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About that boycott of Arizona over its new illegal immigrant law? 82% of Americans say, Nah!

Mexico border Fence

Despite President Obama's claim that he sees no congressional appetite to address immigration reform this midterm election year, there's more convincing evidence this week that Americans want it.

No White House administration wants to admit that it governs by polls. And this one hasn't. For more than a year now polls have shown the top concerns on American minds are.... and the economy. As a result, this Obama White House and the whopping Democratic congressional majorities lead by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi invested those many months in rancorous intra-party debate to obtain broad healthcare legislation.Arizona state Flag

But pollsters keep asking the other questions: 

Out Wednesday is a new CNN/Public Opinion poll indicating that even more Americans want:

-- The number of illegal immigrants decreased (76%, up from 73%).

-- Illegal immigrants removed from the country (41%, up from 37%).

-- To halt the influx of illegal immigrants and deport those here (60%).

-- To assign more federal agents to security on the Mexico border (88%).

-- To fine employers of illegal immigrants tens of thousands of dollars (71%).

As you may know, frustrated with federal inaction on border security, Arizona recently passed its own tough new law on illegal immigrants. Asked, "Do you favor or oppose this law?" 57% were in favor of it and 37% were opposed.

Now, how about boycotting Arizona over this new law? Nope -- 82%.

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So what does the new Arizona law actually do?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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The problem with any poll on this issue lies in the duplicity inherent in politics and the attendant bastardization of language employed to create and interpret poll results to fit a political agenda.

As the numbers cited indicate, the electorate wants a straightforward solution involving the elimination of all illegal aliens from this country via employer sanctions and deportation along with ZERO amnesty EVER again.

However, politicians being the lying scum they are, choose to create code words and terms that deceitfully appear to address public concerns while doing the exact opposite.

In the case of illegal aliens and anchor babies, the term is “comprehensive immigration reform” which, in reality, means giving amnesty to yet another wave of tens of millions of illegal aliens, because the left views them as natural constituents for the social democratic state they are foisting upon America and as voters to replace American voters Obama and his Social Democrat Party have brought to a seething rage over their leftist policies and programs and their inaction on unemployment and the economy.

The far left is not going to like this. Again and again, the vast majority of Americans do not want illegal immigrants in the country and do not want Amnesty.

Liberal Democrats see millions of votes in a "path to citizenship".

88% want increased border security. That pretty much says it all.

Good for Arizona ! I worked or Obama's election. BUT ! I think the state of Arizonia has passed the best law so far to slow down illegal immigration into the USA. Yes, I have read parts of that law. It says that if you get stopped for some violation; such as speeding, the police have the right to see your drivers license. Well ! Big deal! They do that now in Missouri and should. In Missouri they also check your seat belt, your auto tag, auto insurance, previous driving violations and who knows what else ! I thank the Missouri Highway patrol for doing this and more. So, Federal government get off the back of the good folks in Arizona ! Will Marshall

What is the argument here? every single alien "BROKE THE LAW!" Our Government, Republican & Democrat, have allowed the invasion of 30 million criminals and is the largest invasion of any Nation, in direct violation of Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution.

This refusal to abide by our Constitution should be classified as Treason as grounds for impeachment & trials for Treason!

Not only have they allowed the invasion, they force American tax payers to pay Billions of dollars to provide Welfare, Prison, Educate the invaders children,free medical care, at the same time the invading horde break numerous laws, massive document fraud, & are destroying our schools, hospitals, communities, culture and standard of living while Robbing, Raping, Killing & Assaulting American Citizens WAKE UP PEOPLE! They walked,rode,swam and drove over here, they can do the same going home! taking thier anchors with them!

The silent majority has awaken. It is very rare to see such wide margins in these types of polls. Despite all the silly race baiting from the radical left-wing, open-border/pro-illegal crowd, being a politician on the wrong side of this issue will guarantee you are voted out of office come election time.

