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Joe Biden apologizes to Kentucky teen for F-bomb; later says it's helping the economy


Listen, we're the last blog out there that would ever beat a dead horse.  Especially if it involves Joe Biden.

But when the vice president makes news, it would be irresponsible not to discuss it.

No, the veep didn't drop the F-bomb while speaking at his daughter's commencement Monday.  But his most famous dropping of said bomb (during the president's signing of the healthcare reform bill) has appeared to generate a moment of reflection for the vice president.

As you recall, Biden punctuated the passage of the president's healthcare bill with: "This is a big effing deal."

The historic salutation was roundly applauded by the White House, with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs concurring with Biden's declaration over his Twitter account.  "And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right...." Gibbs said.

Later, President Obama -- according to Biden -- suggested celebrating the phrase on a....

...T-shirt.  "You know what the best thing about yesterday was? Joe’s comment," the president cheered.

Undoubtedly, the memorable utterance will be forever enshrined on a ceremonial plate from the Franklin Mint.  Buy one now and get a free Rahm Emmanuel porcelain doll.

Shockingly, after all the merrymaking, it appears that the vice president is having second thoughts about it.  It seems as though a letter from a distressed child is responsible for the turn of events.

"Vice-President Biden, you have offended some of your fellow Americans, myself included," wrote Brandon Halcomb, a student at Leslie County High School in Hyden, Ky.  "It was wrong for you to have used such vulgarity in a public place, let alone at the taxpayers expense as you celebrated such an awesome landmark with our President. However, Vice-President Biden, to me, you cheapened that occasion with such tastelessness while congratulating the President on this event."

Biden responded to the junior-sized dressing down with a letter of his own.  "I should have expressed my excitement in a more appropriate manner," he wrote.

Although Halcomb was appreciative of the letter, he doesn't appear to be satisfied with the response.

"It was not really an apology, but that's as close to an apology as I will be receiving," Brandon told a local TV station.

Plus, the other thing is that the gaffe is helping the economy.  Speaking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Tuesday, Biden said of his famous remark:

"I don't know why everybody thinks it's so darn funny.  I'm embarrassed as hell by it, but apparently we're selling T-shirts and making hundreds of thousands of bucks."

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo:  Biden speaking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Credit:  Associated Press

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This administration is an embarrassment to this country, i for one can't wait for the 2012 election to get them out on the street and into the unemployment line.....

So he is from Del a wear rides a train whats effing big deal?

Shame, shame, shame on the Vice President. Our leaders should be above this language. He doesn't get it. He still used profanity when he addressed he was embarrassed. Wonder what Brandon thinks about that?

The entire administration has NO CLASS, nor private business experience, nor maturity to take on responsibility and man up to the daily challenges, and very childish in blaming everyone else for every minor public issue........

suxs to be U......

The best help for the USA Economy is for BHO, Joe and Nancy to get out of the way. After all Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi brother knew how to make it in a bad economy, check out the Baltimore City police records!

I always think of the Wizard of Oz and the Scare Crow when I hear about Biden. Biden has straw coming out of his ears while he says "if I only had a brain"

Really? The economy? Really? I wonder how many jobs the T-shirts saved or created?

The bar has been lowered dramatically by this administration.

It will be A BIG EFFING DEAL when this regime of Marxists, idiots, and crooks get voted out of office. Big Mouth Biden's comment is the least of the humiliating, demeaning, and crass events this thuggish crowd has put on display at home and abroad. Joe Biden is the best life insurance policy Barry Soetoro could buy. Our enemies wouldn't wait six minutes to test a President Biden. To quote the great American philosopher Bugs Bunny: "What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!".

And I thought The Office of the President was demeaned by appearing on a light night show but placing BFD on a t-shirt and selling it on The White House's website is despicable.

When will these petty, trite and arrogant people leave the Executive branch?

Dear Mr. Veep,
I can't blame you for your use of a colorful adjective in your exuberant victory of the Federal Health Control bill that President Obama signed into law recently. We are all prone to ejaculate adjectives that others find offensive, including me, when I say it will be a big [colorful adjective] RELIEF when this tyrranous legislation gets repealed by the new Congress, next year!
Cordially yours,
Tea Party Patriot

I guess all of you complained when VP Cheney told Sen. Patrick J. Leahy , the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee to go eff himself while on the Senate floor, right? Did Cheney have no class too?

I found it pretty funny. But then again I am realistic and realize that the VAST MAJORITY of americans use 4 letter words. Just keep on being hypocrites and condemning others for things you most likely do on a regular basis.

"Of the people for the people". I would fully expect them to fulfill that one requirement.

I'd rather have a VP that swears than one that invades the wrong country after the worst terrorist attack in 50 years.

With all crime solved, all diseases cured and eradicated, the full rights ensured for all its citizens America focuses on the next big task: naughty words.


Just Biden being Biden. Mr. Vice President, you don't have to apologize to some redneck punk from Kentucky with his righteous indignation, because you know what? Passing health care reform WAS a BFD! Realize that our government has passed an historic health care bill that will increase medical access for millions of Americans. This is something that couldn't be done in the 90s, and hasn't been done since the 60s with the Great Society. The critics should think twice before condemning the administration's actions, because without a doubt there are those among you who benefit from such evil socialist policies as medicare, medicaid, and social security. All of these were vehemently opposed by the same reactionaries, using the same ridiculous arguments. They have now become part of the fabric of American life, part of what makes this country great. This newest step will follow in the same footsteps. For when average Americans suffering from economic hardship and crushing health care costs see that there are people in Washington who actually care for their well being, see that they are actually benefiting from the provisions in the bill, they will turn on the corrupt legislators and tea party activists who decried this bill.

Just Crazy Uncle Joe being himself ... a heartbeat away.

Joe Biden is a complete dunce. He is exhibit #1 that a person does not have to be intelligent to hold political office. We are going to miss Joe in 2013.

I didn't think we could have a more embarrassing VP than Al Gore. I was wrong. Where does Biden keeps his brain or is he just drunk all the time?

So lets see... Americans want a presidential cabinet that is in touch with the American people, who get them, who can relate to them...and yet when someone talks as they do.... for shame!

Obviously none of you have ever listened in on too many senate meetings. You know who the biggest offenders are for explicitness that would make a sailor blush.. Republicans. I have rarely heard old military men talk as vulgar as they do.

Seriously if you are offended by a word the issue is with you. It is a word, a word holds no meaning until it is understood by the one hearing if you take it as nasty guess what? You are just nasty.

Joe is a plant. They can use him for comic relief and as a distraction away from the real story - Obama and his team. They are going to keep pushing these agenda items, one after the other. The people can fight back, or take a wait-and-see position. If they choose the former, then we have a chance. It will be tough, and it may be bloody. But the latter brings with it the enshrinement of tyranny. Look around you people!


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