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Oh, my! Look what cable news channel Obama's own Justice Dept. chooses to watch when Big News breaks

Fox News Channel on screen at Obama's Justice Deptartment

Your midweek sweet smile:

Here is President Obama's Attorney Gen. Eric Holder offering more details about the capture and interrogation of Faisal Shahzad, the accused Times Square bomber, from the secure confines of the briefing room of Holder's own Justice Department in Washington.

The briefing room's main TV's are tuned to the top-rated cable news channel. Trouble is, that's the dreaded Fox News Channel that Obama aides including David Axelrod so weirdly picked a fight with last fall, castigating it as an alleged broadcast arm of the party of Abraham Lincoln, who never even owned a TV.

The public criticism of Fox no doubt went down well with the Democratic party's left for a few days. But it also backfired, boosting Fox's ratings, causing more people to watch as in: "Don't look over there, folks! That woman has no clothes on."

And those ratings ultimately showed that something on the order of a third of that network's viewers are, like Atty. Gen. Holder, Democrats who clearly want fair and balanced news.

Now, that's bipartisanship to believe in!

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

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Priceless! And yes - Fox News is way more balanced than the liberal media including CNN, NBC and the LA Times.

CNN said that it wasn't because he was a terrorist, he did it because his house was recently foreclosed on! That you for keeping them honest CNN!

It's not difficult to see why Obama's aides would be watching the Fox News Channel instead of say, CNN. His aides clearly view the Fox News Channel as having a bias towards the administration, so they watch to keep a close eye on how the administration is being portrayed to a conservative audience; and maybe, they also watch to see what lies they have to defend themselves against. As the old maxim goes: keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

First secure the border and build both separate fences as originally designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter. Next audit every business enact a permanent law using E-Verify, to eject illegal workers from the work sites nationwide. DEPLOY FEDERAL TROOPS PERMANENTLY TO ASSIST US BORDER PATROL. We protect other foreign countries? How about Protecting and serving the American people? Every employer caught hiring illegal aliens goes directly to mandatory prison. Make it a felony to enter this sovereign nation without permission. Have our worthless politicians draft the exact law used in Mexico. Boycott any state, county or city that boycotts the great, courageous state of Arizona . Have every Governor, Mayor or public official who enacts a Sanctuary City policy be recalled? If the federal government does not enforce the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill, then every state should have a right to propose its own illegal immigrant law. In conclusion send a message to Washington, starting with Pro-Amnesty majority leader Sen. Harry Reid--that all incumbents who steal taxes from the American people, to support illegal aliens will be removed from office. Make yourself known to Washington at 202-224-3121

Some comments are hilarious..'.keeping enemies closer' is what WE SHOULD BE DOING AS AMERICAN CITIZENS.

...This administration is taking our freedoms away. To about reading that very good tome...'Animal Farm'....which would do enormous good in teaching just exactly what it means to be a socialist society.
And ...try perusing the Constitution.
I'll leave it there.

I turned on MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" the other night and watched about 10 minutes of their version of the news. They talked about the two most pressing issues of the day - Sarah Palin and George W. Bush!!! If MSNBC is your preferred source of news you will be left vacant. ps. Can't believe we are reading about this in the LA Times. Kudos.

From the Department of Grasping at Straws:

Top of Ticket determines one TV set tuned to Faux News at a briefing is --- cue the spooky music: jun jun jaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! -- an omen! a sign! a signal!

It makes sense to watch Fox. The other channels are just repeating the White House talking points so it makes as much sense as watching a mirror.

Mr. Malcolm, you're an idiot and a perfect example of why the Times has gone to the dogs (and why I won't be renewing my subscription). Thank goodness there are patient folks like Steve Rodriguez to explain the obvious to you.

(AM responds: And yet here you are even as a subscriber taking advantage of our free knowledge and wisdom online which has nothing to do with the paper as you can see because there is no paper. Do hope you visit as often as the vigilant Steve, whom we appreciate greatly. Thanks again.)

LOL! Fox is biased, too, but far less so and at least gives some perspective of the other side. I use the Internet for most of my news now.

Well, Fox is the only place you can get at least *mostly* truth. The other channels literally manufacture quotes and stories out of thin air.


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