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Finally, Democrats blame George W. Bush for Gulf oil spill--Chris Dodd video as the blather spreads

Hey, it's worked before. If you watch no other video today, you gotta watch this one.

Don Imus on the Fox Business Network Tuesday interviewing jolly old Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who was forced into retirement by the certainty of defeat this November.

Democrat president Barack Obama with his ubiquitous cellphone

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet except the makers of oil dispersant, Dodd is 110% very safely opposed to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He's also appalled.

As is the Obama White House.

Actually what the White House is appalled over is that the fingers of blame are starting to turn toward the Obama White House, the Oval Office to be exact.

Not that the White House has the technology either to address an oil spill of this magnitude and oceanic depth.

The Obama administration can't do anything about it, except lay on the PR. But the president wants to spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

And how would that look enjoying Hyde Park and maybe yet more golf or a Sox game while one of the nation's worst environmental disasters gushes unabated down south?

So to assuage that anticipated criticism, the White House has quickly laid on a Friday presidential trip back down to Louisiana, his second. He didn't see a drop of oil during the first one. But it looks good on TV. (See Related Items links below the video.)

Chris Dodd has been in the U.S. Senate now for five six-year terms and might have been looking into drilling safety precautions instead of special mortgage deals. So he too is eager to spread blame elsewhere.

You'll never guess which recent Republican president Dodd tries to finger for last month's underwater blowout.

You'll get a good chuckle out of Imus' incredulous response starting around the 1:20 mark.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of Fox Business Network    Photo: Associated Press

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hmmmm, i seem to recall hearing that the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION gave the very oil rig that exploded a safety award just last year... i suppose that was Bush's fault too? pathetic desperation on the left.

People are always trying to find others to blame. It is easier to blame someone that people already blame everything else on so they cheat and keep it going. The only blame i see here is a President who will not own up to his own mistakes. He wants to be Mr. Perfect, when indeed he is not. If people own up to their own mistakes, they are easily forgiven. When blame others, you make yourself guilty. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people. It doesn't take a blind man to see your guilt and faults with extra senses. Bush did not make everything go wrong. Iraq was the terrors here, they provoked us. If you can't see that, then you are indeed blind. Mr. Bush did right in going in, but when push comes to shove, none of you will sit back and let them shove you around. Admit your own faults. Obama is at fault for letting someone else be blamed and for not standing up for his comrad. If your brother is falsely accused, take up and speak out the truth. Otherwise, you are as guilty, and at fault as the other one was accused of. Grow up and read between the lines. God gave you brains, use them for once in your life time.

Brilliant liberal logic. Blame Bush. What a bunch of monkeys.

I happen to have incontrovertible evidence that George Bush was also behind the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, the sinking of the Lusitania, the Hindenburg disaster and, of course, the plan to have Barney Frank and Gavin Newsome abducted by aliens from the planet Zarkon and forced into performing as a synchronized swim duo at the next Rainbow Olympics.

Oh, yes, and best of all, a friend of my barber's first cousin's letter carrier sent me an anonymous e-mail claiming that the CIA has surgically removed Chris Dodd's brussel sprout-sized brain at a secret hangar at Area 51 and replaced it with an Arby's beef-and-cheddar sandwich.

Frankly, I don't see any difference, but, then again...wait...gotta go...Louis Farrakhan is texting me from the Mother Ship.

This disaster happened because of our never ending demand for fossil fuel. As a country we have 4% of the worlds oil and consume 20%. I know my next car will be a hybrid. I think it's obvious, if we allow offshore drilling ever again, it needs to be done differently. The MSM needs to be torn down and rebuilt as a serious oversight agency and not so emeshed with big oil. Should things have been done before, yes it is Obama's responsibility, but the man has had a hell of a time since his election, averting a depression, healthcare reform, financial reform, two wars.
I really question whether Ken Salazar should remain as Secretary of the Interior, I'm not at all impressed.

