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Some U.S. Treasury websites hacked, taken offline

CashYou might want to think twice about visiting the U.S. Treasury Department's websites -- not that you would anyway.

Several government sites were compromised, administrators learned on Monday, and the administrators are still working to remedy the problems.

Four domains associated with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing were hit by a malicious attack. As a result, a bug on the site would attempt to infect visitors' PCs.

A bureau representative says the sites affected are,, and

Since the intrusion, the sites have been taken offline, wrote bureau spokeswoman Claudia Dickens in an e-mail. Instead of an explanation when loading those pages, visitors simply see a "page not found" error.

"Through discussions with the provider [that hosts the websites' servers], BEP is aware of the remediation steps required to restore the site and is currently working toward resolution," Dickens wrote.

If you've visited any of the four ailing sites in the last couple days, you may want to get your computer checked.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Associated Press

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RIGHT, someone is going to hack four domains associated with the bureau of engraving and printing to leave a virus, i smell a cover up, they got want they on the new 100 dollar bill, as always the goverment lies to save their behinds.

the internet is still the wild wild west. i am surprised only that this type of thing doesn't actually happen more often. And i would imagine the gov is more exposed to this kind of risk and anyone.


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