The Obama admin is politically tone-deaf. Clearly, the citizens do not want an amnesty or more illegals in the country. So what does AG Holder do...announce that the law is possibly a violation of the civil rights act...and then when questioned admit he hasn't even read the Arizona statute.
I voted for Obama, but never again. November cannot come fast enough.

The majority doesn't have, nor never has had, the moral imperative. 80% of America is just wrong on this issue.

If we left legislation up to polls The Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have passed, nor the Voting Rights Act. Nor would we have continued in Vietnam as Johnson and Nixon did from 68 to 74. Nor would we have passed the ADA. Sometimes elected officials need to act on what is right, not what is politically popular.

But like all good tyrants the Obamination will ignore the will of the people in order to further his agenda of reducing America to third-world status.

Anyone who has ever worked in marketing and/or advertising knows that surveys and polls are bullshit, and manipulated to reflect a desired outcome.

Don't buy into any polls.

we do not want immigration reform that includes any path to citizenship for illegals. The only path we want is one that is a path back to their country of origins. Enough already.

Los Angeles Government has been infiltrated by an Open Borders/La Raza Cabel
the Mayor,City Council,Various Supervisors,etc.that value the well being of the millions of illegal aliens in the County(2 million est.)over the Legal Citizens and in violation of established U.S. Law! We have become an Outlaw Third World Gang and Illegal Alien Sanctuary City in Decline and on the verge of Bankruptcy!
Our despicable voting record of less than 20% of registered voters voting has by DEFAULT allowed this to happen! If this continues further balkanization ,increased poverty, crime and corruption are guaranteed!

The polls represent the opinion the elites want the masses to have. The federal government does not want to deal with immigration reform, so they use polls to give them cover for their inaction. We can see through this trick!

I also voted for Obama. But he is off-base on this one. We have to show we can stop illegal immigration before we provide a path to citizenship. Otherwise, the country will be flooded with more people looking for the next amnesty.

In Mexico and France they ask people for their IDs. Looks like we are being forced to do that here too.

As usual, only the left wing politicians think the boycott is a good idea. I hope the voters remember this and stop voting for those who don't listen to the citizens.

This law will for sure drive up crime. I hope everyone realizes that...any community with immigrants, and they're a lot of them across the country, will cease to cooperate with the police and will begin cooperating, even more, with not so desireable types.

Immigration needs to be fixed, rathter than immigrants being crimininalized. This will only compound our problems with even bigger ones, especially in light of major PD cutbacks across the country. Polls don't matter, the public is wrong many, many times.

"Despite President Obama's claim that he sees no congressional appetite to address immigration reform this midterm election year, there's more convincing evidence this week that Americans want it."

The LA Times lies in the very first paragraph - pure definition of liberal media bias. The point of the poll results is that nobody wants immigration reform which is simply a politically correct way of saying amnesty.


Politicians have shown time and time again that polls don't matter. However, this 80% who oppose the boycott should GO TO THE POLLS and vote these people out once and for all. Then the politicians might pay attention.

I also voted for Obama, but I want everyone who wants to come here to come here legally. Who weeps for the the Korean-American family in Koreatown that is legally waiting years for their grandfather to come here from Seoul while illegals run back and forth to Mexico on the weekend because they want a different pair of pants. This is ridiculous.

In case you people haven't realized it yet. Both parties are in on this. Saying liberals are at fault is foolishness. Let them keep pointing fingers at each other while letting the problem get worse.

The pols are consistent regardless of where they are done or who does them.

The majority of americans want illegal immigration enforced.

Mexico has got to be commended,they have gotten our own politicians to back them over our own citizens,no outher country in the world would side with anouther country over there citizens,this would never have happened in the United States 20 years ago,Mexicos power and influence is getting stronger every year,they have had very little resistance to there invasion plans,we are not to far off from having the Mexican flag flying over LA with the councils blessing.

How can a poll of 1023 people claim anything about what "the majority" of americans think?

Read the fine print people:

"The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was conducted May 21-23, with 1,023 adult Americans questioned by telephone. The survey's overall sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points."