The reality of deep water oil drilling is that it is very sophisticated technology, beyond the scope of our government and BP and Transocean are the experts(LOL).

There is plently of blame to go around here and I just pray justice is served and the guilty pay. And I pray this oil well gets capped soon, it makes me sick!

What regulations were removed that allowed this to happen? I always hear about deregulation but I never hear which regulations were removed. I can't think of too many laws that have been removed from our lives in any arena, not just oil drilling. Can you name some laws that have been removed? of any type?

I have no respect for Don Imus - ever since he allowed his bimbo to throw out that little gal who was baby sitting their trophy child - into the cold desert night in New Mexico.
So by beating up on worthless Chris Dodd?
Too easy!

Strange just last year The OBAMA White House awarded the rig in question with awards for safety and great maintenance.

Seems to me the blame should be thrown at the President sitting on his hands whose own administration said the rig in question was an excellent example of how rigs should be maintained.

I so look forward to the day that Barney and Chris share the same jail cell.

The libs are delerious. Che Maobama and his posse are the true losers in this debacle for their lack of response to a terrible environmental catastrophe. Get over it, George Bush had nothing to do with this rig, period. But the chorus is always the same from these braindead fools. From the 9/11 conspiracy theorists to the Bush lied people died crowd, their all just nuts. And, like a typical Lib, accepting responsibility is the last they could ever do.
Face it, Maobama is much worse than Jimmy Carter could ever thought of being...

I was wondering when the lib's would get around to this. If 2012 is the end of days they'll blame Bush for that too. Oh yea, almost forgot,I must also be a racist for disagreeing with them.

whats wrong with this moron, Imus is asking about how u fix it NOW, not what happen in the last admin. And i guess we need another liar in the Senate, from CT. And what about the mosque deal??? Can the Demos accept responsability for anything?????

It is good to see that others now understand that obama and his crowd are just adolescents playing house. They sound like the vacantheads in the "business." Lindsay Lohan goes to Washington.... The meatheads are ruinng our country.

Michael Tarkowski = blathering idiot.
Go away, imbecile.

don't you know Katrina was Bush's fault too?
Yup, he did it.

It was the Obama Admin that gave BP waivers and exemptions (23 to be exact) for environmental impact reports when drilling at that depth. If it wasn't for "environmentalists", we could have been drilling closer to shore, which if worst case scenario happened, like now, it would have been a breeze to cap...but no, push the drilling so far offshore to a depth that's uncontrollable if a well is blown, then cry about it and blame the previous administration. Are you all idiots? By the way, idots, you can't blame the previous administration for the debt Obama inherited, because Congress spends the money, and the Dems have been in control since 2006, which is when the spending spiraled into overload mode and spent us into bankruptcy and beyond for generations. Blame yourselves idiots for keeping them in office and reelecting them.

Dodd is a fool. What a joke this man is. He can't answer a question.


Doddling Dodd is a moron. And he might be the most intelligent liberal in WA DC.

Is ANYTHING ever the fault of a Democrat? Ever?

Of course when all else fails blame Bush... What a bunch of idiots!

Nobody plays on a level playing field - Obama, Bush, Clinton, Democrates, Republicans, Business, etc. Each has their own agenda and how to circumvent the system, each only looks forward to the next election or board meeting.

Just frikkin' nauseating. Absolutely sick-making.

You Kool Aid drinkers in the land of fruits and nuts are insane. Your Kenyan president can do no wrong with you people. He can go on vacation, he can be disrespectful to the men and women who died for MY country by skipping Arlington and you still defend this a-hole. He goes to the oil spill once and then parties and plays golf, Bush goes 6 times to NOLA and you have the nerve to blame this oil spill on him. Why don't all of you Hussein Obama lovers take him back to Kenya and start your own little cult. Drive that country into bankruptcy and war. The you can blame King Mowatababtateewoo instead of Bush

It is obvious that since the whole global warming hoax has been brought to light, the dimocrats needed a new cause....Obama hates pelicans and dolphins, and had this oil rig blown up. Sound Familiar?

