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Finally, Democrats blame George W. Bush for Gulf oil spill--Chris Dodd video as the blather spreads

Hey, it's worked before. If you watch no other video today, you gotta watch this one.

Don Imus on the Fox Business Network Tuesday interviewing jolly old Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who was forced into retirement by the certainty of defeat this November.

Democrat president Barack Obama with his ubiquitous cellphone

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet except the makers of oil dispersant, Dodd is 110% very safely opposed to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He's also appalled.

As is the Obama White House.

Actually what the White House is appalled over is that the fingers of blame are starting to turn toward the Obama White House, the Oval Office to be exact.

Not that the White House has the technology either to address an oil spill of this magnitude and oceanic depth.

The Obama administration can't do anything about it, except lay on the PR. But the president wants to spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

And how would that look enjoying Hyde Park and maybe yet more golf or a Sox game while one of the nation's worst environmental disasters gushes unabated down south?

So to assuage that anticipated criticism, the White House has quickly laid on a Friday presidential trip back down to Louisiana, his second. He didn't see a drop of oil during the first one. But it looks good on TV. (See Related Items links below the video.)

Chris Dodd has been in the U.S. Senate now for five six-year terms and might have been looking into drilling safety precautions instead of special mortgage deals. So he too is eager to spread blame elsewhere.

You'll never guess which recent Republican president Dodd tries to finger for last month's underwater blowout.

You'll get a good chuckle out of Imus' incredulous response starting around the 1:20 mark.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of Fox Business Network    Photo: Associated Press

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Michael Tarkowski & Chris Dodd can blame Bush/Cheney but they are IGNORANT LIARS! that rig was built & placed in 2001. that would mean the construction of, and paperwork for, the rig occurred during THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. i, however, dont blame Clinton or Bush for it, because i am not ignorant like lil' Mikey Tarkowski.

We knew it was coming from the left sooner or later. Figures they'd put it on him to say this stuff since they've already thrown him under the bus. What's another bus or 2 or 3 when you've already been run over by one?

You Bush/Cheney bashers are pathetic! There is no difference between you people and nit wit pelosi! Total losers!!!

In response to Dave Miller's comment:

We are not using a battleship to fight the Taliban. You cannot be that stupid! Then again, you are a democrat!

Democrats fault plain and simple. Why hasn't Washington stepped up to help besides sitting back doing nothing, its the Democratic way. This is going raise gas prices, and a lot of Democrats are with the big oil companies.

Pelosi must be going nuts --- I think the rate of oil flowing from that hole equates to a month's worth of coast-to-coast travel on her personal airforce at this stage!

Dems are good at blaming other people, as they are at spending money they don't have.
Enjoy it now because come this November it comes to a screaching halt.
Dodd is a ditz. Barney has to go next. Followed by Chuckie

Blame EVERYTHING on Bush.

Sept 11 happened 8 months into Bush's term but Dems blamed bush and even stole and destroyed documents from the national archives to hide the truth about Clinton's failed foreign policies over the previous 8 years and how they led to the attack. Blame Bush.

Now the oil leak happens 16 months into Obama's term and it's the exact opposite: This leak has nothing to do with the current President (who took about $2M in campaign donations from BP and already announced he's going to allow more drilling in deep water). This time it's the fault of the previous President. Blame Bush.

Dodd is a loser of epic proportions and was the leader in creating the sub-prime mortgage - the financial instrument that was packaged into derivative bundles that led to the 2008 collapse of the US economy.

But guess what? We blame Bush for that too! Everything that goes wrong is Bush's fault.

I am sure my comments won't be posted since this is a liberal and biased paper.

(AM responds: You need to check The Ticket more often and learn A) this isn't a newspaper (see, no paper!) and B) we have a somewhat different take than the print publication called LATimes. Nice to see you here now.)

BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.-------repeat-------BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.-------repeat-------BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.-------repeat-------BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

-------That being said....Bush and Cheney are oil men. BP weren't fans.

Dodd is starting to look like one of the Golden Girls.

@Michael Hmmm Years and years of neglect and mismanagement led to the Katrina disaster yet President Bush was blamed endlessly for not acting fast enough.

Like it or not, Obama is the President and this has occurred on his watch. His actions on the growing oil spill are atrocious.

Dodd is simply awful and he took the easy way out.

LOL, BP pays off Obama, Obama waives safety requirements, Obama signs off on the drilling and rig, Accident happens, Obama gets paid for another waiver on another rig, and on it goes.

LOL! Leftist moron.

I can see it now. The year is 2110. The last Dem in the US to hold an office. The dog catcher of Orange County CA. "To tell the truth its because G W Bush was President in 2005. That is why the cat population is up today."
What a bunch of Dumbocrates.

This platform was built in 1998 and setup in March 2000. The platform became operational only one month into President Bush's administration. It is silly to blame him for something that was designed 2 years before he took office. Of course, facts and research - they never seem to matter when you can simply blame Bush.

