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Read for yourself: The full text of Arizona's controversial illegal immigrant law

Mexico Border Fence near Nogales 4-22-10

You may have heard a little something recently about this ongoing emotional controversy all across the United States over a frustrated Arizona’s homegrown legislative answer to the problem of an unsecured federal border with Mexico, illegal immigrants flowing across and the numerous side effects of such social movements including crime.

As The Ticket wrote at the time of the bill's signing, the state and its Republican Gov. Jan Brewer are disappointed in the ongoing inadequate federal response.(See related story links below.)

Democrat President Obama criticized the state's move as "misguided." He said full-blown immigration reforms are necessary but not just now. So, both pros and cons are busily quoting whatever they can find online to support whatever they want to support and oppose, producing some positively ridiculous charges.

Meanwhile, a new poll here shows most Americans kind of like Arizona's legislative solution to federal inaction.

So today, as we often do here, The Ticket is publishing for the first time the entire Arizona illegal immigrant law. Why take someone else's version? Read the full text for yourself.

Yes, yes, this may expunge some of the fun of likening Arizona to Germany, the racial....

...profiling allegations and organizing boycotts of boycotters. We also have below the governor's ensuing executive order detailing how to implement the law and the follow-up House bill to adjust some provisions of the original Senate measure.

Her order strictly prohibits state and local officials from "solely considering race, color or national origin" while enforcing the law, which takes effect this summer,and detailing the law be "implemented in a manner consistent with federal laws regulating immigration, protecting the civil rights of all persons and respecting the privileges and immunities of United States citizens."

But it also might contribute to a more intelligent debate over the actual language of the model measure, instead of what who's-its said about whats-it. That would be a shock for America in 2010.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Is there a reason you did not print it in Spanish?

How does it compare to the federal law that has been in effect for years & has been tried & tested in the courts?
(as you & Pres. Obama know very well, this state law was patterned after the long-existing federal law!! lol!)

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for providing me with the full text of my state's Senate Bill 1070 and Executive Order 2010-09. I have downloaded and printed both.

Strangely, or perhaps not, the "Arizona Star" newspaper has NOT provided it's readers with the full text of either the bill or the order. Evidently the newspaper does not want to confuse it's readers with facts that might conflict with it's inflammatory and disingenuous opposition on the editorial page, and it's equally biased and disingenuous reporting.

I doubt if ANY of the opponents of the new law have bothered to read the bill in full ~~ if they have, they either fail to understand the scope of the legislation, or choose to wantonly lie and distort it's contents, opponents that include the President of the United States.

Basically, SB 1070 gives officials of the state, county, city, town or political subdivision the ability to enforce EXISTING federal laws that govern ILLEGAL immigration. Existing federal laws that have gone unenforced for too many years by too many administrations. The social and financial costs of federal inaction are a severe burden for Arizona citizens. This new bill is a major step toward reducing that burden.

Thanks again,


Vivat Arizona for doing JOB Federals won't do!

After federal law you say?
Show me a federal law that says that I can be stopped on the street and asked to prove that I'm in the country legally?
I wonder what kind of abuses will be OK for police to commit now, armed with this law.

I lived in Moscow Russia for many years and can tell you that it's very frustrating to be pulled over for no reason "to check documents" (or to demand a bribe) or to be stopped on the street and asked to present a passport with a Moscow registration stamp. This is especially frustrating if you "look different" and are picked from the crowd over and over.

Personally I'm not going to suffer either way. I don't look southern so they never harassed me in Moscow. I don't live in Arizona. I'm in the USA legally. However, it is sad that something like this can happen in the USA, I'm talking about this new law authorizing IDing of anyone who looks different. Don't tell me they won't profile. It IS reasonable to expect that the person who looks mexican is more likely to be in the country illegally. Statistically it IS correct. It is not POLITICALLY correct, but STATISTICALLY IT IS CORRECT. Now tell me if it's REASONABLE to ask any mexican looking person in Arizona for their ID just because it's statistically "probable" for them to be in the country illegally? HELL NO! THAT'S PROFILING AND HARASSMENT! And that's what this law authorizes.
It's very sad that parts of the USA can turn into Moscow so easily and that so many people are cheering along . . .