So let's see, CNN and the OPC spent three days interviewing only 1,023 adults, with a + or - error of 3 points, whereas according to the US Census Bureau, the current estimated population of the US is 309, 364, 791 (see Not only is this an infinitesimal sample compared to the whole, but it is also more than likely biased towards that shrinking market demographic of CNN viewers, who are generally political moderates who think they're smarter than FOXNEWS viewers and not as liberal as MSNBC viewers (although they're both cut from the same ilk). So basically this poll means, And at the risk of not getting my comment posted I have to ask, why is the LATIMES trying to give some semblance of credibility to a meaningless poll?

First to go was Senator Arlen Specter who like so many others would amplify the amount of foreign nationals entering our country. Secondary those who have strained our confidence, led by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who has distinguished himself as anti-sovereignty and pro—amnesty. Next to bite the bullet in November a growing run down of charlatans, as Janet Napolitano, Holder, Graham, Schumer and a lengthy list of politicians who would bring millions more desperate, impoverished people into the country for taxpayers to feed and house. Senator Feinstein has betrayed California as she initiated the first Sanctuary City Now the whole state is struggling with massive welfare debts, who along with the Mayor of Los Angeles and San Francisco who have colluded against their own residents. But we must still be on our guard as there are more eligible legislators playing into the hands of ethno-centralist, faith and religious groups, unions such as the SIEU and entities who are anti-closed borders that include the ACLU and The Council of Foreign Relations.

In desperation Arizona like so many other states are being forced into this ugly solution, of enforcing policing laws such as 287 (G) as widespread financial recovery is impossible without sealing and denying illegal immigrants any kinds of welfare benefits. THE US GOVERNMENT FOR DECADES HAVE REFUSED TO ENFORCE SUCH IMMIGRATION LAWS, SUCH AS THE 1986 SIMPSON/MAZZOLI BILL. Almost all states are suffering under this terrible reality as Liberal-backed state assemblies, catering to every foreign national who ignores an expired visa or slips past the border fences in search of handouts. The use of E-verify can reduce illegal immigrants hunting for work to some extent, but it must be a permanent tool that every business must execute. We must fight any pro-amnesty legislation or fall foul to even more uncountable numbers of foreign laborers stealing jobs and then sending billions of our dollars to other lands. The make-up of Liberal opportunists in Washington are now in power, but they haven’t expected opposition from the growing ranks of the Tea Party movement or the regional groups of anti-illegal immigrant groups also growing in number such as NumbersUSA. We are a nation divided and all who see the imminent danger of overpopulation, the astronomical costs involved, need to vote them out of office—those lawmakers who would desecrate our future.

The Marx Stream Media lies through its teeth every time it uses the term “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” It has nothing to do with “reform.” It has everything to do with a drive to recruit voters for Marxism. When Obama squats, the Max Stream Media open their mouths. They have Obama brown all over their tongues and they can’t get enough.

The real malignancy in this country is the Marx Stream Media. They are not the 4th estate. Quite to the contrary, they are the 5th column.

Journalism in this nation is being held in the death grip of venomous, leftist ideologues. Their goal, like their Marxist Kool-Aid dispenser, is the complete eradication of America.

We are own our own.

So, Obama will punish legal residents of United States of America with higher taxes and use that money for free medicine, schools, no car insurance drive, no driving license needed, no income tax pay required to illegal "residents"...

Where US LEGAL residents can apply for Illegal Status in US? I think that illegal status department could be busy for a while till 300 Millions US citizens down with their citizenship.. /sarcasm

American citizens see the attack on our country by the Hispanic racists for what it is and are waking up that we've let another Pearl Harbor slip by us without so much as a volley returned. "The Race" (La Raza) and MEChA have a full press racist attack on the USA with the end goal being the Aztlan Nation.

La Raza is nothing more than the Spanish speaking 21st century version of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan had their Senators and Reps in their pocket, so does La Raza. The Klan pressured businesses to cave in to their demands and give them preference, so does La Raza.

Hola! English is America's official language; speak it or wait at the border until you can. I don't demand that you learn Dutch, nor that you pay to print everything in Dutch, don't demand the same from me regarding Spanish.

