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Dennis Miller to Steve Nash: How about we bus illegal immigrants up to Canada?


Count Dennis Miller in the camp that likes Steve Nash the basketball player but doesn't think much of Steve Nash the political activist.

Nash, a two-time (cough, cough) recipient of the National Basketball Assn.'s "most valuable player" award doesn't like Arizona's new immigration law (unlike the majority of Americans, who do approve).

"I think the law is very misguided," said Nash, a Canadian. "I think it is unfortunately to the detriment of our society and our civil liberties, and I think it is very important for us to stand up for things we believe in."

So Nash, and the rest of the Phoenix Suns players, wore "Los Suns" jerseys last night to protest the controversial new immigration law. 

Miller, appearing on Bill O'Reilly's program last night, called his statements "kid-like" (not Jason Kidd-like) and offered Nash a suggestion.
"Steve, what if we were empathetic with the illegals coming in and we met them at our border and gave them all a shower and a full hot meal and a hundred American dollars and put them in a beautiful Stratocruiser bus and took them up -- you're Canadian -- to the Canada border, and just set them free across the border? Miller asked.

"You know you'd have problems with that," he said.

Miller said he had empathy for those who have issues with the law, but is more concerned with the family of a cattle rancher who authorities suspect was killed by an illegal immigrant who worked as a scout for drug smugglers.

"I'm empathetic to the family who's looking up at the end of their dining room table and the old man's dead 'cause he was croaked by some drug addict who was in the country illegally from Mexico," Miller said.

"I'll get to the empathy for the guy who might be rousted by a bad cop down the road. Right now, my heart aches for that family and that guy," he said.

Twitter reaction was mostly positive on Miller's appearance, but our favorite tweet came from RyanRMiner who said: "If you don't think Dennis Miller is funny, you need educated."

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo: Sign held by a fan at the Phoenix Suns basketball game Wednesday.  Credit: Associated Press

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Dennis Miller is a comedy once was, has-been.

If Steve Nash should stick to basketball then maybe Dennis Miller ought to stick to comedy. Except the backstabbing little twerp wasn't too good at that, either.

Has anyone noticed Dennis Miller has hamster hands? I'm just saying.

Most Americans approved of the internment of Japanese during World War II. Most Americans in the 1950s were fine with segregated schools. Most Americans, if asked to vote on the Bill of Rights today, would say nay.

I don't know what most Americans think about Dennis Miller, but as a Canadian, I'm thrilled that he did not follow his Canadian wife across our border. Stay in Santa Barbara, Dennis — please.

Has it been proven that the killer of the rancher was an illegal immigrant? Jeez!

What is it that Dennis Miller actually does for a job... oh yeah thats right, he gets fired for not being funny a lot

Dennis Miller is right on...keep it up Dennis because your comments are 100% correct...yea, a little brash but ok

if you're going to argue your point against what Nash had to say regarding immigration law, then you shouldn't mention whether his 2 MVPs were cough-cough.

Dennis Miller should stick with basic logic before trying out comedy - before even trying politics.

By the way, the 2 MVPs were well deserved, especially the one against Shaq. As Shawn Marion said that year, "If Shaq was MVP, then I should be MVP too!"

Oh wait, it's Fox news.

Canada has programs set up for immigrants to work on the farms. Did Dennis speak of this?

Dennis Miller, the comedian (cough, cough) needs educated.

Excellent, Mr. Miller. Excellent.

I don't think the Canadians would actually have a problem with that - but, like many other immigrants to Canada the first thing they do with their citizenship is apply for a visa and emigrate to the United States : "An immigrant who has spent at least three years in Canada may seriously consider becoming a Canadian citizen, while also maintaining citizenship in his home country. Since Canada does not require newly naturalized citizens to renounce their former citizenship, this allows an opportunity to obtain dual citizenship."

Dennis Miller is a money whore who used to be a funny guy when he did not take himself seriously. He's been brain dead since he hooked up with Monday Night football.