If I read the bill in about 15 minutes, maybe the AG will think it is worth while to be informed when he bashes AZ for doing the AG's job in the first place.

Actually "Stop pretending" the federal laws are right there for reading if you took the time and ignorance of the law is no defence. Federal law not only requires all LPR (Legal Permanent Residents) like yourself to carry identification and present it upon request but also to re-register annually. No crime has to be committed to request it. As for ID, if you travel you are required to produce evidence of citizenship and residency. Most states have implemented "Safe ID" which requires proof of residency for a Drivers License or state ID which is proof enough for law enforcement and TSA. When you took citizenship classes they clearly outlined the restrictions and privaleges of citizenship but you must have missed that day. Fortunately we are not like Europe, Russia or Most of the world where you get arrested for not carrying your national travel permit and ID Card. You should read Immigrations and Customs Laws to find out how much the government really can do since Citizenship is a Granted Privilage and not a Right.

The problem with not only Arizona, but some Federal laws that are passed, is they don't take into account how U.S.C.I.S. actually processes legal immigration.

Even a legal immigrant is often 'out of status', and that's a technical detail they fail to understand. I know from experience an 'out of status' person will be denied a driver's license in some states, and yet the out of status condition occurs only because U.S.C.I.S. is backlogged on paperwork. Here is how, your original K-1 Visa, issued to your fiance from Canada, is only valid for 90 days. In that time you are expected to get married and apply for an 'adjustment of status' from the non-immigrant K-1 Visa to an immigrant Visa.

If USCIS gets back logged on that paperwork, between your 90 day K1 experation but before your 2 year temporary "permanent" resident card arrives, you will be 'out of status'.

Along comes Arizona and uses those statuses for purposes for which they were never intended to be used.

I am a U.S. Citizen, but when you serve overseas, and your child born overseas comes to the U.S., guess what, they have to go through the U.S.C.I.S. process too. Those applications tend to be processed OK, but if there is any old issue, the photo you sent in was crimpled - boom, you are out of status, until the correction.

Arizona spent time with lawyers trying to make this legal, but spent no time at all, trying to make this humane.

This law should never apply to children - never. There is never a good reason to deport a child who has U.S. citizen parents. But the law makes no exception for children.

If the USCIS status gave some hint about how the person got into the country, like legally entered the country, but are currently waiting on a pending application, that would be one thing.

Unfortunately Arizona and USCIS would need to work together to make this system work, because this system only works if USCIS statuses somehow make sense for the intended purpose they are now being used.

But its not clear Arizona has the authority to dictate to USCIS how to run its federally mandated operations, so there is no cooperation.

This is a disaster.

What Obama is most scared of is that he will have to disclose his own citizenship credentials. The myth is that only Mexicans are coming across our southern borders. The standing ovation Calderon got from congress is just another slap in the face of the US by Obama and his liberal puppets. When is he going to stand up and lead rather than cow-towing to every country in the world opposing us and slamming all our allies.

Good to see a complete version of the law. Sadly it seems the ignorant will still not fully understand, and the closed and narrow minded on both sides will ignore the fact and just spit out the same BS about citizenship conspiracies from the right and human rights violations from the left. This law has its issues and the primary one is a human factor where profiling will still be a key element that will happen in the real world, especially considering the potential lawsuits if certain law enforcement agencies do not respond strongly enough to alleged suspicions.

The law is far from perfect and likely will get stricken, BUT it does bring the the headlines and forefront of people's awareness that our immigration system is broken and it needs to be fixed NOW. The American people have relied on immigrants long enough, time to buck up and pay Americans to to all the work; better yet, don't import anymore either so we can reduce unemployment to an all time low. the more people work, the more the economy flows... never mind that Americans cost a lot more to hire, his is America right? We need to afford to be able to live here to enjoy the American dream, its not like everyone will get to own a home but if we pretend long enough, perhaps the sense of entitlement will produce a new crop of marginal citizens that will continue to work and keep the system running for the rich and supply the Social Security system with more funders...