It doesn't matter what you guys say or do, most Americans like the Arizona law. I've read the comments on multiple articles about it, and it looks like 10 to 1 FOR. We really don't care if you don't like it or how guilty you try to make us feel. We are not changing our minds for you. Try to accept things as they are and come out of your dream-dream world. Reality is not as bad as it seems.

The progressive coruptocrat politicians always advocate for illegal alien rights over those of Americans. It is the politically correct thing to do. I suspect that they might move to the other side of the issue when five families with goats, roosters and dirty laundry hanging from the front porch move into the house next door to them. The elites don't have to worry about having their jobs or their identities stolen. Not yet. But wait until LaRaza and the ACLU start suing Malibu and the Palisades for racial inequality. I believe then the border would be sealed ASAP.
And, as for the polls being accurate - read the posts on any article about illegal immigration. 98% against amnesty on every one.

The more people challenge Arizona's SB1070 law, the more the silent majority starts waking up

The 12% who don't want immigration enforcement are the illegal alien law breakers.

I live in South Africa where there has been a HUGE influx of illegal immigrants, especially from Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa. With more than 40% of South Africans jobless, with social unrest brewing due to poor or non-existent service delivery (running water / sewerage / houses) there have been cases of xenophobic attacks against illegals/foreigners, the worst happening 2 years ago when hundreds were killed and their businesses (usually little informal shops in the townships) looted and burnt down. Images of a man being burnt alive still haunt us - his crime? Being an immigrant. Some of them do have papers (refugees) but locals still drive them out. Interesting to see how two countries approach the issue: one side passes legislation and enforces it (Arizona) while in South Africa the government does nothing to control its porous borders and corrupt Home Affairs department. Threats have already been issued against foreigners that xenophobic attacks will intensify after the soccer world cup. Cry the Beloved Country, indeed.

Obama is right: America has no appetite for immigration "reform"; code word for amnesty. What we are starving for is immigration enforcement and deportation. We are hungry for honesty and response in Washington. We are fed up with pontificating from on high and nauseated by politico-speak of how we can't do anything about it because it might be "racism." Get real, Washington. This is an invasion and it will as surely bring us to our knees as any other invasion has throughout history..

Obama and his administration are NOT PROTECTING this country's LEGAL CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

That is why the majority of the American public SUPPORT Arizona's SB 1070 and that they want our border secured NOW!


It should be clear that illegal immigration is a drag on California's economy and the US as a whole. California's
budget deficit, is in part, due to the unchecked illegal immigrant numbers in Southern California. Not to mention
the boarder drug war being imported to the states by this invasion. Illegal immigration has been a burden on the resources of the US in the form of schools, welfare, housing, and health care. The the health care strain will increase with the new health care programs. The illelgal invasion has taken jobs from US citizens and erroded our tax base. They are a threat to the national economic security of the US and should be removed. The US has a right to control their boarders, a national identity and self determination. Illegal immgrants threaten all these
issues and then some.

To anyone who wants to try and compare this to the Civil Rights Movement - there's a big difference between civil rights being denied to CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES and enforcing laws against ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Memorial Day is when we honor our fallen service men and women. So what's the big to-do for leftists this weekend? Hop on a bus to Arizona to protest enforcement of immigration law. Scum.

82% of America? Were any of you asked for this poll? How can they extrapolate such a percentage from any pool of Americans when this is such a polarizing topic. For all of you who think immigrants are a problem, look back into your own family history and when you find that you are a descendant of an immigrant, maybe you should think about going back to "where you came from". As an American, it really shames me to see such ignorance towards reality and such support for a law that closely resembles a fascistic policy.

Actully, BUY ARIZONA is the moto around here. If it's made or served up from Arizon, we're giving it preference; encouraging all to do it in Arizona. If boycott is the game, boycott the boycotters. Great the rallys are in Arizona -- go and spend a lot of money ! Enjoy a great place with great ideas and the spirit to enforce the laws this country has made but its useless federal government doesn't enforce. Bravo for a very courageous state.