It was Cheney and Rove in a 2 man sub under strict orders from Bush.

Tarkowski...put the blame squarely where it lies...Obama. How much did Obama get in PAC money from BP? My goodness, y0u Democrats just can't put the finger on anything that you do wrong but want to put your hands on anything ANYONE else does right. Grow up!

Obama owns this one. He has been in office for about 18 months. If he does not own this then he needs to resign and let someone whith a backbone be President. I'll give him the first six months of his administration to clean up but after that he hae to grow apair and accept responsibility for everything. That is the job of the President.

It's about time the Dems blame Bush for something going wrong under Obama's watch. I thought for awhile the liberals were becoming a bit more rational, but, apparently not.

Memo to Chris:

Why don't you shut up and fade into history as one of the architects (along with Barney Frank) of the economic problems we are having now vis-a-vis Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

You've got plenty of time on your hands now to get together with your buddy Ted Kennedy and create your infamous "waitress sandwiches" - oh.... I forgot.... Ted He Dead.

Wow do these Democrats have any self-respect? They are really outrageous and sickening...suck it up Obama-put on your big boy pants and suck it up!!! You allowed this mess to occur not no one else...and you are Stupid if you think we believe Bush had anything to do with this...grow up and take your responsibilities and your Admin. makes me sick to my stomach...I am so tired of your lies, and misguided misleading ethics. You are suppose to be here for America and US but you don't have an American bone in your body...Ugh!!!

Chris Dodd needs to just go away now. And we will see all his cronies go away with him soon.
John Kerry says we are all hypocrites that don't trust the government. Too much of his own high fructose corn syrup has demented him.

As for you 0bama slaves, have you figured out his "coolness" is nothing more than apathy? Those with narcissitic personality disorder do not know how to feel emotion and have to mimic others. He has now put down all effort to do even that. Get a clue, he doesn't all.
Furthermore, watch him. He is not a leader, but still just a community rouser filled with rhetoric, nothing of substance. He cannot offer ideas but only attack those with the ideas. Honestly open your eyes and ears and see hiim for what he is.
"Hope and Change" is meaningless rhetoric.
"Yes we can" is meaningless rhetoric.
"Plug the damn hole" is meaningless rhetoric. He says that as if no one thought of it. The man has the power of the world as his fingertips and that is all he can offer....useless words.

There's an old saying, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way."
It's time for him to get out of the way. He's shaken down the businesses for enough money now, let real leaders come in and fix this problem.
Get Jindal the resources to put up barriers! NOW! Get the corps of engineers down there! NOW!

Obama, you can dance and strike a pose with a basketball in front of your worshippers later.

The one thing the Feds are supposed to do is get resources to the people/states in time of crisis.
And once again, you've failed.

Now those railing against BP and "big oil". Put your hummingbird butts where your alligator mouths are. Shut off your TVs, your computers, sell your cars, turn off all the lights in your home...oh, no more KY jelly either for you Californians, or plastic of any kind. Cause it all comes from that great satan, big oil.

It is BP's plan to have to most incompetent people and the worst technology so they can make the most insane profits on the planet. Everyone knows that it is in BP's best interests to have lousy PR. It is good for business! All companies should do it. The billions spent on the cleanup will only push the stock to record levels. I can't buy enough.

It's George Washington's fault!

Unfortunately politicians like this Dodd a-hole is just an extension of the lack of morals we have as Americans. America, you voted for a liar and a-hole like this ,and many others like him, so he is just a microcosm of you.

obama is not interested in dealing with the spill. If its not on some social agenda or spending tax money, its not on his radar.
The people in Louisiana are begging for help.
Blaming bush wont solve this

The real blame for this mess belongs with the environmental idiots that won't allow drilling in shallow water or onland. If this mess had happened in 200 feet of water or on land it would have been plugged in a day at the most with little or no damage done. It's a hell of alot harder to plug a blowout on a rig that's 50 miles off the coast and a mile deep.

