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More Obama change to believe in: Americans now see him as a partisan Democrat

One of the 2007-08 Obama presidential campaign's changes that Americans believed in by the many millions was his oft-repeated promise to work with all sides no matter what and change the harsh political tone of Washington.

Good luck with that tired professed aspiration. George W. Bush promised the same thing a decade ago. That worked well for several minutes.Button Is it 2012 Yet?

Well, Bush is gone and the majority parties have switched places. Now Democrats run the whole D.C. show.

And after almost 17 months of Democrat Obama's White House administration, it appears Americans have given up on his promised bipartisanship, or even on less partisanship. It's an impressive squandering of good will from his inaugural glow.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds 61% of likely voters believe the nation's capitol will see more, not less,  partisanship during the next year. Which includes, of course, the unfolding midterm election campaigns leading up to Nov. 2.

The figure expecting increased partisanship is 50% higher than during the early days of Obama's term when only 40% were pessimistic about political cooperation.

Meanwhile, another new poll out this morning from Gallup finds Obama's approval among Hispanics has slipped 12 points just since January, apparently due to unhappiness with the president's unwillingness to pursue comprehensive immigration reforms this year. Only 57% of that core Democratic audience now approve of Obama, a steady decline in 2010.

The Rasmussen survey found 52% now think Obama is governing as a partisan Democrat; 61% believe his party's majorities are governing Congress in a partisan way under the deficit-stimulating leaderships of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Independents think both Republicans (54%) and Democrats (61%) are acting in partisan ways.

Also, 19% of the 1,000 surveyed last week said they believe there will be more political cooperation in Washington during the next year. But they've probably sobered up by now.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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If Mr. Obama bolts from the Democratic Party, it won't be the Tea Party he joins. He may even join the 'Starbucks Coffee Party' as he negotiates on the front Lawn of the White House historic agreements and decisions with others around the
the table with a few donuts included. The weather is nice and more relaxing oftentimes than the White House interior and atmosphere as he has been known to come to other agreements and settlements within the last year on the front lawn.

Bi-partisan cooperation may be more apparent after the November elections should many of the Democratic lawmakers lose their seats.

I am a Republican and I don't see Obama or Washington becoming more partisan as of late. I don't agree with this article or the poll at all.

is this not due very much to the Republican's refusing to work with him. Setting up road blocks all the way through?

I am a 47-year moderate Republican and I'm certain Lincoln would not recognize "his party". I've seen the right-wing of my party change into something I find repulsive and I will work to defeat them. I've seen a "soccer mom" resign froma governership to pursue celebrity dollars and then take umbrage at the suggestion "she may not be presidential material." It is with regret that I see similarities of extremism emerging in the uppermost echelons of Democratic party. Yet I remaim confident the moderates of both parties can continue to work together.

soooooo, are we going to vote these same Congress in power?

All politicians are partisan, unless they are independent, then they are wishy-washy. Anyone who thinks any President will not be partisan is really naive.

Obama partisan? I'm shocked, shocked!

The last great "partisan Democrat" was Franklin Roosevelt. He was a darn good President and saw to it the country survived some perilous times.



"Good luck with that tired professed aspiration. George W. Bush promised the same thing a decade ago. That worked well for several minutes."

You mean like when Bush & Ted Kennedy worked together for No Child Left Behind?

Or when Bush & Democrats created Medicare Prescription Plan?

Or the innumerable other times when Bush, to my personal disgust, crossed the aisle to work with Democrats?

Yeah that's sooo like Barack "I won" Obama.

obama's change was nothing but dead air when i first heard it.....word from my wise men in the family, never believe someone who promises many things...boy, were they right

RON PAUL 2012~

Partisan is that how you smell MORON? Oh now I get it.........The faster we get the "CHANGE" party out the faster we get our America back.
Funny I asked about six of the people that I knew who voted for the guy a simple question." So how is the change thing working for you?"
Guess what all of them said "I didnt vote for him!"

Quoting the conservative polling group Ramussen, what a joke.

Due to the current atmosphere of politics being extreme on both side bipartisanship concept should be thrown out the window in politics. Either one is conservative or liberal there cannot be anymore centrist. Conservatives will be promoting sending all the illegals back, dramatic budget cut(30%) across the board, reform retirement plan, term limit for congress, get rid of malpractice and liability suits, eliminate early retirements and all government employees and union worker's retirement and health care need to be absorbed by social security and medicare. Also unions and corporation needs to be ban from lobbying and getting involved in politics. Get rid of affirmative action and school prayer and pledges to the legion needs to be reinstated with draft system restarting. These will be the main plat form of conservatism and non of the above will be for the liberals. As much as the liberals demand their ideas it is about time for the conservatives who are majority these days to demand our rights and thoughts. Hope the message will come through this November.

Ummm ... the Republicans and Democrats are political *parties*. So is it any surprise that they are acting in "partisan" ways (ie., they are acting like "parties")? Isn't that true by definition?

