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Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really

Woody Allen

The notorious and formerly funny movie director Woody Allen is apparently frustrated with the cumbersome operations of American democracy too.

The one-time-father-now-husband-of-his-daughter tells the Spanish-language magazine La Vanguardia that the United States' Democratic Smoker-in-Chief could accomplish a whole lot more from his White House if he didn't have so many disorderly, annoying people objecting, distracting and criticizing him all the time.

Such social messiness has been known to occur in functioning democracies, even cinematic ones, although less often on celebrity-strewn movie sets under the direction of a dictatorial director.

"It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly," Allen is quoted as saying.

Allen is also said to have said:

I am pleased with Obama. I think he is brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.

With healthcare and the economy now fully fixed, no doubt one area in urgent need of sweeping Obama-style reforms would be targeting movie reviewers who write negatively about Hollywood. Or about its politician favorites.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Woody Allen should be in jail - he is a child molester. Why does he even get the time of day from the media? Its the media that continues to highlights this BS!!!

What do you expect from a guy who married his step daughter?

At some point, hasn't Woody Allen made enough money?

Absolutely friggin' unbelievable!

Woody, take the next flight to France AND STAY THERE.


Woody Allen is an idiot

not only a pervert but a fascist

Well... Consider the Source.

I suppose i could trash Woody Allen for being a socialist, narcissistic, pedophile ignoramus with dictatorial - monomaniacal - megalomaniacle tendencies, but that would be like calling the atmosphere a giant gasbag...

Duh. Of course.

Woody Allen is, quite obviously, a moron.

Woody supports both Roman Polanski and Barak Hussein Obama.
One is accused of child rape, the other is accused of doing similar things to our constitution. Well, let's forgive them both, it's not like they married their own daughters for goodness sake!

Yes, we should all listen to Woody Allen that tower of virtue and wisdom. Isn't he the one who screwed his underage adopted daughter under his wife's nose and then left his wife and married the underage adopted daughter? Yes, I'm sure we should be listening to the likes of Woody Allen on how to run America.

Remember, "no enemies to the left".... even if it means the implementation of Liberal Fascism.

Is anyone surprised that Woody Allen said this? The real shame is that he's the only leftie willing to admit what the majority of them are thinking.

Don't let them, or anyone shred the Constitution.

Yeah, so how did that "temporary dictator" thing work out for the Romans?

And those "Emergency Powers" granted by the Reichstaag in '33?

It always works so well...I'm surprised we don't do it all the time!

Someone needs to SLAP this SILLY Creature who poses as a man. He doesn't deserve a ROUNDHOUSE Punch---since he isn't a MAN!

Why would anyone listen to this man's opinion on politics or anything else? "Formerly funny" is right... and pedophile to boot.

Why is that it's always "secular progressives" who are so impatient with ... progress? How is it that Allen, who feigns all so much WISDOM (despite rehashing the same soft 60s mashup of French sex-istentialim) wants a dictator to "get things done"? Is it because progress is like a Tibetan mandala made of sand ... wiped clean in a matter of seconds what took days to build? Is it because after Woody and his ilk stopped believing in God they went ahead and filled the world with all their perverted imaginings and neurotic fears - confabulations more harmful than any ever wrought?

With Obama's track record on Israel, I'm not sure making him a dictator would be a good idea. I will never understand these self-loathing Jews. The President has done nothing but turn his back on you, please wake up.

Woody, go live in Cuba, they have exactly what you need.

Woody Allen, who last created when making "Sleeper" and leads a small hurd in their desire to free fellow pervert Roman Polanski of a rape conviction, sees all the glee that would prevail under the wisdom and free guidance of the Dear Leader. After all, ol' Woody lives in New York City and California; two social states of mind. Though they don't have balanced budgets and are on the verge of default - well, that's George Bush's fault too. Right?

Scary thing is that Obama and his minions feel the same way. Time to hang them up, Woody.

To the media outlet who publishes this tripe: Any media outlet that would listen to a incestuous pedophile pervert with an IQ slightly less than room temperature that is circulating a petiton to exonerate another convicted pedophile (Polsanski) is not worth using at the bottom of a birdcage.

To Woody: Your 15 minutes of fame were up decades ago. No one cares what you think anymore. Please go away and stop displaying your total lack of coherent thought - you are embarassing yourself.

The last time Jews had a dictator, I don't think it turned out too well. Those who forget the past...

What a moron!!!Wow got a good one there. You know if it wasn't for a few relatives of mine that live in your state, I would just assume you slide right off in to the Pacific.

Yes, just what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they ratified the Constitution. And of course Spain would know all about the many virtues of having dictators. Let's follow Spain's example. We can scrap the Constitution and bring back The Divine Right of Kings. After all, up to 1776 it worked really well. Kneel, all ye serfs, before Good King Barack! King Barack. Has a nice dignified African sound. Queen Michele. Hmmm. Not so much.