Sure, plent of blame to go around. Nevertheless, this donkey-default to blaming Bush is old. The excuse has expired. Time for Obama to man up and be president. If he can't, he should step aside. The evidence seems to indicate that Hillary or Palin's got bigger 'nads than Obama.

On May 3rd, Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) suggested that people shouldn't be "scared" about the Gulf Coast oil spill and in justifying his claim compared the massive slick to "chocolate milk."

Looks like Mayor Ray Nagin is going to get that "Chocolate City" after all.

Dodd must be taking history lesson from Joe Biden again, Drilling on this well did not begin until February 2010.

If this is in any way Bush's fault... then 9/11 was Clinton's fault.

It was OBAMA'S agency that gave BP EXCEPTIONS for safety inspections... and gave THIS RIG a SAFETY AWARD!

Obama has been in office for a year and a half. He could have changed ANY regulations... if he wanted to. He didn't... BP employees gave him almost $1,000,000 during his campaign... more than TWICE what McCain got.

OBAMA'S WhiteHouse gave BP the safety award... not Bush!


The types of problems are hard enough to deal with on land and on the shelf in "shallow" water, so how hard do you think it will be to deal with something a mile deep? Well I can tell you for a fact, it would be easier to deal with in shallow water, didnt say easy, just said easier. Just like it would be easier to deal with on land. Too bad the liberals dont want us drilling on the shelf.

No worries... Obama's going on his SECOND vacation since this oil spill started.

He has no idea what to do...

LOL... what an idiot Dodd is! It's obvious to everyone that the Obama admistration has been asleep at the wheel on this one. Everyday this goes by and there is NO leadership coming from Washington on what to do is a day that will go down as Obama's Katrina. The liberal media is even starting go grow tired of the excuses coming out of this Whitehouse.

Of course a liberal had to bring up Haliburton, it's like they are programmed to scream this garbage.

Scream big oil all you want, BP was the largest contributor to Obama. I don't see him returning that money.

Show me where the Bush administration deregulated the oil industry and show me proof that BP knowingly circumvented the rules and procedures in drilling. SHOW ME DOCUMENTED PROOF not the fairy tales in your liberal minds.

Seems that Dodd's timeline is a wee bit off here:

"BP submitted its drilling plan to the MMS on March 10, 2009. Rather than subject the plan to a detailed environmental review before approving it as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, the agency declared the plan to be “categorically excluded” from environmental analysis because it posed virtually no chance of harming the environment."

And, of course, this is not a big surprisse, either:

"In 2006, while Salazar [current Obama Interior Sec] was in the Colorado Senate, he fought to get increased oil and gas leases in the Gulf Coast region, by sponsoring the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006."

Obama is not a leader - he has offered nothing of promise to the American people here, other than his nasty habit of finger pointing - but what is he doing? Where the the urgency? Where is the, I have ordered that every stone be overturned to get this leak fixed - unlimited resources to stop the spill from spreading - and unlimited resources to begin the clean-up (3 weeks ago). It's a joke.

Dodd is a partisan creep.

Yes I have to say Chris Dodd made enough money with his sweetheart deals from Countrywide and others and HE had the weblo's to talk about someone else..? well guess it's a good thing he's LEAVING should have done so years ago BEFORE he was a MILLIONAIRE..

time to put the blame where it belongs. if it wasn't for the idiotic regulations on drilling in this country put forth by the greenies, we wouldn't have to go out so far and deep to drill in the first place! so much oil just offshore, and on land. if this were close and shallow, this disaster may not have happened at all, and if so could have been plugged quickly. and not to minimize this, but this is mother earth's natural substance, not refined by man in any way. this type of oil leaks into the ocean all of the time, but nature takes care of it, as it will here eventually.

In this day and age, anbody with a Drill Baby Drill attitude is an absolute fool!!!

Who are the real culprits here? Leftists in America who forced these oil companies to drill further and further off shore. When a problem happens on land or in the shallows, this NEVER happens. But we have regulated the oil companies into the deeper waters where they are bound to have trouble. This is INSANE!!! We need inexpensive, accessible oil. Anwar, anyone??? Democrats are such hypocrital FOOLS! You caused this problem, now EAT IT!

Biggest recipient of BP political contributions in 2008??? That would be B.H.Obama.

WHATS THE POINT OF having Federal Regulators (SEC, EPA, Insurance, Auto, FHA, etc..) if they aren't going to do their jobs and place the blame for their own incompetence on the private sector?

Also, who taught you that human behavior in the public sector is somehow more alturistic than the human behavior in the private sector? Get a grip people, take personal responsibility, and quit pointing the finger. You might just earn what some call integrity.

Oh, please - Senator Dodd and his party relentlessly laid the blame for the intelligence failures that led to Sept. 11th at the foot of George Bush and his administration when they had only been in office 8+ months. I certainly don't think the Obama administration can rightly be 'blamed' for the BP spill but by no means are they blameless and to simply point the finger backward is a failure of leadership, plain and simple. Sooner or later, supporters like Chris Dodd will need to accept the fact that 'the buck stops' with President Obama.

