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Rand Paul celebrates win at snooty country club, but that's OK because of Tiger Woods


When you have a good answer to what could be a public relations quagmire, you have two options: keep repeating it or bring up Tiger Woods.  

Guess what the politician did?

Rand Paul had every reason to celebrate.  The champion of the flag-waving, "throw the bums out" -spouting Tea Party movement just knocked off the establishment candidate in Kentucky's Republican senate primary.  The only problem?  

The ordinary, average guy (just like the Joe Walsh song) had his victory party at a snooty country club.  You can see the problem.  The Democratic National Committee sure did.  They pounced on it.

It's a "lesson in how not to launch a ‘man of the people’ campaign," snarled the DNC's Hari Sevugan.

No kidding.  Every Democratic candidate always celebrates in a bowling alley, a Wal-Mart parking lot or the local gravel pit.

Of course, it was a smart move by the DNC.  They saw an opportunity and took it.  

Have no fear, Paul supporters.  He had a good answer.  Appearing on CNN, Paul said hotels were "generic and boring" and he liked the view at the club.  Plus, the facilities were free (good for the fiscal restraint message) and everyone was invited.  

He solved the problem.

So why didn't he just repeat that while appearing on "Good Morning America" Wednesday morning?  Who knows?  That's what makes election season great to watch.

Responding to Robin Roberts' question if his choice of venue sent a "mixed message," Paul's wheels fell off.

"I think at one time people used to think of golf and golf courses and golf clubs as being exclusive," Paul said.  "But I think in recent years now you see a lot of people playing golf. I think Tiger Woods has helped to broaden that in the sense that he’s brought golf to a lot of the cities and to city youth, and so no, I don’t think it’s nearly as exclusive as people once considered it to be."

A terrible response?  Without question.  Did he enter the Joe Biden zone?  That's another league.

To Paul's credit (watch the video below), he didn't stammer or stumble when bringing up Woods.  It didn't sound like he was grasping for an answer.  Sure, it didn't make any sense -- at all.  But it's a campaign.

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo:  Rand Paul at a country club on election night.  Credit:  YouTube

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I don't know about it being overly "snooty." I was there last night---it wasn't that nice of a place and there were lots of people there including his whole family. The campaign people and volunteers genuinely worked very hard taking the Republican party back from the neo-cons - I'd say that is cause for a party.

At least we have a intelligent President of the people who made only 5.5 million dollars last year and refuses to play golf with two wars going on and economic doom on the horizon... wait a minute

So what did Paul say that is incorrect? Are people doubting Tiger Woods' contribution in making golf more "hip" and mainstream. Please try to formulate a cogent reply without engaging in an Obama worship.

If you think this was lame, catch his appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show. Never answer a simple question. But paragraphs of rambling historical references, personal disclaimers, and hypotheticals could not cover up the obvious fact that Paul thinks any business is entitled to segregate and discriminate at will. He is the dream candidate for racists (he assures us he is not, but policy-wise its a meaningless claim)looking for a front man to spearhead a push back fo civil rights.

Stop attacking Dr. Paul. He is going to make an excellent US Senator.

What is wrong with country clubs? Are you a bad person if you enjoy a nice private place to work out, dine, and engage in recreational sports? Is that bad in Obama's America? Does only the privileged political class and big financial firms get to enjoy these amenities now, while the rest of us lower our standard of living to finance their new vision for America? I am a member of a local country club and the people are very nice. There is also a PGA tournament at my club that brings in added revenue to the area. It also employs a lot of working class people and immigrants, I am sure the same is true of the country club in Bowling Green. I thought that Democrats supported immigrants, the working class, and job creation, guess I was wrong, guess they should be unemployed and on the doll. And I hate to burst your bubble, but it was open to the general public.

Rand Paul is going to be Conway in a landslide, he will have the support of the national republican party and have big time out of state donors/personalities along with the support of the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. If you look at the results, Paul and Conway both won easily in their respective primaries, and won most of the same counties, however Paul's victories were far more decisive.

I started a drinking game with my friends.

Take a shot whenever a liberal blog, newspaper, or tv station says the word "racist, racism, hitler, nazis, fascist".

My friend ended up in the hospital for alchohol poisoning.

This is what the party of emotion does when confronted with "facts" and "statistics" in order to silence dissent to thier policies.

