SB 1070 will satisfy me. Without a respect for the Supremacy Clause, any of the 50 states could potentially get us into a war with our neighboring countries. When we think about it, it is very enlightening that the announcement of the Justice Department's suit against AZ came from our Secretary of State in a foreign country. Perhaps this is to emphasize that matters of foreign affairs are at stake in the feds' stance against a state usurping the federal governments' powers to determine immigration law and to enforce it.

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