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We're voting for Dale Peterson for Alabama ag commissioner (because we're scared of him)


We're voting for Dale Peterson.

Yes, we know. We don't live in Alabama. Nor do we have a vote. We don't even know what Alabama's agriculture commissioner does. We're just afraid of what will happen if we don't.

Alabama is the place to be if you're tired of prepackaged, sanitized, Velveeta-like political candidates.

Other places have political contests. In Alabama, it's the OK Corral.

First there was Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James and his unequivocal message to weak-kneed 'We Are the World' lovers: "This is Alabama. We speak English. If you want to live here, learn it."

But Peterson takes it to the next level. In his bid for the GOP nomination for ag chief, Peterson makes James look like a sissy. Toting a shotgun and calling his opponent a "dummy," Peterson vows to "name names and take no prisoners."

"Thugs and criminals" are the problem with the current state of affairs, he says. That and they don't "give a rip about Alabama."

"I've been a farmer, a businessman, a cop, a Marine during Vietnam. So listen up," he barks.  

Yes sir. In fact, we'll embed the video below so not to interrupt you, Mr. Peterson.

However he does in his campaign, you have to credit his ingenuity. When silly season gets underway, voters get careened with an avalanche of political ads. This one stands out. 

Really stands out.

Not only in the paid media world, but he's getting a ton of earned media attention. Sure, people are having a lot of fun at his expense (not us), but you can't beat the reviews:

"Best campaign ad ever," writes Dan Fletcher at Time magazine.

"There's no place like Alabama," swoons Brian Montopoli at CBS.  This is a "must-watch spot," he adds.

"Possibly the greatest political campaign ever," notes the Guardian's Richard Adams.

Without further ado...

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo:  Alabama agriculture commissioner candidate Dale Peterson. Credit: YouTube

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I suppose it's pedantic, but it's a lever action rifle not a shotgun.

In one shot--not every shot--he's got his finger on the trigger. I took the NRA's Hunter Safety course in 8th grade, and I was told that is not how anybody with half a brain holds a gun.

HILARIOUS!!!this looks like a lorne michaels prodution. didn't think it was legit at first but it went on FB anyways.
ANDDDD he's "toting" a rifle not a shotgun. a prop by the looks of it.

Good article, but that isn't a shotgun. It is some sort of lever action rifle.

Well from Los Angeles it may look like a shotgun but it is a 94 Winchester RIFLE.

And Dale remember traing, keep finger OFF trigger.

Great ad!

Jimmy, Peterson is obviously not on your wave-length. Had you been a targeted voter of his, you would instantly know that he was carrying a carbine, not a "shotgun." Your smirky jibes would get you nowhere in the fields where he lives and works, I'm guessing.

took me several times of watching this and wondering why they focused on the horse for 2 seconds... and then i realized they were trying to do a mr. ed spoof "whhhoooo on earth would support such a dummy?" Amazing.

This is the sort of man who made this country great. Maybe the cons at acorn can get me an absentee ballot.

Just a small reminder to California. People who live in America, you know, that country you used to be part of, don't give a crap what California thinks.

Great ad. The only thing he doesn't do is rope and brand cattle in the spot. That isn't a shotgun, it's a Winchester model 94 .30-30. Great brush gun.

Many modern writers have been taken in by the simpering movieland images of farmers and hence, mistake historical reality.

Dale Peterson may lose, but in the end, farmers will not lose.

They are simply too important to life.

Good review of the ad, but that's no shotgun.

Uhhh...that's a rifle DUMMY! Not a shotgun! And a damned fine one at that! Vote Peterson!

We'll see -- if this cat wins -- just how well he keeps his word. The agricultural commissioner enjoys a pretty high profile, and lots of folks are interested in the tasks carried out and decisions made by the dept.

Vote for Peterson and he'll rid Alabama of all the rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bulldykes, train robbers, bank robbers, a-kickers, s-kickers and Methodists.

I just wish Mr. Peterson were running for something in my state. I'd vote for him for sure.


Petersen's ad says he was a "Marine DURING Vietnam"

Is this guy pulling a -semi-Blumenthal?

Was he a IN Vietnam..........or was he hiding under his desk in Washington with that lying disgrace Blumenthal ?

I honor Mr. Petersen's service and hope he is not trying to pull a fast one.

Sounds like my (late) Grandad at Sunday dinner.
In the state I live in, the Ag Commish runs the concealed weapons permit office, so it's very important to gun rights advocates.

BTW a Winchester-type rifle is single action. It won't fire unless the hammer is cocked. So, I agree his finger on the trigger is bad form, but it's not truly dangerous.

OooooRah!! Gota Love It!!

I'm a small family farmer from Alabama, and if that moron gets elected I'm moving to Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, or wherever the hell I have to avoid admitting to people, "Yep, Dale Peterson is my state's Ag Commissioner".

If you look closely, you can see that there are actually 2 horse's asses in that video, one of them just happened to be wearing a hat.

Yep, people are stealing his signs around here. This guy is a piece of work. He is as anti-animal as it gets (commissioner of agriculture is responsible for animal welfare in the state, among other things). Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't shoot the horse just "fer lookin' at him funny" after the cameras stopped rolling. He doesn't have the support of ALFA (Alabama Farmer PAC). He's an embarrassment. And hey, Alabama is embarrassed enough. He's bad for Alabama. We're sending him to California.

Dear Alabama Hates Peterson, Thank God Dale is not backed by ALFA-the same bunch of crooks that threated a female writer for breaking the story on Dorman Grace's illegal campaign contributions (which by the way may still put him in prison), they have been caught stealing & destroying private property & campaign signs. Now on Memorial Day weekend they are attempting to smear an honorably discharged marine veteran.

You want to know why ALFA supports Grace-is they OWN HIM BOUGHT & PAID for. Try reality it is a fairly nice place to live.

Is this the same Dale Peterson who killed a grizzly bear with his bare hands?


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