If you live in California - Mexicans now come on to your property selling agriculture at the door. We have the largest population of Hispanics that refuse to assimulate - No English, learn Spanish or print in Spanish. Due to living near a large construction site I had the unfortunate experience of seeing all construction/danger etc signs in Spanish only. A neighbor of mine lost both of her legs and her nursing profession and the ability to care for her young children to an illegal who slammed into her legs while she was loading her son's bike into the back of her car. It was his second DUI. Know what happens to citizens when they get a DUI? One article on it and who know where he is today. We have entire areas of California where the illegal aspect is not even hidden. A group of Hispanics (who knows of the status?) poured gasoline on one of my friends lawn to kill it because she called the police about excessive noise and so many people living in one house. These people need to be stopped. I applaud Arizona. The illegals and their supporters are getting more and more bold. It's time to stop this one way or another.

I have the feeling that too many people are now riding on the Arizona illegal immigration law bandwagon. I think this is a play on false pride and the majority ego. This is a play on whites and their mentality and real fears about being a minority. It is just plain disgusting. These politicians know that they could play this card because us whites believe we are losing our country to those illegals (who happen to be hispanic/spanish). But what people fail to understand is that in the process of ridding ourselves of this perceived pests we are eradicating our rights and our country, this is the same tactic hitler used. I can't really explain it that well, but the arizona law is completely unconstitutional and wrong, I want to stop illegals too, of all kinds, creeds, and cultures..but check this article I came across it's actually good

Why dont we correct the immigration problem by requiring a fifty dollar per hour pay rate for any non citizen. This will pay for their housing ,medical. education and other costs.

I am American of Mexican descent living in Phoenix, Arizona and there are MILLIONS of Hispanics who support our new Immigration Law. I have no problem at all showing my drivers's license and answering a nationality question. No big deal! It's done in Canada and European countries now. The real crime is us hard-working Americans footing the bill for public education (50 to a class in our area now), healthcare (debt-ridden County healthcare system), water (limited resource), lack of control of population growth, and us dealing with protestors waving Mexican flags in our state. Regardless of nationality, there is only one flag that should be flown in our country, and that is American.

If I lived in Los Angeles, I would not reoelect your radical LA City Council members or LA County Supervisors who voted to boycott Arizona. Shame on all of those "boycott" voters. We are your American brothers and sisters. Enough is enough!

It backfired!
Millions of us are boycotting all products from California. It's tough with produce but if you look hard enough you can find most item grown somewhere besides California. Top that off with AZ's illegals fleeing to California for safe haven and they will be begging for bail outs!

I've been boycotting businesses that hire illegal immigrants since the 2006 protests, not easy to do here in Houston. In fact, I suspect that some of the neighbors in my middle income neighborhood are illegal. Two of them get paid between $12.50 and $50 for 10 minutes of mow and blow. That's $75 to $300 an hour, income tax free, in a state and city that depend heavily on federal revenue.

I often wonder if Houstoners would pay that much if an American showed up at their doors and wanted to mow their lawns. I bet a least a few of the homeless white men and women living in Houston's underpasses would be willing to do the job for a lot less. They'd probably make better neighbors as well. The only reason I'm up at 12:43AM on a Sunday is that one of my illegal immigrant neighbors has been partying since 10:49PM Saturday, and for some reason, the Houston Police Department can't find the house. Maybe HPD hires illegals, too. It wouldn't surprise me.

Why are they talking about them all being drug traffickers, Usa, are the biggest consumers of drugs... Dont think it would change if they got tough on the border, it will come other ways, ships, planes, people , its a ongoing cycle like the law of supply and demand, the average american does or has tried a illegal drug before. But anyhow Jan Brewer is gonna end up getting killed by a immigrant,now thats gonna be halarious the day it happens!

If the government would have listened to poplular demands in issues such as voting and civil rights, this country would have been a very vile place. Up to now, the only vile is contained to the certain Arizona legislators and the copy-cats that refuse to address their local community issues and have resorted to pass legislation that will only further bankrupt them.


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