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Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really

Woody Allen

The notorious and formerly funny movie director Woody Allen is apparently frustrated with the cumbersome operations of American democracy too.

The one-time-father-now-husband-of-his-daughter tells the Spanish-language magazine La Vanguardia that the United States' Democratic Smoker-in-Chief could accomplish a whole lot more from his White House if he didn't have so many disorderly, annoying people objecting, distracting and criticizing him all the time.

Such social messiness has been known to occur in functioning democracies, even cinematic ones, although less often on celebrity-strewn movie sets under the direction of a dictatorial director.

"It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly," Allen is quoted as saying.

Allen is also said to have said:

I am pleased with Obama. I think he is brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.

With healthcare and the economy now fully fixed, no doubt one area in urgent need of sweeping Obama-style reforms would be targeting movie reviewers who write negatively about Hollywood. Or about its politician favorites.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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He's married to his daughter. Is there a need to say anything else?

I'm sorry, but if you think that healthcare and the economy is now fully fixed, then you have lost any shred of credibility you may have had and should try writing fiction.

If Woody Allen thinks a dictatorship would be so great, he's more than welcome to go live in North Korea. I'll be happy to pitch in on the ticket!

Gee, a Jew who longs for a dictator! This over-the-hill minor comedic talent must have forgotten about Nazi Germany. And, if Obama does become dictator, the first thing he might do is demand the death penalty for old men who have sex with their wives and girlfriends' daughters. Then it would be, "Bye bye, Woody."

This has to be some kind of bit, to get a rise out of someone or maybe get his name/face back in the mainstream - otherwise he would have to be a complete idiot...

There's a caveat to this. It should be noted that Woody Allen only thinks this should happen if Obama lowers the age of consent to 7.

Time to trade in for a newer model.

He's right... Hitler, Stalin and Sadam Hussein were able to get alot done during their reign also. It's time for ol' Woody to pack it in.

Only an IDIOT would believe that Obama is Brilliant!..
Wake up and get you head out of your behind...

Are you kidding me...Woody Allen honestly think that of the WORST PRESIDENT the UNITED STATES has ever had?...
I think I will puke now...

Never thought you were funny and I don't think I ever pervert

Who can comment, the guy has steeped too long in his own juices.


I've never read anything so glibly uninformed and pompously juvenile as Allen's comments. He should stick to Hollywood or perhaps move to North Korea.

Hey Woody, why don't you jump off of the George Washington Bridge you pedophile! But, before you do that, read the Constitution of the United States of America.

No free nation deserves a dictator, even if only for a few years. Nothing good can come of it. Nothing.

What a complete idiot! The man who was a father now is the husband of his daughter. What a complete jerk. This is as nice as I can possibly say it. He is scum from the syrup of a pigsty.

The writer of this is correct when he refers to Allen as 'formerly funny'. Allen has been a bit warpped for quite awhile now. It seems like a lot of 'Hollywood' type people that when they get rich, would like a communist or nazi type dictatorship. I guess after ordering a lot of people around making some kind of fantasy film makes them forget about the freedom that got them where they are now. Some kind of total detachment from reality. People seem so eager to throw away this gift of freedom for some kind of stifling control. It is really very sad and going to get a lot sadder.

Does anyone really care what Hollywood types have to say?

They're all weird to begin with.

Amazing enough Woody Allen is once again hilarious .

Hey Woody! I am right in there with you. I hope one of his first dictatorial powers would be to order a lobotomy for you.

It's so refreshing (and incredibly rare) when the left is honest. Thanks Woody.

Woody, it looks like you've joined the ranks of absurdity and lunacy. We don't want your communist rantings. Go back to Hollywood where you belong!

The Republicans should get out of his way?
Hey,dummy, Obama has the majority in both Congress and the Senate.
Why are liberals so stupid?

It is well known , that a Men , who could become His Own Children 's Grandfather , Could , maybe , I mean , I'm just saying , " Contribute Very Logic Political Advise , To The Most Succesfull Representative-Republic, and , untill now the most ( Financial Succes ) inthe History of Mankind , Ahh , yes Mr . Woody Allen Is , and has been an Actor, writer , director, within this country, U.S.of A. , DUHH . , I had Forgotten He , played a "DICTATOR" , once in the very funny Banana Republic . , Thank You , mr. Allen for your great contributions, BUT NO , THANK YOU ! ! !

The 1st thing most dictators do upon assumption of power is execute or incarcerate mouthy liberals to silence them.
Be carefull what you ask for you just might get it.

Woody, these nice people will help you. Please just get in the truck with them. Try this nice new coat on. It'll help you relax.