Dodd was one of the pious senators that tried to lay the blame for 911 at the Bush Admin after only 8 months in office.
Thank god he is retiring as he is a political hack, self serving, pompous putz.
What a embarrassment.
Next he'll claim he was a war hero.
Blumenthal is a fraud of the worst case.
How can these people sleep at night when they are always spinning lies.

John and Micheal:

I challenge you to explain exactly what happened, why the rig blew up, and exactly which safety were not taken. If you cannot do that, then you are simply another Obama bot who does not use his critical thinking skills, you simply believe everything the White House tells you to

@ michael tarkowski

FYI - From
"Thursday, Sep 03, 2009

Transocean Ltd. today announced that its ultra-deepwater semisubmersible rig Deepwater Horizon recently drilled the deepest oil and gas well ever while working for BP and its co-owners on the Tiber well in the U.S.

Gulf of Mexico. Working with BP, the Transocean crews on the Deepwater Horizon drilled the well to 35,050 vertical depth and 35,055 feet measured depth (MD), or more than six miles, while operating in 4,130 feet of water."

Deepwater Horizon was brought into service by BP in 2001. It did not drill the well that we are currently talking about until 2009. At this point in time, Obama was already in office, and Dems controlled the house and the senate.

This entire operation happened on your Democrats' watch. From the initial drilling until the explosion to the environmental disaster and lacsadaisical response.

Just saying.

cite -

Whats Dodd going to do? How about going to prison for all the illegal dealings he's been involved in.

At what point does "blame Bush" end? At some point you have to take responsbility and lead insted of finger pointing like BP.

michael tarkowski | May 25, 2010 at 07:19 PM

Who's been POTUS since 1:20:09? Which incompetent? Please - will he evah be man enough to take responsibility for anything? I thought not.

I read in George Orwell's 1984 how they always had a straw-man named Goldstein to hate, holding organized hate sessions. This allowed the horribly oppressed people to vent their frustration, and deflected any blame away from their oppressors- the government.

Obama and the democrats have one too- George Bush.

Hey michael tarkowski ... W didn't take $750,000 in campaign cash from BP in the last election .... the National Negroe did .... W didn't let BP skate after failed inspections over hte past year ... the National Negroe did .... W didn't reduce the number of inspections of BP rigs over the past year ... the National Negroe did ... W isn't standing around with both thumbs up his butt while millions of barrels of oil are STILL gushing .... the National Negroe is .... just STFU idiot

Chris Dodd is "BRAIN DEAD!"

michael tarkowski...ummmm....why don't I believe you or any other Bush-deranged liberal when they turn their hypocritical finger at Bush and/or Cheney? Could at be that after only being in office 7 months and Clinton totally ignoring Islamo-Fascism, partisan wingers just like you blamed Bush for 9/11? Could it be that after FEMA's massive failure after Katrina (I could say it was Clinton's FEMA if you are saying it's still Bush's EPA) you loons blamed Bush and accused him of murder? Could it be that even though every Democrat in the Congress got up in front of a TV camara to denounce Saddam and his WMD, you accused BUSH of lying to get us into a war and take Iraq's oil? Pardon me mike if I view your post as just one more liberal internet troll out doing the bidding of, George Soros and the DNC.

I love this. The haters want to blame bush for an oil rig the Obama just gave a golden safety award to, that suddenly started a national catastrophe, and then he wants to jet off to chicago and ignore this.

If bush was still in charge, you would be foaming at the mouth for impeachment, instead since its Lord Obama, all you can do is ignore his complete failure, hubris and lack of concern for america, and point at bush.

You and your comments truly are pathetic

HA! ha. ha. Can't believe it. Makes me laugh, too bad Dodd isn't joking. Bush's fault. Ha! haven't laughed that hard in a while--got to love it

I saw where Bush had hog tied obama and kept him from going down to LA and getting in the way of the work. That is what he is best at, getting in the way and messing things up

Hey, this is great! We can now officially blame Clinton for 911!

i seens it! i seens bush swim down to the well and blow it up! I SEENS IT!

pizzalover, let me ask you something. how many drugs do you have to take to kill off as many brain cells as you obviously have? Why would BP 'knowingly' do anything like that? Aren't they in the business of making money? How is a major oil spill going to help them make money? You are f*cking idiot. It's stupidity like your that makes me think letting everyone vote might not be a good idea. I take relief only in knowing that you and your mindset are in the minority.

Good riddance is right. That's one less crook in Washington, although if that clown Blumenthal is elected it won't make much difference.

If Bush is responsible for a terrorist attack that happened 9 months into his presidency, then Obama can be held responsible for an oil spill off of the US coast 16 months into his. He's in charge. HE is the one who said that offshore oil rigs were safe. The buck stops with him.

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