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Perhaps in an effort to stop earthquakes, Virginia attorney general covers breast in state seal


Sure, it sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie: Tough-as-nails hero travels back through time to change a horrific error to save society's collapse.

But in Virginia, this ain't no movie. And the hero, played by Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli, doesn't need a hot tub time machine or any other time travel device to do it.

He's just fixing the problem now. That problem?  

The Virginia State Seal. Anyone who has seen it comes away horrified.  

Created in the debauchery-plagued period known as the Revolutionary War era, the seal shows the Roman goddess Virtus (virtue). But just how virtuous is she? Her left breast is exposed.

"Like she's performing in a Super Bowl halftime show," writes outraged NBC reporter Matthew Stabley.

Our crazy forefathers let it slip. And the country's been on a devastating free-fall ever since.  Now there's Motley Crue.

Until now. Cuccinelli is cracking down. He's created a new lapel pin. This one corrects the wardrobe malfunction by placing an armored breastplate in front of Virtus' bosom.

"When the new design came up at a staff meeting, workers in attendance said Cuccinelli joked that it converts a risque image into a PG one," reports Julian Walker at the Virginian-Pilot.

Reportedly no state funds were used to create the new pin. Surely, not for long though. With an Iranian cleric's recent declaration that women who dress suggestively increase the likelihood of earthquakes, who wouldn't want taxpayer monies used for public safety?

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo: The partially disrobed Roman goddess Virtus is seen on the Virginia State Seal. Credit: Wikipedia

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You should do a better job of reporting. The Virginia State Seal has gone through multiple iterations since the Revolution. In this case, Cuccinelli has gone back to a 1930s era seal.

Nothing new here, Jimmie Orr....

In 1916, a newly-designed 25-cent piece [quarter] was introduced by the US Mint..... On the obverse, a depiction of a bare-breasted Lady Liberty..... The subsequent uproar resulted in a design-change that covered the deal lady's bosom.....

Meant to type "dear" lady's bosom.....

Perhaps next Mr. Cuccinelli will prohibit women from looking down, lest they be scandalized from the sight of their own breasts. Between this and his offensive (and absurd) requests that Virginia Universities alter their constitutions to remove protections for homosexuals, it's clear the man is out-of-touch.

OK, first thing: That doesn't even looks like female. You could have told me that was a dude and I would have believed you. Too many politicians with Freudian problems about their mothers trying to "protect" the citizens? Hardly...

Second: Everyone is all worked up about a breast, and nobody cares that she appears to be carrying a 4' long sexual device in her left hand? Come on people!! How about she just murdered someone, and is standing on their corpse in victory? Well no, no issues with that, but can't let that breast be uncovered! Waste of time, money, effort. We have bigger problems you moron politicians!

There are approximately 6 BILLION (female human) breasts in the world. It's amazing anything gets done at all!

wow thats sad. a womans breast signifies life and freedom. to take that away will be disgracing our forefathers.

i am a male and see nothing wrong with this. i know many females that would find nothing wrong with this.

males walk around without shirts off anytime they want! that is a double standard.

if he does get this passed he should also pass a law stating all men need to wear shirts in the public view.

the only thing wrong with nudity is the governments forcing clothes unto us.

look at african tribes. we intervened and now they are forced to wear clothes.

wearing clothes should be a right not a law.

of course we also should never let a rapist live either but we do and we release them to the public after a couple years. and thats even if they were found guilty

Well, the biggest news for me in this story is that the person in the seal is a woman. All this time, I thought it was a male.


"If God had intended for us to be naked, we would have been born that way" - Oscar Wilde.
The prudes should lighten up a little...

Amazing foresight. They apparently modeled the bare breasted 'woman' after the masculine Attorney General Janet Napolitano decades before we knew of her.

I just can't understand why nudity is equated with immorality. It seems insane to me. Insane self-loathing? Disgust with the beauty of the human body? Morbid fear of arousal, however trivial or innocent? Or just blind, mindless religious fanaticism?

I just can't understand why nudity is equated with immorality. It seems insane to me. Insane self-loathing? Disgust with the beauty of the human body? Morbid fear of arousal, however trivial or innocent? Or just blind, mindless religious fanaticism?

Va. Attorney General prefers pin used by the Confederacy.

At least these morons didn't cost the taxpayers $8,000 like former Atty General Ashcroft did, when he ordered a blue drape to cover the (horrors!) BOSOM of a classical statue that has stood in the entrance to the Department of Justice for untold years.

Now I am kind of wondering if I voted for the right man! This is, without doubt, the most preposterous and Stupid thing I have ever heard of! Does the Attorney General not have more important things to do? Ignorant, stupid, childish! Ken, pull it together!

How pathetic the Virginia AG is;almost as stupid as John Ashcroft putting drapes over the topless "Justice" female figures back in W's first hack at being "president".
All these men afraid of a glob of fatty tissue designed to feed infants. GROW UP MORONS!


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