Hey Woody, maybe dictator Obozo will sent you to a concentration camp. It's funny how 60's anti-establishment types now all look to the government to change their diapers.

Woody is definitely in the running for the highly coveted "Simp of the Year" award. This is hilarious, unfortunately a hand full of people will agree.

This Pedophile should have been cooling his heels in the slammer years ago. Disregard for human life is the first qualification of a dictator. I'd say Obama has shown he can be a very qualified dictator. Too bad he hasn't a clue about the presidency.

A child molester supports dictatorial powers for a Marxist cockroach.

Sounds about right...

What a true idiot...and he says this on foreign soil...let him stay there !!

Alzheimer’s is a terrible thing to witness.

Stick to blowing your clarinet Woody. It’s a good place for your excess hot air.

what else could we expect from a pig like him.....?????
this guy should be in prison also..... for raping his adopted daughter..... these pigs stick together, that's for sure.... we should round them all up and burn them at the stake...... PIGS PIGS PIGS..... useless PoS, all of Hollywood..... boycott these pigs....

Woody, wake-up and smell the swastikas! We already have a Dictator. The only thing missing is the mustache. As for getting more done,...Obama takes away about a freedom a day. Next, he'll be telling us when we can fart. How much faster do you want him to go? Maybe he ought to start with you!

That is the last thing Ameica needs is a dictator that can run amuck on everybody. What is wrong with this guy.Oh it's Woody Allen this is now suprise.

I'm really at a loss for words...maybe others are too considering this is the first comment posted. These people are unbelievable. Don't all these flaming liberals in HOllywood and the media realize that they would be the first groups targeted in a Communist regime.

What is Woody smokin'? This is the most absurb thing anyone can even think of - much less be serious about.

Mr Allen. That kind of thinking is frightening. How on earth could you wish away our republic? We battle with banter and elections. Sorry that annoys you. At least Progressives are coming clean with their pro Marxist rhetoric. Please leave.

Clearly dementia has now set in and we ALL should listen to him, because he is a celebrity; a former creative director; an endless spineless neurotic.

You fill in the blank.


Hey LA Times....

In the first line of your "story" you say: "The notorious and formerly funny movie director Woody Allen is apparently frustrated with the cumbersome operations of American democracy too." Problem is... we don't live in a democracy.... this is a representative republic. This kind of crap reporting destroys any credibility you might have had. But what do I expect from people who worship at the alter of the government.... you know nothing and it shows.....

And this surprises anyone because...?

Woody either needs to resume taking his medication or stop having sex with animals.

Top political strategist Woody Allen? The libs are now touting Woody Allen as a strategist?.....way too funny...this article is a joke as is the LA Times...get real journalists not jr high wannabees...... I think Obama should resign, does that make me a republican strategist?

Does anyone find the sad irony of a Jew wanting a person to be a dictator? But, then it is Hollywood, and we should all bow to the vast knowledge and wisdom that abounds in this center for intellectual achievement.

Here's an idea! Let's make California it's own country and Obama can be their dictator. The rest of us can feel free to move on. Sound good?

This is exactly the mindset of the Hollywood liberal left and why they have no credibility.

Most people are aware that this actor/director has been a communist all his life and a traitor also. No one listens to this little, fool anyway. Wow, I stupid can this guy be?
This another reason so many normal people in the US now despise Hollywood and the people in that business.

Good thing Hitler wasn't born later in the century. Good 'ol Woody would probably vote for him into office as well.

The liberal intelligentsia has long fostered the myth of the benign left-wing dictatorship. Many artistic heroes, including George Bernard Shaw, spoke glowingly about the wonders of Stalin, and dismissed the many atrocities committed by the Soviet State in the name of "the people" as merely breaking a few eggs in order to make an omelet. Unfortunately, those "eggs" turned out to be about 20 million eggs -- or people, rather, who died under various Stalinist purges and policies. Whether you look at right wing dictators or left-wing dictators, the world provides not one single example of absolute (that is, dictatorial) power used for benign purposes, to the benefit of mankind. That Mr. Allen would suggest that the world would benefit from an Obama dictatorship demonstrates how little he thinks of the average person, as well as his utter lack of historical perspective.

Should have seen it coming...El Presidente in Bananas.

What a loon. Put him in the middle of Nebraska and see if he can make it back to NY. A little too much Kool Aid.

Yah, maybe he could get the trains to run on time, eh. What a corrupt and hypocritical mindset is "liberalism".

Why should ANYONE be surprised at the same guy who schtupped his stepdaughter for years, then turns around and eagerly signs the petition to grant Roman Polanski clemency, would like the Community Organizer-in-Chief the full Hitler power?
Anyone at all?

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