Mr. Allen should be aware that the fact that Mr. Obama's political party controls both the House and Senate with overwhelming majorities. The way the government has been running the past 17 months is not all that different from a dictatorship.

Sadly in a Democracy people do get to vote and this November will certainly see the American people take the near dictatorial powers away from Mr. Obama. So things like Cap and Trade will need to be put on the front burner if there is any chance for them to be voted into law.


This is ridiculous. I can't believe a "legitimate" newspaper would print this story. Furthermore, I can't believe a US city would discount a US state from doing business with it but would allow purchasing goods from other countries that violate human rights everyday. That's just Loco.

since when has Woddy Allen been relevant 1970-what

Are you completely out of your freakin' mind? No, Obama and company need to be tried for treason and sedition and then given the appropriate punishment.

FTA: "With healthcare and the economy now fully fixed, no doubt one area in urgent need of sweeping Obama-style reforms would be targeting movie reviewers who write negatively about Hollywood. Or about its politician favorites."

WTF ? ObamaCare and the Economy are fixed, F'n news to me.

Woody who?

I used to enjoy Allen but he has gone so far around the bend it is not even funny. He does not see his life is a caricature of himself.

He has not done a film of note in years.
His relationship with his current wife is repellent approaching House of Atreus proportions: he beds the girl while she was still a minor and the petitions for leniency for Roman Polanski. For a man who famously spent so much time on the couch dealing with his guilt, he has none and no shame to boot.

But with his desire for Obamarchy, dictatorial powers, here Allen shows he might be a full blown drooling lunatic. While I have not doubt most leftist would fall on their knees to have their beloved Obama in power forever, the fact is our system of law was created to prevent precisely that. This comment was beyond the pale and convinces me yet again that boycotting of all films starring scientologists or made by Allen or starring Nick Nolte or Vanessa Redgrave is the right thing to do. When you reward extremist idiots, you get more extremist raving.

Woody Allen is an idiot. This is America, you don't like it, go Cuba or Venezuala and stop wasting everyone's time with your stupid movies about your insecure self.

Typical libtard idiot

This guy is a committed Socialist, just like Obama. I wonder, will the 2012 elections take place. Obama always sends his friends out to send up these flags to see how we will react. Can anyone say martial LAW....

George Bush would have made a great dictator too. Move to Moscow Woody, I'm sure they'll love you there.

Does anyone really care what this idiot thinks?

Ha! Woody Allen... now there's a glowing endorsement.

How brilliant! This is adds to the pile of proof that this country has produced some ablsolute morons. Wood Allen has lost his mind. I love how under "Post a comment", you may not participate in the message board if you are under 13. However, you would be eligible to sleep with Woody Allen if he were your adoptive Father.

If Woody Allen and all the other whack jobs like him (read: Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, et al.) thinks dictatorships are such great things then please by all means, move to Venezuala, Cuba, North Korea or any of the other dictatorships.... because we sure won't miss you or your crappy movies.

The mentally ill shouldn't be laughed at. Of course they shouldn't be listened to either

"Top Political Strategist Woody Allen"

Enough said!

Doesn't he have a clue how anti-Semitic Obama is??

Woody Allen is an idiot !

There is no possible way he is serious. A Dictator? Did the lights burn his brain or something? I'm sure he would ask his benevolent dictator to decriminalize incest as his first act. Luckily, I've only halfway watched one of his movies and thought it was terrible before it wasted any more precious minutes of my life.

Exit Stage Left Woody.

Dictators can be found in every corner of the world. Because of that, Mr. Allen has many to choose from. I suggest he researches the dictator that best fits his need to be "Ruled"... and move there. I bet it would be a toss up between N.Korea (because of his lust for young Asian women and their adoption/marriage policy) and the corporate take-over-loving Venezuela.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "The United States represents the last gasp of freedom left in the world." Why would this man want to change a country that has given him so much??? Pretty stupid for someone who portends to be so intelligent! Don't you think!

Wow! This is what our liberal pinco friends think. Don't be fooled. He was sincere when he said it. A Dictator? Isn't Woody a Jew? Din't he learn about how dictators tend to want to send Jews to the ovens? This guy is no Jew. He is not very funny anymore. People laugh at him, not with him.

Is this Wanker still alive? Goodness, I thought he was in jail for having sex with underage girls - Oh wait, that's the OTHER Hollywood director pedophile - Must be he is just getting older and more senile - hmmm - hold-on - maybe that is just ALL the idiot Obama supporters out there - REMEMBER NOVEMBER 2010/2012

Woody hasn't made a good movie in over a decade and with these comments we see why. He's lost his mind years ago.

Vomit! This is awesome, it just shows how wildly out of touch and twisted Hollywood is. How un American! The crazy part is not SO much that this ding bat said this, its that I bet most of Hollywood is thinking it. Just go back to your latte and mansions and try not to think to hard, leave that to the rest of us real hard working Americans.

Mao and Stalin would love him . . . I'm sure BO does

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