Stop pretending is definitely confused. Federal law states all legal immigrants must carry their green card at all times. Perhaps he sould read the federal law so that he is not confused.

Due the influx of illegals in this state it is imperative that law enforcement has the ability to assertain a persons citizenship status. Don't cry foul! If the Federal government had done their job we would'nt have to do this at all! Do you want us to just look the other way while millions of people we did not give permission to enter our country just crawl under a fence and make thenselves at home? I've got a great idea, lets start a registry of all those who oppose the law, give their address, and then we'll send all the illegals to those people so they can live with them in their house! If they are so against this law then I'm sure they won't mind them staying in their home. So man up! Tell us who you are and where you live and the illegals will be directed to your house to live. Common don't be a hpacrite give us your address and tell us how many illegals you can take and we will send them to you. That way you can shut up and do your part in helping the illegal immigration problem. Any Takers?

So, once someone is identified as being "illegal" under the new law, what does local law enforcement then do with these individuals, and how is that different from what they did before the new law? If the process following identification is identical to the old procedure, then I guess the only thing that has changed is that SB 1070 has given law enforcement the right to "profile/identify" an individual.... Did I get that right??? :)

This seems kinda like Jim Crow laws in the south, ie if you look like a Mexican than you may be an illegal? I don't think their planning on stopping blonde haired blue eyed persons. People with pale skin, red hair, green eyes. It's based on making a guess of who is legal by checking their papers but before you can check their papers you have to "legally" give a reason to question them and with this law, you're given permission to "racial profile" who is American based on apearance first. When a blue eyed anglo saxon runs a red light, are they going to ask them for their papers? No, why, because the "don't look like a mexican, ie race. I really feel sorry for the police because they are boxed into this thing and that's not fair. Thanks for posting it to read.

If I read the law correctly, I get asked for my "papers" each and every time I get stopped. First thing that is said is "license and registration, please." Also if you are stopped on the street and refuse to give an officer your id you can be arrested for resisting arrest. As for deporting children, the law says that AZ law enforcement will turn illegals over to ICE. Where is the problem with this?

Information and documentation like these provide a service. Next I'd like to read the documentation on accented speech and teaching licenses.

I know one brown-skinned business owner who's been pulled over twice in Phoenix in the past month and a half under the pretext of an "unsafe load" on the back of his work truck. This business owner is no fool; he knows he was racially profiled. Henceforth, he's turning on the recording system of his cellphone when he's stopped to document the conversation. He's hoping the profiler doesn't notice the "furtive movement" as the profiled reaches for the phone's record button, nor confuse the telephone for a gun as an excuse to empty 16 rounds into the driver.

I have about enough of this none sens with Arizona you do any crap you wont if you spread it to others states in the U.S it will be consider a WAR BETWEEN U.S and MEXICO and I warned people that are from other country's and also fools that kept joining the U.S military that are not what the hell they call theme selves stupid Americans will DIE IN HELL so make up your decision because my army will remain undefeated and that stupid hag of Arizona gov will be step-ted like a cockroach to death of course and we will take our land back like it was back than!

Dark Loard, please publish your address and contact information. That way the FBI can discuss your threats about your army personally. Your Army is nothing but a bunch of gangsters and thugs and you will lose. The AMerican people will stand for this illegal occupation by criminals and scumbags. If enforcing the border and immigration laws effectively mean war between Mexico and the US, so be it. I guarantee your army of scumbags will run away like cockroaches once confronted.

Ok now lets get something straight, I am american and as white as you can get, and guess what where I come from Baltimore Maryland, they do stop you. It is called a field interview why stop me. Because I lived in an all black neighborhood, grow up people it is nothing new. Dont believe me go anywhere in this country where you look like you dont belong. You will be approached and asked why are you here. Go somewhere as a civilian when you are supposed to be military. Go to your little private rich club in torn jeans, this is nothing new and nothing to get upset about. Unless of course you are here illegally.


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