The Fox Bite Channel strikes again
First of all, sound bites might have worked in the 90's when Bush and Cheney drove us into an illegal war, but I would like to think we are beyond those old theatrics at this point. The CNN reporter was just pontificating a scenario and trying to put the pieces together, and in no way was advocating an excuse for what the terrorist was trying to accomplish. But Fox pays people to pick apart dialogue edit it and then let minions like O'Reilly and Hannity spit it back out full of right wing fodder. Dennis Miller was a failure at everything was never funny and is now bitter. Stuck on the channel that complains and whines and accuses people that want to progress and evolve, as being socialists and communists. Well there you have it in a nut shell. If Arizona is so desperate to curb illegal immigration they should raise taxes and build there own damn fence. Legalize marijuana and jail all other drug traffickers, illegal immigrant or not.
But a law like this just isn't a solution, it punishes the hard working people trying to support their families and not the guys with money and guns.

what a dumb article. I didnt know a majority of americans support this bill? Do that many people not care about our Constitution?

If you are an illegal alien in Canada and have a baby, your child is not a citizen. Unlike the US, where anchor babies -- 5,000,000 of them last year, with 97% of those births paid for by the taxpayer -- allow illegal aliens to receive welfare benefits.

Dennis Miller is right. Nash is a jerk. I say let's find out the addresses of all the Phoenix Suns players (gated communities, I am sure) and set up drop houses right next door. Somehow, their views on illegal immigration would change.

Sorry that Miller appeals to those with an education. He's funny if your IQ is above 80.

Article 67 of the Mexican Population Law requires individuals to demonstrate they are legally in Mexico to any Municipal, State, or Federal official. Since they add so much to our economy, I see nothing wrong with passing on these benefits to our friends to the north in these tough economic times. Illegal immigrants have earned a free bus ride and I'm sure the Canucks could use the help shoveling snow or driving Zambonis. Nash is probably just mad that he'll have to pay more for documented workers to take care of his mansion.

Is the argument for illegal aliens that anyone entering the country should be given all the priveleges of a U.S. citizen? I understand the empathy and not wantign to have to show your driver's license to prove your a citizen. What I don't understand is the pro illegal alien core belief? Are illegal aliens good for the country? should there be any effort to stop illegal aliens form entering the country? what should happen to illegal aliens identified within the U.S. border? what would be the appropriate manner to identify illegal aliens?
I would understand your issues with Mr. O"Reilly and Mr. Miller better if you helped me understand your pro illegal alien stance other than - "he's not funny", "I feel bad for illegal aliens", etc. I got the empathy, explain the underlying core beliefs please. You can convert me, but need to articualte your thoughts.

Spot on Dennis. What do you expect from rich athletes detached from gangbanging MS-13, Latino Kings et al and the violence they perpetrate? I highly doubt Steve Nash lives in a neighborhood that has been overrun with vandalism, violence, and rampant theft. Come stay were I live Steve where I now have to carry everywhere I go. It's great. You'll love it. Bendejo.

Dennis WHO???

How to be Dennis Miller: rely on the writers of SNL. People will think you have a brain. Your solo career will quickly reveal that all you have is a mean spirit and the desire to throw around big words. Fail at everything you do, including the embarrassment of your talk show. Blame it on the liberal media, and let your resentment at your failure pickle your insides. Where does Dennis Miller find a home? Why, where all washed-up comedians come to die: on the O'Reilly Factor.

I pledge to send five dollars to 20 different random businesses in Arizona to offset any negative effects of any boycott of Arizona's policies.

If a large number of people would join me it would make a large impact on the political fallout of their legislation, and it would get the media's attention. Most importantly money talks much more than words. Boycotts in general do not work, and this one probably will not either. Mainly because most people are not as passionate about any given cause as the very vocal, yet extremely small minorities are. However, the threat of the boycott makes the news and causes fear in those who are afraid it might work.

News outlets of course don't find much "news" in what was once called the silent majority, so all you hear, and all the "masses" hear, from the news outlets is the loud small minorities.

Yet, money is louder than most talk. If you join me in this then not only do you need to send out the 20 five dollar bills, but send a photocopy of the letter you send and of the money to at least 5 news outlets in Arizona, (preferably 4 local newspapers, as they are often less partisan) and one major news outlet. You can send one also to the governer of Arizona, who will promote it as a grassroots support.

This will make an impact, even if you can only send one five dollar bill to one random business that would be enough.

Lastly, even though I would suggest randomness in your choosing. It should probably be a small business, like a plumbing business or a daycare.

Just get on the internet and pick one in Arizona and send the letters.

Chris King - Texas


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