If anyone would like to see utter stupidity on display read Dave Millers post:

"This is Big Oil pure and simple. Why are we letting the criminals control the crime scene? Put James Camron in charge and get BP, Ken Salazar, and Obama out of the man's way. F**k the politics and blame plug the hole! Sink one of those battle ships we're using to fight the taliban on top of the hole. "

On 9/12/2001 people started finding out just how far back the attacks on the WTC were planned. Years of planning and a network of failed agency efforts all culminated in the worst terrorist attack in our history. The Bush Administration also failed in that it had time to be more diligent in it's efforts of security. None of that mattered to the liberals and most Democrats. Although the majority of the players and planners were active during the end of the Clinton Administration the overall response was "hey, it happened on Bushs' watch"! Well guess what? The politics of this country has become one of the main threats to our national and environmental security. Sadly it is us, the citizens of the United States, that will once again pay for failed leadership!

.Yap Bush was responsible for me stubbing my toe this morning. The dryer breaking and oh the dog died two weeks ago and my muffler had to be replaced a couple of months ago. My mother broke her hip last winter on the ice Bush put there (I saw him). Damn him. He mush hate old white women and dolphins and birds and turtles, don't forget the turtles. And OH OH OH he hates shrimp boat captains and swamps and beaches and fish almost forgot the fish. It’s an evil plot to rule the world Mawahahaha. OH great Osama will take care of things. You promised to cool the plant and shrink the seas. OH lord Obama the most high show your great and glorious powers and part the sea so we can cap the seas. In Ted Kennedy’s name AMEN. Now I have to find my tin foil hat and put it on.


A community organizer does nothing but points fingers, creates problems where there is none exists then makes it worse, falsely accuses, denies any responsibility, and offers no real solutions to any problem. Why would anyone expect that all of a sudden he would be different. He is obviously in way over his head.......and it shows. What you see is the real Obama. It will only get worse. Everywhere you look there are lies, denials and deception. No real solutions. Only a true idiot can't see it. Look at Obama through your "Bush eyes".

True democrat leadership is all finger pointing. I just hope they keep it up into election season. I figured out long ago they must have 6 year old political strategists. Where is the backbone? I guess the buck can't stop with them if it is all deficit spending. The spill is like the economy the bigger the mess made, the more government regulation will need to come to the rescue. Here is to November and voting those Turkeys out.


Dodd, should be in prison for the shake down he, and Barney Fwank , did to banks. These reprobates forced banks to loan to other Demonrat losers who had a snowballs chance of repaying their GIGANTIC mortgages.
Demonrats, pedophiles, misogynists, thieves , liars, ...just a gaggle of criminals in the party that coddles criminals:DEMONRATS !!

Everyone, relax. In the past 18 months the far left has alienated the entire country (except for the crack-pots in SF and NYC). The liberals do not realize that most Americans want a smaller government, less taxes, and adherence to the Constitution. The far left got its one shot at power, and now the nation recoils in horror at the communism that they spew...they will be voted out of power and will never return. Even the dumb-azz media is finally getting off of their knees and starting to critically view this administration.





See..........I told you Bush did it!!!!

Dodd insists that since the president has only been in office for a year and a half that he couldn't possibly be to blame for something that had been on going for years prior to his administration. This from a party that has been blaming George W Bush for Global Warming, a process that, according to their own definitions, has been taking place since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It just goes to show you, in today's political reality it is grotesquely unfair to hold a Democrat responsible for what they said or did 2 minutes ago but it's OK to hold a Republican responsible for the words and actions of his/her ancestors back to the beginning of time.

Dodd and his buddies couldn't care less if this oil spill is contained. The important thing is that the Republicans get blamed for it.

This spill would not have happened if the liberals hadn't forced the oil companies far offshore where they have to drill thousands of feet deep. If this had happened in ANWAR this spill would have been plugged immediately and would have already been cleaned up.

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