Obama has always been a partisan Democrat. Nothing has really changed on that score. The parties agree on so few things these days that it's really almost silly to expect bipartisanship. What we get most from Washington these days (from either party) is basically just ass-covering, power-hoarding, special-interest coddling nonsense. Throw 'em all out and start over, I say.

"Obama's approval among Hispanics has slipped 12 points just since January, apparently due to unhappiness with the president's unwillingness to pursue comprehensive immigration reforms this year. "

'Apparently'? Based on what, conventional wisdom. Some of that 12% just might reflect the opposite, i.e., some legal immigrants' unhappiness with the President's hostility to Arizona's recent illegal immigration laws. Poll after poll shows that even a majority of Democrats support these laws. Surely that includes some Hispanics. Why do so many people assume racial blocks are so monolithic? That's some pretty lazy thinking.

And that is because the republicans refuse to get anything done except obstruct on the simple basis that he is in office. How pathetic... politics. He should ram policies down the throats just like GW Bush did.

A national security strategy that lists healthcare reform as a deciding goal, and a Justice Department whose primary goal is to protects minority rights, at the cost of majority lives.

This is a national security strategy for minorities. It is not a national security strategy that protects the majority of americans.

This man throws allies under the bus in order to ingratiate himself with our enemies, and then throws the majority of us under the bus, to terrorism, in order to ingratiate himself with illegal immigrants for their minority votes.

Nov 2, 2010. Then impeach him for attempting to illegally influence the elections of Sestak and Romanoff.

Your headline says "NOW" What?! Some pretty smart Americans believed in his obvious partisanship all along. I am one of the Americans who always believed, based on FACTS, that Mr. Obama, now President Obama, was partisan-pro democrat, overtly liberal and grossly underqualified to lead this country. My belief has not changed.

The amazing part is that 100% of people didn't know he was a partisan democrat during the campaign. The signs were all there, you have to ignore what he says and watch what he does. (or listen to what he says in front of people who think like he does, like the unions) The experiment will be over in 2012.

And the insanity continues....

Give the GOP credit. By snubbing Obama at every possible turn, especially in the beginning of his Presidency, and as they whipped up GOP rank-and-file hysteria (let's not forget all those Conservatives showing up with guns at Obama rallies convinced that he was a Muslim born in some foreign land), the GOP have effectively undermined bipartisan cooperation, and of course, the blame will trend toward Obama. The GOP has become a fanatical Party, and America suffers for it.

how is it possible to work with people who won't work with you?
Obama was elected as a Democrat, he is right to govern as one. That is what elections are about.

Please. The only reason he's seen as a partisan is that the knee-jerk Republicans have determined to oppose anything he proposes.

Today’s Democrats obtain power by redistributing property to buy votes. They are so obsessed with power that they have already burdened future generations with public debt and structural deficits that are unsustainable. Now, in allegiance with the government of Mexico, they are literally giving away both the wealth and the sovereignty of the American people to the people of Mexico.

Of course, Comrade Barry is a partisan Democrat. In fact, he is the Redistributor-in-Chief. His idea of leadership is to rob the producers and reward failure. Confronted with an actual crisis, Barry is clueless. Once the teleprompter readings are over, the best our self-proclaimed “Best and Brightest” can do is play golf, shoot hoops, take vacations or sit for private concerts.

We have already run out of other peoples’ money. We are now taxing away the investment capital that creates the private sector jobs and opportunities that keep the whole system afloat. We are eating our seed corn.

Sooner or later, we will learn that it is not possible to tax, spend and redistribute our way to prosperity. The only remaining questions are: (1) how much damage to our economy will we sustain and (2) how much pain will we endure before we figure it out.

It is inaccurate to state, "Now Democrats run the whole D.C. show." One of the three branches of government, the Supreme Court, is not run by the Democrats. The rules of the Senate such as the 60 votes for cloture has impeded the enactment of legislation passed by the House. An individual Senator's objection to Presidential nominees has impeded staffing of the executive branch positions.

Obama is still the #1 mystery man of our times. Is he a closet Marxist, closet Muslim, Manchurian Candidate? See how deep his rabbit hole goes with the Historyscoper's Obamascope, filled with links to check facts and go deeper:

Thank goodness the republicans appose Barack Obama's policies. Everything he has put into action is a threat to the safety of our economy and security of America. This very angry man keeps his anger well hidden. He is and has always been angry at America because of the power it has. Obama thinks we are too dominate over muslim countries. Can't you see the things he's doing are dragging this country into a hole?

Look at Obama's unqualified appearance as president. He seems lost and confused with the many problems facing America today. He is not in leadership mode. His focus seems to be on basketball baseball golf, jetting around the country campaigning and partying with entertainers at the White House. He will blame others for all the problems America have, make a tough statement, but never assemble the right people and take steps to solve the problems. First stop the oil leak, find the reason it happened, then place the blame and maybe file a lawsuit.

If only he were a partisan Democrat.

this blog rates pretty high on the partisan hackery scale...quoting the partisan gop hack rasmussen at length to build an argument? other commentors have noted, the partisan hacks in what's left of the party of no has been doing the congressional "uncompromising," not the other way 'round


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