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Obama decides to unilaterally announce secret U.S. missile tests, satellite launches

A U.S. Missile Launch

President Obama has decided to pre-announce to the world once-secret American ballistic missile tests and satellite launches.

The Democratic administration's goal is to show a friendlier face to other countries and to coax Russia to do the same.

It's part of a confidence-boosting initiative launched, so to speak, last fall when Obama suddenly abandoned the U.S. missile-defense system in Eastern Europe that had exercised the Russians, though it was aimed at potential future missiles from Iran.

Obama hoped such a unilateral U.S. forfeiture would encourage Russia to put pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear weapons development. So far no good on that.

Of course, the point of secret tests by any state in an insecure, suspicious world is to deny advance notice to potential enemies, making it more difficult if not impossible for them to gain intelligence by monitoring the tests themselves.

According to George Jahn of the Associated Press, a confidential U.S. note sent to 128 other countries two weeks ago said:

The United States ... will provide pre-launch notification of commercial and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space launches as well as the majority of intercontinental ballistic and submarine-launched ballistic missile launches.

Security experts note that Obama left himself some wiggle room by using the phrase "majority of intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missile launches," many of which depart from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the California coast.

Washington's hope is that Russia will resume doing the same.

The 129 countries involved are members of the Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation. Four of the world's major nuclear-armed powers belong to the convention -- the U.S., Russia, France and Britain. Others such as China, North Korea, Pakistan and India do not belong and do not provide advance notice as the U.S. now will.

Another non-member is Iran, which continues ballistic missile testing and is believed to be developing nuclear weapons.

This Hague convention is separate from the new START nuclear arms treaty signed April 9 in Prague by Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. That agreement, now awaiting Senate ratification, would lower each side's nuclear arsenal from 2,200 warheads to 1,550.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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We have the most dangerous person ever in the White House. Those who voted for him ... please educate yourselves. Look at totalitarian regimes. Look at Venezuela and Cuba. Please vote for true conservatives in the 2010 elections. This goes beyond republican and democrat. This man and those like him will destroy this nation if we don't vote wisely. Vote wisely. Please. This man more dangerous than Bush.

Rand Paul, You! turn around and tell the media, your for the Civil Rights Act of 1964? FOLLY? HEAR ME!

You’ll never make it to Washington and disrupt policy making, not because I know, the media but (“CHRIST”) who Is greater then all. It’s not in your favor. Why die and loose your soul gnawing and crawling in the Abyss( the 2nd death; fire /sulfur) like the hatred of those waiting for you that died long ago (1st death;flood)Any follower; wiccan, atheist, false prophet closet denial racist. That includes you priests especially. YOU ARE MEANINLESS! This day of REVELATION has been predicted. Mountains will moved and erupt violently. Earthquakes will start to increase around the World. Disasters will occur

that will kill 1/3 of wildlife by man. Rand Paul, the removal of your mask has been revealed

by the American media and the World is watching; Heaven is watching. Heaven knows.

You are being overtaken (subconsciously) by your God (satan) who wants to bring

damage into the Law of the Country and spread throughout the World. Your God time is

short. He is fallen as many people as he can. 7 Kings, Five have fallen, one is,

the other has not yet come (“CHRIST”). The beast who once was but now is not, (Satan

defeated him; is the eighth King on Earth). He belongs to the seventh King “(CHRIST), and is going to his destruction. I tell you the truth, people of America and around the World, be not mislead. Christ loved

all of us, so when he comes for you, thru ye tell him you loved all people? Remember, The Lord knows.


I agree. Regardless of your political beliefs, the security of the country comes
first. What is this man doing? Its one thing to be open to society but to announce to the world everything we're bout to do is incredibly irresponsible. And in my view treasonous to our constitution and the American public.

The Defense Department has provided the public with advance notice of most of these launches for several years.

U.S. land-based strategic missiles are test fired from Vandenberg AFB in California. The Air Force has provided advanced notice (press advisories/press releases) of these launches since at least 1996.

Many (perhaps most) classified U.S. satellite launches also occur from Vandenberg AFB. For classified payloads launched prior to 1996, the Air Force would announce that the launch was scheduled, but say little about the payload and nothing about whose payload it was.

Beginning in the spring of 1996, Air Force pre-launch announcements involving classified payloads began naming the agency for whom the payload was being launched.

The Navy occassionally conducts test firings of Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles from submarines, but I cannot recall the public ever receiving advance notice of such a test.

Why doesn't he just give Russia the location of all our Submarines, ICBM missle sites and be done with it. Russia wil not abide by this treaty.

Condsidering Russia aready has a base in Tennessee (Naval Air Base), will he also be letting Russia take over our military?

just another game and a gimmick by us empire. nothing new. the world will not be fooled.