Its the modern day version of "witchcraft".

Stories like this make you liberals look silly. You can do better.

His answer actually makes perfect sense.

Everyone I know watches golf, a lot of people go to watch PGA tournaments, and a lot of people play the game casually. There is nothing elite about it anymore? Why is that? The answer is Tiger Woods, he is the biggest name in golf's history, he brought the sport main stream. Every knows who he is, he is easily as recognizable as Michael Jordan.

So yes golf at one time was reserved for executives and big whigs, now it is an everymans games, in large part thanks to Tiger Woods.

Geoffrey - you sound so LAME - are you actually being paid? This country is SO ready for Rand Paul (just as we should have been for his father). We will take our country back so you really should rethink your attitude.

Yeeeeaah!!! Way to focus on the REALLY BIG ISSUES LA Times!!!

Do you guys know why you're losing your jobs? It's for all of the stupid articles like this.

As for Geoffrey, the dimwit that watches Rachel Maddow. Rand was carefully trying to explain to Maddow that when you allow the Federal government to dictate what private individuals and businesses can do you start down the slippery slope of losing your basic freedoms like freedom of speech. It's not because he is a closet racist you fool.

The USA was based on liberty, freedom of speech and freedom of association. Yes, that's scary sometimes. It means people can say horrible things and they can discriminate. That doesn't mean we approve of these actions but we approach it with the understanding and maturity knowing that when we surrender part of that freedom we stand to lose it all.

Already today we have a government that is introducing "hate speech laws" and bringing back the "fairness doctrine" all attacks on freedom of speech.

This is the slippery slope toward totalitarian government. Freedom is scary sometimes but it has made the US the most successful nation in world history. The most free, the most prosperous and the most accepting of other cultures and races.

(AM responds: News Flash for CAGAS! We're going great guns over here. Glad you joined the millions who found us and even took the time to scroll all the way down to join the dialogue and leave a comment. Appreciate it. Thanks again.)

to infamous1:

The best thing is that the article uses none of those words. Were you watching Glenn Beck during the drinking game?


Were spending billions of the dollars on terrorism but what about the quiet
talk of racism? You know who you are (Rand Paul, etc….). It’s not in your favor to rewrite history and try to crawl (like a serpent) your way into the Government. Remove your mask and show your face. New World Order and slip into a World not It’s own. Most Americans can't see it. Any civilized person can. You can dislike a person, each race dislikes it’s own, but when someone goes over the top, even children would know “ Why some people hate?” Number one; STOP ATTACKING THE PRESIDENT! He's done more for this country in a short time than, ANY President in history. Does he get credit? It's not about his policies. and some people just don't like his skin color. DUH! You people are FOLLY! New flash! He's black AND white. Both parents were hard-working intelligent people who biologically created a kid who became President and mom stayed on him. Dad died early rest his soul but he had a mom that made sure, he never allowed no one to crush his dreams. Nobody cried about Bush, who's not even in the President's intellectual league and some can't stand what President Obama has achieved . He doesn't care about credit. He does this because he'll be paid in full. He didn't want to be President; he was spiritually chosen. I tell you the truth, Any jealous, deceitful, malicious, people who plots to take him out, they who touch even a thread of hair on him, will themselves on their death bed, will be preparing their souls for thee Abyss on the day that’s called, The Rapture. The oil already shows 1/3 of our habitat will start effecting wildlife and eventual human life. In the book of REVELATIONS; “ A quart of wheat for a day’s wage; three quarts for a days wage, but DO NOT DAMAGE THE OIL!(meaning the spill will destroy the Earth because of the evil greed of man) CONSPIRACY? Skull and bones? Look who’s quiet hummmm…. People are loosing their businesses because of this. Famine and plague will eventually begin. Frequent earthquakes, deadly weather, volcanoes erupting, tsunami’s reseding waters, signs of JESUS turning up all over the World and shifting islands from their foundations. So Americans WAKE UP! Government is not our fear. Terrorism is not our fear. Racism is not our fear. Money is MEANINGLESS! It doesn't give a rich man knowledge. Why? He can’t even plug an oil hole. I tell you the truth. The best is yet to come. You haven't seen nothing yet. FEAR NOW! So do as you will. It's been foretold. So shall it be.



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