This is news that's not news. In accord with the Hague Code we (and the Russians) have been giving 24 hour notice of all launches. The intent is to avert mistaking a launch for a surprise nuclear strike. It would be news if launches without warning were being conducted.

Think about it. Do you think we didn't coordinate ballistic missile tests with other nuclear countries?? This is just a shift from private consultation to public announcement, and it's being done for political purposes. Global surveillance is such that any BM launch is detected. An unannounced test would most likely result in a quick reaction launch by another nuclear nation acting in a mistakenly defensive posture. When DPRK tested their missiles... even NON NUKES, we had a heads up even though we acted surprised. Just like Iran will let us know before they test their delivery system.

OK - this confirms what we have long suspected - this guy is NUTS!
The one thing that kept us safe during the Cold War and since is that the enemy of the moment feared, but didn't really KNOW the extent, power, and range of our weapons systems.
Isn't there anyone in DC with the guts to remind him of his oath of office? The whole world is laughing at us because they see what we don't - our emperor is running around NAKED!

How come this government is releasing government secrets? So everybody know what do we have? This president is a threat to our nation! Why he has to announce how many missile do we have? What about tell them where those missile are?

What were you people thinking when you voted for him?????? I pray that before the 2012 elections all you morons have learned a hard lesson about electing liberal, progressive Marxists into office!

Obama has given away everything else. He might as well strap on a gun (a water pistol) and tell the North Korean government and the Mexican government and Russia to come on over and take over the U.S. by the ignorance of our leadership. Maybe we can lease Obama out to other third world countries so he can spread his idiotic ideas around the world.

I have a HUGE case of voters remorse. I apologize to the American people for being duped by this socialist and his corrupt gang.

Please forgive me and I will repent now and will prove it in Nov. and 2012

Every day, with Obama in office, America becomes more vulnerable in the face of growing threats.

And at the same time he denies more Freedom of Information Act requests than Bush ever did. So apparently keeping citizens in the dark is okay while blabbing to the world all your secrets in the very naive hope that for some strange reason they'll decide to play nice is okay. This man clearly has no grasp of the world of international politics.

Exactly how much damage are we going to allow this cretin to inflict on this country?

Arrest Obama for treason NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH HIM AND THEN ARREST HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The treaty already requires advance reporting between the nations on the treaty. So, what good is announcing it "to the world" ? The removal of the missile shield didn't have the desired effect so now the President lowers security standards to make Russia happy? Is Russia reciprocating? They are required by treaty to notify us anyway. So,,what the heck does he want them to do differently? They do notify us of their tests. Not only that, the treaty requires a small amount of data from the tests is shared between the countries. This man is totally insane. Totally insane and uncaring,,,OR he is completely stupid. What arrogance to think he can influence anything that goes on in Russia. His self-importance will be costing even MORE lives.

What is particularly interesting is that Obama has had his own personal records sealed from public view or scrutiny. He protects himself but not his country.

As predicted by those damnable conservatives, Obama is an anti-American nut.

Only one of those lunatics who thinks that every bad thing that has ever happened in history is because of America would do such silly things. Because of course these loons all know that the ONLY reason that the communist over the world would EVER act hostile and against America is because we are so mean to them.

This is the type of loon you idiots elected, one who actually is such an imbecile that he truly believes the leftist nonsense that the KGB and Maoist in China are really nice treehuggers who only sent 120 million of their own citizens to the gulags because America was mean to them.

It is extremely naive to think that rogue dictatorships around the world will "become nicer" because we are going public with info that is no one's business! We've also been imprisoning our soldiers w/ harsh sentences accusing them of "murder" (terrorists not in uniform!) in combat war zones; this political correctness is not only misguided, it's extremely dangerous and will only result in our own demise! Better wake up people! We have an APPEASEMENT president who wants to turn over the keys to the U.S. to the U.N. greatly pleasing our enemies!

Some recent politicians have recently been quoted as saying that they will run on REPEAL, meaning to repeal the disastrous health bill, but I think they should run with the new slogan IMPEACH, meaning to remove this idiot as soon as possible for his treasonous and melancholy approach to the United States.

The only reason to make such an announcement is that this administration has most probably leaked this type of classified information to countries that do not usually receive it (and should not receive it).

When oh when will Americans wake up to the enemy that has breached our nations highest office through deceit, fraud and outright corruption? How long will the sheep silently go as the blatantly unconstitutional 'Arab in chief' destroys their land one penstroke at a time? What will it take for them to realize their nation has been taken from them by means of propaganda via boobtube "news" sources and closet communist journalist? I suppose you can lead the idiot's to truth but you cant make them think. Please see the following and understand your in more serious trouble than you or I can even imagine..


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